How to apply concealer on the face correctly?

Women use cosmetics daily. Decorative compounds help women to hide flaws and make the skin ideal. This article will tell you about how to apply concealer. You will learn the main secrets of using this tool, as well as get acquainted with its types. It is worth mentioning about different colors, for example, how to apply a green concealer.

how to apply concealer

What is a proofreader (concealer)?

Before applying concealer to the face, it is worthto get acquainted with this kind of decorative cosmetics. If you have perfect skin without any flaws, then this tool you absolutely do not need. It is not necessary to pile up a lot of decorative products on the natural and beautiful dermis. This will only make your image ridiculous and add a few dozen years.

The task of concealer is to visually rejuvenate the skin and improve its appearance. This corrector perfectly hides the flaws: freckles, pigment spots, pimples and couperose.

Types concealer

The corrector can be of several kinds. This is a usual hard pencil, a twisting stick, a tube with liquid contents and an applicator and so on. Depending on the type of skin, it is worth choosing the appropriate kind of remedy. Owners of dry and fading dermis need to give preference to liquid formulations. If you have oily and problem skin, then get a stick or pencil.

how to apply concealer to the face

How to apply concealer to the face? There are several rules for this manipulation. Be sure to take into account all the steps of the instructions and tips. In this case, you will achieve the most smooth tone and ideal image.

The first step: preparation of the face

Before applying the concealer, it is necessarycleanse the skin. Make it worth using a special mask, scrub or peeling. However, if your output is planned in the next two hours, then it is worthwhile to postpone these procedures for another time. In this case, just wash with your favorite composition.

After that, it is necessary to moisturize the skin. To do this, choose low-fat and light textures, which are very quickly absorbed.

The second step: leveling the tone and studying defects

Before applying concealer, you needUse the base for make-up or tonal basis. Remember that you can do this only if there are any shortcomings. If you have a smooth face, then just skip this step and go directly to the disguise.

how to apply concealer to your face

All that could not hide the tonal basis,carefully conceal the corrector. However, you need to know how to apply the concealer on your face. There are many shades of this remedy. They are all designed for certain areas of the skin and masking certain defects. Look carefully at your face. Do you have red dots and pimples? Or maybe you want to get rid of the hated bruises under your eyes? Need to disguise freckles and spots? For all these purposes, it is not enough to select only one concealer. You will need several different shades.

The third step: the choice of colors

How to apply concealer correctly? The main and, perhaps, the most important stage is the choice of color corrector.

  • Red pimples and inflamed patches will help to hide the olive tone of the concealer.
  • Kuperoz and bruises under the eyes perfectly disguise the warm yellowish shade of the remedy.
  • Carrot colors also hide the emerging veins and bluish areas. However, such a corrector should be chosen only by dark-skinned girls.
  • If you want to hide freckles, a bad tan or pigmentation, then get a corrector with a purple tint.
  • If the face has old bruises, which have acquired a yellowish-green hue, then use a gentle pink correction.

The fourth step: the imposition of concealer

How to apply concealer correctly? Take a pencil and attach it to a face defect (pimple, redness or pigmentation spot). After that, use a clean brush of a small size. Thoroughly shake the composition and repeat the procedure if necessary.

how to apply concealer under the eyes

How to apply concealer under the eyes? If you did not use a tonal base or base, then this area should be pre-moistened with low-fat cream. The corrector usually has a rather dense consistency. This composition can be hammered into small wrinkles around the eyes and visually add years to you. To avoid this, you need to apply a thin layer of cream on this area and only then start applying the corrector. Use a liquid formulation. Make a few vertical strokes in the lower eyelid and blend them with a brush.

The fifth step: fixing the proof-reader

After you disguise all the sites,it is necessary to fix the result. This can be done with a compact powder. Do not choose a cream base, as they can smear your result.

Using a puff or a brush, apply a thinlayer of powder all over the face. Such manipulation will help your concealer to stay for a long time and not to spread. After this manipulation, you can apply the remaining makeup.

how to apply a pallet of concealer

How to apply a pallet of concealer?

Recently manufacturers of decorativemeans prefer to produce kits that contain at once several shades of corrective agents. It is very convenient. Women no longer have to buy different pencils and liquid funds. It's enough just to open the pallet and choose the right shade. Most often there are six to eighteen colors included.

Apply such a tool as follows. Violet and white shades are located in the area of ​​the lips and nose. This will help mask the facial wrinkles and hide age-related changes. On the T-zone area, apply beige tones that are slightly darker than your skin tone. This will hide the small pimples, black dots and remove the greasy sheen. Under the eyebrows and on the upper corners of the eyelids it is worth putting a small amount of light shade. In this way you will make the look more expressive and open. On the cheekbones, apply a grayish purple proofreader. This will help to allocate the specified zone and make the person open. If necessary, use separate shades from the pallet that mask the flaws and defects. Remember that all brush strokes should be shaded with a brush.

how to apply green concealer

How not to apply concealer: basic mistakes

  • Often representatives of the weaker sex use a corrector instead of a foundation. This application can make your face porcelain and unnatural.
  • Do not replace the concealer with a tonal tool. Especially when it comes to bruises and pimples. Otherwise, you will only enhance the effect of shortcomings.
  • When masking pimples or spots, do not forget to treat the adjacent area. Otherwise, you will get strongly allocated areas that are conspicuous.
  • If you have very dry skin, then do not try to shade the corrector. Dampen the brush in water and pat with a napkin. After that, you can gently distribute the color on the face.
  • On oily skin, you can not smear the composition with your hands. This will lead to the appearance of ugly strips. Use a sponge or sponge for this purpose.
  • Do not use only make-up in make-up. If you have painted the defects, then at least you need to cover the skin with powder. Otherwise, your work will be visible to the naked eye and a reverse effect will be created.

how to apply concealer correctly


Now you know how to correctly applyconcealer on those or other parts of the face. If you do not yet have experience in using such tools, then it is worth turning to professionals or experienced girlfriends. They will not only tell you, but also show how to properly apply this masking. Over time, you yourself will understand what exactly your skin needs and what color of the corrector should be chosen for this or that defect. Apply makeup correctly and be beautiful!

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