How is Leonardo DiCaprio tall?

Leonardo DiCaprio is a rather popular person. He is an actor, a producer, a director and just a handsome man - a favorite of girls. Among other things, he was nominated four times for Oscars and 11 times for Golden Globe. Of course, enthusiastic fans are very concerned about the question of what is the height and weight of Leonardo DiCaprio. There are disputes over this, but there are common denominators.

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DiCaprio: height and weight of a star

This information is not so easy to get. Based on different sources, DiCaprio's height varies from 180 to 185 cm, and weight - from 73 to 79 kg. It can be seen that since the time of “Titanic” celebrity recovered significantly, while becoming a little less attractive.

But especially girls are not attracted by the growth of DiCaprio, but the fact that the Hollywood star is still single, and besides, is rich and generous with expensive gifts. Based on the data extracted by the paparazzi, the actor is preoccupied with young models, mostly blondes.

Biographical information

DiCaprio in his youth

November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born.His mother is the daughter of a Russian emigrant and a native German. And the father is a carrier of German-Italian genes.

George DiCaprio was a comic book author, and Irmerlin Indenbrichen’s mother worked as a court clerk. Leonardo is their only child, and after his parents divorced, he stayed with his mother. At the time of the breakup of the family, the boy was only 1 year old.

To raise her son properly, the mother exhausted several jobs, instilling a love for work to her son. Therefore, having reached the age of 14, Leo decided on the choice of profession, firmly determined to follow the actor's path.

Having found himself an agent who liked his looks, haircut and name, he appeared in 35 commercials and even got into several TV shows, such as Santa Barbara, Roseanna and Lassie’s New Adventures.

Behind the shoulders of a Hollywood star there are quite a few serious roles, but DiCaprio’s career went uphill precisely after the release of the cult film Titanic. Millions of girls began to fall asleep with his name on their lips and wake up, dreaming about him. And in the media there was a frequent question of how tall / weight Leonardo DiCaprio is, because, according to People magazine, since 1997 he has become one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Personal life

leonardo di caprio height and weight

Leonardo DiCaprio is a notable Casanova, because in the course of 25 years spent in the acting field, he changed many more women than he did! Living for 44 years of life, Leo never created a single marriage union.

Despite the fact that the star has not yet decided on the choice of life partner, during his career he “wrote” more than one affair with such beautiful women as models Giselle Bundchen, Helena Christensen, Bar Rafaeli, Erin Heatherton and actress Blake Lively. In general, we can say that the girls at Di Caprio change with the frequency of toothpicks.

After gaining popularity in 1993, there were still many ups and downs on the difficult acting path, and the game DiCaprio was criticized more than once. Until now, the hand and heart of the star have not been offered to any woman, so DiCaprio remains an enviable bridegroom. He earned millions and rotates in circles of high society, and many lovely girlfriends tried to ring him, but, alas, hopelessly. True, they say that the novel Kelly Rosebach and Leonardo DiCaprio can lead them down the aisle, because the actor says that feelings for her are not similar to those that he had experienced before.

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Star "Titanic" has achieved a lot thanks to the natural charm and attractive appearance. Leonardo has long been the sex symbol of American cinema and style icon.However, besides this, he worked a lot, and the huge popularity was gained, one might say, by sweat and blood. As they say, without effort not to pull out the fish from the pond!

Growth Di Caprio

There is one question that excites fans of star macho. This concerns the growth of Leonardo DiCaprio. It turns out that when he saw him live, many people are surprised that he is much higher than he seemed in the photo or on the TV screen. After all, there the actor looks to a maximum of 170 cm, which is probably due to the stocky build. In fact, according to DiCaprio himself, his height is 183 cm. And the weight of his entire creative life ranged from 75 to 83 kg. Evil tongues make a joke that now Leo looks more like a puffy baby doll, rather than a young Romeo from Shakespeare's novel.

The conclusion is this: the actor is not thin and not fat, but it would not hurt him to take care of himself and get in shape. And since the hand and heart are still with him, and in one of the interviews, Di Caprio mentioned that he wants to marry a real Russian girl, it means that our beauties have a chance to find their life partner in the face of a star.

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