How much to cook chicken breast

Chicken contains a large number of proteins,vitamins, minerals and many nutrients with the minimum amount of fat. At the same time, the lowest-calorie part of it is the breast. Nutritionists recommend to use it in a cooked form, since then all the useful properties are stored in it. However, few know how to properly, and most importantly, how much to cook a chicken breast. It should be noted that the breast, hams and thighs are cooked for about thirty minutes. If they are intended for salads, then it is recommended to lay the meat in boiling, slightly salted water, in this case the chicken will not lose its nutritional value.

So, the homemade chicken is cooked for about an hour, if it's young or that's a chicken, then they are cooked for twenty minutes, if it's a chicken-broiler - no more than half an hour, the meat of an old chicken is cooked for up to three hours.

Let's consider in more detail how and how much to cook a chicken breast.

In boiling water, the chicken fillet is lowered, brought toboil and drain the first broth. The fillets are washed well, put in water and brought to a boil. After half an hour add the peeled bulb and carrots, several laurel leaves, five peas of black and sweet-scented peppers, salt to taste and cook for another half hour.

Then the fillet is taken out, the onion is thrown away, the carrotscut into slices and sent to the broth along with chopped herbs, brought to a boil and removed from the fire. You can add crushed garlic to the broth.

Thus, cooking chicken breast is not difficult, especially since you can get in a short period of time not only dietary meat, but also a fragrant dietary broth.

Let's consider one more way of preparation of piles in a microwave oven.

Ingredients: two breasts of two hundred grams, water, salt and seasonings.

Breasts are well washed, stacked in a specialdishes intended for use in the microwave, salt and add spices. Then they are poured with boiling water so that it covers the whole meat, cover with a lid and put in the oven at maximum power. Here you need to specify how much to cook the chicken breast: when the water boils, you need to put the time for 10 minutes at the same power.

At the end of time, you need to get meat andcheck it for readiness. To do this, it is pierced with a knife in several places, while there should be no blood. If the chicken is not cooked, it is sent to cook for another five minutes.

When the breasts are ready, they are allowed to cool, without taking them out of the broth so that they can soak and not dry.

It should be said that if the weight of chicken meat is more, then the time of its cooking should be increased.

The breast is the most delicious part of the chicken, from this soft low-fat meat prepare many different dishes.

Before you cook chicken breasts,it is necessary to choose the right bird. Here it should be noted that in the case when the meat is sticky or the breast is slightly enlarged, it is most likely that the bird was fed hormonal preparations, so it is not recommended to buy it. Fresh chicken has white meat, delicate and thin skin and small scales on the limbs. It is best to take chilled poultry carcasses, since it contains a large number of useful substances, it is better not to use a frozen product.

Thus, it became known how correctly andhow much to cook chicken breast. So, boiling it, you can get a quality fillet and a delicious broth, which can then be used to make soups. The fillet itself is used as an independent dish, and as one of the components of various salads and second courses.

Summarizing, we can say that the chicken breast is cooked for about half an hour, but the time it also depends on the age of the bird and its size. If the chicken is very old, it is cooked for up to three hours.

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