How long does a mosquito live in nature and indoors?

Almost every inhabitant of our planet has encountered mosquitoes. They are diptera insects that accompany people for many millennia. They live in almost all corners of the planet, except for them only in Antarctica. It remains to know how much the mosquito lives.

how many mosquito lives

Why do you need a mosquito?

Many believe that these insects live with only one purpose - to disturb people. And after the dissemination of information that many pathogens are transmitted through them, the mosquito was recorded as the omnipresent problem of all mankind. Let's be more objective. Mosquitoes are an important and irreplaceable element of the biosphere. No matter how we scold them, when they disappear instantly, the equilibrium in the biocenosis will be disturbed. The consequences will be disastrous for many species of living organisms. In this system all its components are important:

  • Atmosphere.
  • Hydrosphere.
  • Soil layer.
  • Microorganisms.
  • Animals, plants and mushrooms.

As soon as even one element disappears from the chain of dense interactions, an irreparable failure will occur in nature. Now you know why there are mosquitoes in nature.

The importance of a mosquito

A simple example of interaction. In a cool, short summer in the Arctic, nests are built and many young polar bird species are hatched. For them, mosquito larvae are the only food. The surviving larvae will turn into mosquitoes and will serve other purposes. Some of them will be eaten by fish and birds. The rest will be carriers of tons of various chemical elements, without which plants can not normally exist.

how many mosquito lives after the bite

Millions of mosquitoes are believed to be a unique way to transport essential trace elements essential for the entire plant world. And as carriers of infectious diseases, they play an important role in the stabilization of ecological systems, regulating the number of populations. A similar role is played by predatory animals. Another interesting question: "How long does a mosquito live after a bite?"


Mosquito consider a small insect with long legs and transparent wings, which make it possible to fly. The body is a long form, in front there is a proboscis, which allows to feed. On our planet there are over three thousand species of mosquitoes, of which about 100 can be found in our country.All mosquitoes can be divided into malarial and non-malarial. It depends on how long the mosquito lives.

Malaria is able to tolerate the causative agent of malaria - Plasmodium malaria. A bite of this will almost certainly bring dire consequences. The bites of the child's body react most of all, who did not have time to develop a good immunity. The bite of his blushes, a tubercle is formed, the body temperature may increase. How many days the mosquito lives, it was possible to count the scientists.

how many days the mosquito lives

According to scientific research, life expectancy depends on many things: gender, food, and environmental conditions. Males live two times less than females. The reason for this has not yet been clarified, but such a fact has been established. With good nutrition, the insect can live longer. Only males eat nectar. Females need the blood of any organism for feeding (not only man).

Who drinks blood?

Fertilized females are especially thirsty for blood. At the same time, blood is required not only to saturate, but to bear offspring. The females that have never managed to get blood will still lay their eggs. Feeble and small larvae will emerge from them, and their mother will die, giving all their strength to the offspring.The sated female will bring full-fledged offspring and will live on. New insects will appear as long as the mosquito lives.

Ambient temperature affects the life span of mosquitoes. The higher it is, the less insects will live: at 25 degrees the females live 42 days, and at 10 degrees - 115 days. In both cases, the life expectancy of males is less than half. How many female mosquito lives, experts know.

how much does a female mosquito live

Under the conditions of the experiment at a constant temperature, the duration of their life will be longer than in the wild. In nature, temperature fluctuations are often observed, there are many predators. These and many other factors do not allow to determine the average life expectancy of a mosquito in nature.

Life after the bite

Many believe that after a bite the life of a mosquito ends. This view is not true. An insect within a few hours can make up to 8 bites, without intending to die. For this reason, the presence of several mosquitoes in the room is perceived by us as a multitude. How long a mosquito lives after a bite depends on some factors.

There is no relationship between the blood supply and the life span of the mosquito.But some influence can be traced. When a bite enters the blood fluid causing itching and pain. This forces us to pay attention to the mosquito sitting on the body and to nail it with a deft movement. Thus, we have reduced his life expectancy. Now you know how many days the mosquito lives. You can confidently say that a mosquito after a bite will live from two seconds to two months.

why do mosquitoes in nature

All insects are needed!

Mosquitoes are an integral part of the nature around us. And our attitude towards them should in no way hinder the natural circulation of substances and the ongoing relationships in ecosystems. You can protect yourself and your children with various mosquito repellent products: from folk to chemical.

It does not matter how long the mosquito lives in nature. Its role is indisputable, and humanity will have to come to terms with its way of life.

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