Houseplants: money tree. How to care for a money tree

Central and South America, the land of Madagascar and other parts of our planet are rich in strange flora. There, in the wild, many species of grass, shrubs and trees grow. which the person transported to places with a more severe climate. As a result, it was necessary to create special conditions for their cultivation. That is how the houseplants appeared. The money tree has a similar story.

origin of name

The leaves of the plant are collected in the rosette, they are sessile, uncultured, differ in a rounded shape, resembling a coin. Leaf plates are covered with thick skin, and inside is pulp. It is because of the external structure of the leaf and the associations arising in the human imagination that the plant has received several names among the people — Tolstyanka, money tree, Zhiryanka, happiness tree, luck tree.

Folk omens

It is believed that the fat man growing in a house can attract well-being and financial prosperity. It’s not for nothing that the plant got its name. Many flower growers for this very reason grow a money tree, the care for which, it turns out, is quite simple.

potted plants money treeThere is an opinion that the decaying sore tree of luck has the opposite effect. That is, its owner may face failure in business, loss of money. To prevent this from happening, a fatty woman growing up in a house should always be well-groomed and healthy.

Sometimes it happens that a money tree, the care for which, it would seem, was carried out according to all the rules, still withers and even dies. It turns out that it is very sensitive to the psychological atmosphere that prevails in the house. If tenants are constantly experiencing stress, discomfort, then the same condition is transmitted to the green pet. Over time, the flower can not only get sick, but also die for no apparent reason.

Watering plants

How to care for a money tree? This question is most often asked by people who decide to start growing a plant. There are some main tips on watering, transplanting, feeding, breeding fatty woman.
The flower is very sensitive to the presence of moisture in the soil.Therefore, you need to know the rules of watering plants and strictly adhere to the recommendations.

money tree careFlower money tree needs little moisture. In winter, it should be watered no more than once a month or completely eliminated watering, and in the summer it should be done once every 2-3 weeks. In addition, the plant does not like spraying. The procedure can lead to a deterioration in the appearance of the leaves or cause them to rot. Spraying is recommended to be used only in cases when it is necessary to remove dust and other contaminants. After watering, the moisture should never remain in the pot tray. Water must be drained. If the earth in the pot does not dry out, it remains wet for a long time, this means that the substrate or container is not properly selected. Perhaps the soil is too compacted or the pot is too big.

Lighting conditions

Excessive or insufficient sunlight is a condition to which all houseplants immediately react. The money tree will actively grow and develop if it is placed in a room whose windows face the south side.
But at the same time it is necessary to protect the bastard from direct sunlight.Otherwise, the leaves can get burned, leading to their death. To prevent this from happening, you can use partial shading of the window, thus accustoming the tree of luck to bright light.

This advice is more relevant to plants that have a green leaf color. It is precisely in fatty girls of this type that, when exposed to direct sunlight, the leaf plates of the latter acquire a dark brown shade or reddish edges appear on them. flower money tree

The exception may make a fatty variegated. This is a view that requires abundant sunshine. It is also believed that the flowering of the money tree also requires a large amount of light, including direct sunlight.

Famous types of hut, which feel good on the western or eastern windows. Perhaps the location of the plants is not on the windowsill, and near the window openings.

The northern window does not fit the tree of luck at all. After some time, the fatty hair will lose its attractiveness - the stems will stretch out, the leaves will become thin. Even their fall is possible.

Temperature conditions

It is well known that temperature drops are very painfully tolerated by many houseplants.Money tree refers to those of them who change the temperature during the day is only good.

In winter, a fat woman feels good even at 7-10 degrees of heat. But the optimum temperature for its growth and development is 16-18 degrees. At higher winter temperatures, the plant languishes, sheds leaves, loses its decorative effect.

In the summer period, it is best to rearrange the fat one from the windowsill to the place where it is cooler. In the summer of money tree can be placed on the balcony, in the gazebo, garden in the open.

how to care for a money tree


Each grower needs to know how to transplant indoor plants. The money tree is no exception, and there are rules for transplanting it.

As a rule, for the first time a tree is transplanted after purchase in a store. From the shipping container, the bastard should be placed "for permanent residence" - in a suitable pot. But this should be done not earlier than 2-3 weeks after its appearance in the house. This is due to the fact that the money tree must adapt to the new conditions, so you need to ensure that the green pet is sparing mode, eliminating any negative impact on him.

A wide shallow pot is the best container that is suitable for planting fatty pot.In such a "dwelling" the roots of the tree will develop perfectly, delivering the necessary nutrients to the leaves and stems.

A young plant requires changing the pot after a year. The old money tree is transplanted after two years. At the same time, leaves and roots of fatty need special care. Her leaves are very fragile, easily break off. The root system is rather weak, its location is superficial. After transplantation, very careful watering is required, as there is a chance that the weak roots can be damaged, which will lead to their rotting.

Soil selection

There are no special requirements for the soil intended for planting of fatty meat. You can use any type. But the provision of drainage - a prerequisite, which requires a plant. The money tree, as mentioned above, is sensitive to excess moisture, so the drainage layer in the pot is a must. It may consist of expanded clay, cork or other non-rotting material.

money tree plant

Top dressing

Some flower growers, caring for the money tree, ignore the procedure for feeding them. Experts do not advise to forget about it.

The fat woman (money tree) requires top dressing only during the period of active growth of stems and leaves. It takes place from late spring to mid summer.
The tool is applied to the soil no more than once a month. For dressing use universal or special fertilizers. Well suited to those that are intended for fertilizing cacti.

money tree care

Plant propagation

Flower money tree is very easy to propagate by yourself. Planting material can be obtained by separating from the adult flower part of the stem with leaves. After that, the process must be slightly attached, then placed in the soil and covered with a glass or plastic container on top. After a few days, the new plant takes root and begins to develop.

Similarly, you can root sheet. It gives aerial roots, so leaf reproduction is an even simpler way than by cutting.

There have been cases of breeding bolls seeds, but this option florist growers used quite rarely.

Exposure to diseases, their signs

The question of how to care for the money tree should be of interest to every amateur grower. Since compliance with these rules depends on the health of the plant.Although the fat man is very disease resistant, they are still possible.
The signs by which you can determine the presence of the disease in a flower are as follows:

  • rotten leaf plates;
  • darkened trunk;
  • "baldness" of stalks;
  • patches of brown or white on the surface of leaves and shoots.


Causes of plant disease and measures to eliminate them

Excessive watering can lead to rotten leaves in the bastard. The money tree falls for the same reason. Darkening of the trunk also happens from excess moisture. To eliminate the disease it is necessary to stop watering. In a few weeks, the fatty can recover. If this does not happen, then a replacement plant will be required. You can restore it from the stalk, getting a new money tree.

Cases of defeat pet fungi are also known. Brown and whitish spots appear on the leaves and stalks of the bastard. In this case, the home money tree must be treated with a special solution produced by the industry.
In order to protect a bollard from diseases, to preserve its decorative appearance, it is necessary to carefully observe the development of the plant and immediately respond to all undesirable changes.

Money Tree. Bloom

The structure of the flower of the plant and the color of the petals depends on the type of fatty.And it turns out that there are several of them. Sometimes the flowers are collected in inflorescences or have a single location on the stem. Their color is white, yellowish, pink, rarely red and bluish. In some species in the process of flowering petals change their color.

The presence of direct sunlight is one of the necessary conditions for a money tree to blossom. Care, flowering plants are closely related. There are cases when breeders could not achieve the appearance of flowers in jade. Some of its species bloom only in nature, this does not happen at home. Most often, the plant pleases its owners in the spring.

money tree care bloom

Description of species

The money tree belongs to the family of crape trees, which has about 350 species. Most of them grow in the southern hemisphere in Africa and South America.

Representatives of the family are very diverse in their appearance, size, growing conditions. For example, some types of fathead grow only a few centimeters, and the shoots of others reach a height of 3-4 meters. Such flowers are difficult to grow at home.

In the people, it is considered to be a bollard as a tree that brings happiness.But you need to know that its leaves contain a large amount of arsenic and are completely unsuitable for human consumption. They can cause severe poisoning.
As already mentioned, the leaves of different types of fatfish have a different color: dark green, light green with a whitish bloom, gray with a reddish border along the edge of the sheet plate. Jade with motley leaves are also quite common. At the base of the leaf plate, air roots of white color are formed, which eventually become brown.

Such a plant as a fat man could not go unnoticed by lovers of indoor floriculture. Several species of money tree are successfully grown at home. The most common is the jersey oval, ovate, oblique, silver, medicinal.

The ovoid fatty zhiryanka sometimes called treelike. These plants have a woody trunk, whose height can reach 1-1.5 meters. Under favorable conditions, these indicators may increase.

the money tree is falling

The spunky bastard is a species that is completely different from the usual money tree.It is used as a groundcover, as it has shallow roots and a small stem height. For the joint cultivation of a plauniform sweetie in the same container with another plant, they choose such that they are similar in terms of growing conditions.

Today known varieties of fatty bred artificially. Some of them are interesting because they differ in dwarf size, unusual color of leaves, crown shape and other signs.

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Houseplants: money tree. How to care for a money tree 46

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