Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 *

A lovely and quiet four-star hotel "Sirius"(Tekirova, Turkey) was built in 1995, and its modernization took place in 2012. It is a small hotel, chosen by families, having a rest with children. Many of them come here again. It provides its guests with a good budget rest and acceptable food.

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In September, the price of the tour with accommodation in "Sirius" on7 nights costs from 49,177 rubles. The contingent of vacationers in it - mainly from the CIS countries. There is no language problem at all. The staff understands and speaks fluently in Russian.

The hotel is on the second line. Walking from its territory to the beach can be reached in 4 minutes.


Hotel "Sirius" (Tekirova, Turkey) is located ina specialized tourist village of Tekirova, an hour's drive from Antalya Airport and a 15-minute drive from the resort town of Kemer. The village is surrounded by picturesque Taurus mountains, overgrown with scented pine forests. The air here is special: the Mediterranean rich freshness is mixed with a specific mountain, permeated with pine phytoncides.

The village itself is buried in gardens. The surrounding banana groves are cool and shady, on the branches of pomegranate and orange trees ripe appetizing fruits.

Around the hotel we are considering, a dozen hotel complexes have been built, among which the majority are five-star hotels. Their joint infrastructure provides vacationers with a boring rest.

Just 7 kilometers from the hotel is locateda historical landmark - the ruins of Phaselis, the ancient capital of Lycia. In half an hour drive from the "Sirius" lies "Cirali" - one of the best Mediterranean beaches.

Territory of hotel

Hotel "Sirius" (Tekirova, Turkey) hasfairly compact, but well-planned territory. The main classical components of the resort infrastructure are located there: an outdoor pool, a bar, a stage, a children's playground. There is also a garden, planted around the perimeter, and a cozy well-groomed terrace.

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When the air is hot to 45 degrees, partvacationers prefer not to roast on the beach sun, but be in the shade by the pool. There is also a small play water slide, through which chilled water flows into the heat. In addition, you can order refreshing drinks and pastries in a stylish bar with a round bar and a tight sun visor.

In the basin, animators organize games for water polo guests, and near it - classes for those wishing for yoga and aerobics.

In the daytime, leisure activities on the territory of the hotel are organized daily by a friendly team of Russian-speaking animators.


In two specialized boarding housesfour-story buildings accommodate its guests Sirius Hotel 4 *. The buildings are equipped with shaded loggias, have spacious and bright rooms. New arrivals immediately catch sight of the development of the reception area, the vaulted ceiling of this main public hotel zone, a stylish facing with an artificial stone. There is Wi-Fi and recreation areas.

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On the ground floor of the main building there isthe main restaurant of the hotel, where the guests are provided with a full board as a boarding house. There is also a small but stylish lobby bar, gym, sauna and massage room.


A good economy class of living quarters offers its guests a hotel "Sirius". Description of the rooms of three types can be found in the reviews of tourists:

  • Standard, designed for two people, with one double or two single beds;
  • triple, larger area;
  • family, with two adjoining rooms.

The rooms are furnished with modern beds,cabinets, tables, bedside tables. On the balcony there is a standard plastic set: a table and a pair of half-chairs. Household appliances in the premises are serviceable: air conditioning, TV, mini-bar, hairdryer.hotel sirius entertainment

The bathroom is equipped with either a showercabin, or bathroom. Cleaning is done daily, but with flaws. Dollar cleaning in a day is desirable to leave. Towels are changed regularly, if necessary, urgent replacement is enough to put them on the floor.

Hotel Infrastructure

In addition to the above infrastructure(swimming pool, summer stage, children's playground), there are additional health facilities: compact, but adequately equipped spa and fitness centers at the Sirius Hotel. The hotel complex also includes services of its own spa center, fitness center. For those who are middle-aged and older, moderate motor entertainment is available: billiards, table tennis, darts.hotel sirius beach

People active, sports warehouse, of course, will be interested in paid, but inexpensive diving classes, conducted by an experienced Russian-speaking instructor.

Vacationers can use the parking lot for takenin car rental. They also have classic hotel services: currency exchange, airport transfer, laundry, ironing.

Infrastructure of the resort

In the most picturesque place of Kemer, in the villageTekirova, is the hotel "Sirius". Entertainment, which is offered to tourists, is partially organized by animators (beach volleyball competitions), in part - by sightseeing and travel agencies.

At the hotels there are food, manufactured goods and souvenir shops.

In the village, which has a developed hotel economy,at five-star hotels there are discos, nightclubs. However, the company of tourists who appreciate nightlife usually take a taxi to Kemer in the evenings. Here are famous on the entire Mediterranean coast nightclubs: "Aura", "Crystal", "Inferno".

Beach holidays

Two hundred meters from the water's edge is the hotel"Sirius". The beach on which its guests rest is a long, small pebble with a gently sloping entrance to the water. The pebbles are so shallow that in places it resembles sand. These places are considered elite and curative: the turquoise transparent and warm sea attracts many tourists from Western Europe. In the five-star hotels, the beaches are covered with imported sand.

The coast is divided into sectors. "Sirius" also serves its site with umbrellas, sun loungers and sun loungers, a volleyball court and free exercise machines. Daily animators organize mini-volleyball tournaments for campers. However, vacationers are not forbidden to move to neighboring areas. The beach is equipped with pontoons, from which it is forbidden to dive.

In the water area of ​​the beach there are many water activities: banana, parachute, water motorcycles. However, the bathing area is separated from the transport zone.

At some distance from the hotels, luxury private Mediterranean villas have been built.


Judging by the reviews of the guests, it is very worthy inplan for cooking is estimated hotel "Sirius". The food provided by the main restaurant is full and satisfying. Meals are served in the buffet style.

Breakfast is quite light. In the menu omelets, sausages, sausages, salads, several kinds of cheeses, yoghurts, tea, coffee, pastries, fruit. The dinner is full and full. Dinner resembles dinner, only it does not have the first dishes, but there is meat and fish on the grill.

The main dishes are prepared from chicken, fish. More rarely - from mutton. There are always soups in the menu. For a side dish, potatoes, pasta, rice, stewed vegetables. A lot of salads, baked goods, fruits. In the evening, near the bar, ice cream is served. From drinks in the menu there is a sprite, cola, fanta, as well as tea and coffee. Of alcohol in the menu in the "all inclusive" there are beer, local wine. You can pay for imported spirits.

There are bars in the reception area and the pool. The work of the latter is very in demand and appropriate for bathing and sunbathing on the territory of the hotel.


Like any hotel complex, offersto the guests excursion tours of the hotel "Sirius". Reviews of tourists, however, indicate their overestimated by 30-50% of the cost. Experienced tourists buy sightseeing tours in specialized excursion agencies.

hotel sirius reviews

Among the most popular places in TurkeyVisits are its capital, Istanbul, the baths of Pamukkale, the stone city of Cappadocia. Families who come with children are eager to visit the central water park. Also in demand is fishing together with an instructor in the local trout farm.

Significant advantage in terms of visitinghistorical attractions are those tourists who rented cars. After all, the hotel complex itself is located on the ancient land of Lycia. There are many cave fortresses and monasteries on it, there are even cities erected underground.

Just a few kilometers from the hotelThe ruins of the city of Phaselis, the ancient capital of this kingdom, built almost three thousand years ago, are located. Tourists can see an impressive fragment of the ancient arcade and the ruins of the amphitheater, the planned streets, the remaining fragments of the walls of the dwellings.

Another near and therefore popular excursionis an ascent on a funicular in the Olympos Teleferik mountain range. The rise itself lasts about 10 minutes. But the beauty of the Western Taurus ridge leaves impression even in children.


For shopping Tekirova - resortThe coast with a unique nature is not the best place. Even in grocery stores, prices here are overstated. Dearly sold and souvenirs, and products of local light industry.

Therefore, hotel guests go shopping in Kemer onbus / dolmushe (payment for a ticket is $ 1.5-2) or a taxi ($ 3-5). And, if the tourist is going to make a major purchase in the shopping center Hadrian Kemer, then the store sends him a car.

Tourists buy most of the goods in the shopping center "Mirgos", "Waikiki", Kaya Leather Bag. The largest share belongs to fur, leather goods, gold jewelry.


For a long time, the hotel "Sirius" (Tekirova,Turkey) occupies a worthy market position in the tourism business. Cheap tours and at the same time a decent level of service provide him with popularity. Vacationers like his isolation and good hotel service, genuine hospitality and hospitality of the owner, the skill of a sociable and inviting chef.

hotel sirius meals

In addition, an important role in the demandhotel complex plays a powerful recreational potential of the local mountain Mediterranean coast. Holidaymakers here receive a double bonus: an inexpensive economy-rest and a good transport interchange, allowing you to visit the shopping and party Kemer.

The guests note the professionalism of the hotel staff, its serious attitude towards their work.

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Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4 Hotel Sirius (Tekirova, Turkey): description of rooms, service, reviews. Sirius Hotel 4