Hotel Magic Sun 4 * (Turkey, Beldibi): photos, hotel rating and tourist reviews

Magic Sun 4 * is one of the most popular hotels in Turkey, which is located in the resort town of Kemer. According to reviews of tourists, it is an excellent way to spend a family holiday, as well as for a romantic getaway with your loved one. The article will tell about what features this hotel has and what it can offer to tourists who prefer exotic.

Magic Sun 4 *

general information

Hotel Magic Sun 4 * was built relatively recently, in 2006. At the moment it is a modern territory in which a large five-story building is located. It regularly carries out repair and restoration work, during which conditions for the accommodation of tourists are improved. The last reconstruction was carried out in 2015.

The total area of ​​Magic Sun Hotel 4 * is small - it is 6300 square meters. m. It houses not only the building, but also places for recreation and entertainment for guests, as well as a luxurious orange garden, which pleases guests with bright fruits and amazing flowering.

The complex in various ratings is a leader among hotels for family holidays. So, the Tripadvisor portal estimates this place at 4.6 points out of 5, and if you pay attention to the rating assigned to the hotel based on the reviews of tourists left on Tophotels, then it is 4.5 out of 5.

Magic Sun Hotel 4 *


Magic Sun 4 * is located in Turkey, in one of the most populated resort cities in the country - Kemer. A large number of entertainment places and infrastructure are concentrated in this area. To the nearest enough to overcome only 12 km. This, by the way, will be the center of the region. Driving around the district is possible on a car, the rental of which is possible directly at the hotel.

The sea coast is within walking distance from the hotel - literally 250 meters from its hull.

With regard to the location of the nodes of the transport message, the Magic Sun 4 * is located at a relatively short distance from them. For example, the airport is only 35 km away.

Magic Sun 4 * Kemer


As a place to stay the hotel offers 175 comfortable apartments that are located in the main building. From their windows you can observe a magnificent view of the orange grove or the sea.All numbers presented here are divided into two categories: standard and promo, depending on the degree of comfort conditions.

In the reviews of Magic Sun 4 *, left by tourists in various sources, it is said that the hotel’s apartments have a beautiful interior, made in a combination of bright colors, in the environment of which you can truly relax and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation.

All hotel rooms are equipped with an individual bathroom, which is equipped with necessary sanitary ware. Personal hygiene items are also available. In addition, any guest, stopping at the Magic Sun 4 *, completely free of charge receives a set consisting of a bathrobe, slippers and a bath towel.

In all apartments, guests are provided with a paid option to install a safe, minibar and use of a landline phone, which is connected to an international communication line. Room service at the hotel is also paid.


In the standard apartment category, according to the guests, there is everything that is necessary for a comfortable stay, not only adults but also children. The total number of such rooms here is 140, each of them has an area of ​​about 27 square meters. m

As for the furniture of the apartments, it is designed for three guests. There are two beds as beds, one of which is single and the second one is double. In order that guests could ensure proper safety of their belongings, small bollards are provided here.

Opposite the beds in standard type rooms there is a TV set. According to reviews of tourists, Russian-language channels are broadcast on it, which especially pleases guests from CIS countries. Tourists also consider positive the presence of a large balcony in each room, which offers a beautiful view of the sea, gardens and mountain landscapes.

Most travelers who stayed in the apartments of the standard category of the Magic Sun 4 * hotel (Kemer), look negatively at the fact that they lack the ability to connect to wireless Internet.

Magic Sun Hotel 4 * Kemer


Promotional class rooms offer more comfortable accommodation, for which there is a room of 24 square meters. The furniture, which is installed here, is designed for the settlement of two people, in connection with which apartments of this type are chosen for a romantic holiday.

As for furniture, the room has a large double bed, which is made up with expensive linens, there is also an orthopedic mattress. In addition, there is a large wardrobe for storing things and a couple of small pedestals.

Staying here, tourists can watch Russian-language channels that are broadcast on a plasma TV set in the apartment.

If desired, room guests can order individual installation of a safe. This service costs $ 3 per day.

Living with children

As mentioned above, the Magic Sun Hotel 4 * (Kemer) is a great place for decent living with children. This is due to the fact that there is a considerable range of conditions for their stay on vacation. In the reviews of the Magic Sun Hotel 4 *, it is said that the attendants are quite kind to those tourists who come to relax with small companions. For example, for such groups of vacationers is offered a free installation of a comfortable cot, designed for children from 3 to 12 years old.

If desired, tourists can request in the local restaurant a special children's menu, which presents exceptionally bright dishes, which are also tasty and healthy.

As for the active children's holiday, it is also possible in Magic Sun 4 * (Kemer). In reviews about the hotel you can learn that there is a large playground, as well as an outdoor pool, equipped with all the safety requirements.

In addition to all of the above, the presence of a small kids club, in which babysitters and animators have fun with the kids, contributes to a favorable holiday with the child in this hotel.


Tourists who spent their holidays in this hotel, very often admit that, staying here, you never have to miss. This is due to the fact that there are regular entertainment programs for guests of different ages. In the daytime, sports events and competitions are held on the open area near the pool, and in the evening - discos with night shows and the participation of animators.

Fans of billiards or table tennis can afford such a pleasure - the hotel has two rooms equipped with everything necessary for such classes.

Magic Sun 4 * Turkey


The food industry at Magic Sun Hotel 4 * is a separate topic for discussion in guest reviews.They tell in their comments that they offer a wide selection of delicious food prepared in the spirit of Mediterranean and European cuisine. Special attention of the guests is attracted by Turkish sweets, which are able to conquer absolutely everyone with their taste.

Every day a buffet is served in the main restaurant - guests who stay at the hotel according to the all-inclusive concept can visit it.

In addition to the main restaurant, there are small bars waiting for their guests, of which there are a total of three. One of them is in the open air - on the territory of aquazone, and the other two - in the building of the building (in the lobby and in the restaurant). The bar menu offers a wide selection of snacks, sweets, as well as fresh fruit and, of course, soft drinks.

Magic Sun 4 * reviews

Spa and Sport

Fans of a healthy lifestyle, staying in the hotel in question, have the opportunity to continue to play sports, even staying on vacation. Judging by the reviews, tourists, vacationers here, love to visit the local open areas, which have all the necessary equipment for playing volleyball, football or basketball.

As for the spa area, it is also available at the hotel.This zone is represented by a large massage hall, where, according to tourists, only professionals who know the secret techniques of immersing a client in a state of relaxation work. In addition, the spa area has a sauna and a hammam, which offers the hottest and most beneficial procedures for the body.

Aquazone and the beach

Fans of water recreation can afford it fully, staying in Magic Sun 4 * (Kemer). In the reviews of this hotel it is often said that it has an excellent aquazone, where you can spend your time for a very long time without being bored. This vacation spot is represented by a successful combination of a sunny terrace and a niche with water. On the terrace, guests can sit on large lounge chairs, under huge umbrellas that protect them from the harmful effects of sunlight. If desired, guests can use inflatable mattresses or rent beach towels.

In the event of a sharp heat, the bar located in the aquazone area becomes especially relevant - you can always meet hotel guests who want to refresh themselves with an appetizing and bright cocktail.

As for the beach, it is located within walking distance of the main hotel building - 250 meters.It is completely covered with pebbles and has a very convenient descent into the sea. Parents who rested in the hotel with the kids, celebrate the convenience and safety of the coastline for children's activities.

If desired, tourists here can also sit on sun loungers under umbrellas - they are provided completely free of charge. As for beach towels, if you need to use them you need to pay a rent in the amount of $ 2.

Magic Sun Hotel 4 * reviews


If we talk about the cost of the tour to the hotel in question, then it directly depends on which city of Russia the flight is made from. Tourists note that the rest in this place is quite inexpensive and on average is about 35-40 thousand rubles, provided that they stay for two weeks in a standard room. This amount already includes all costs associated with the flight and the delivery of the tourist from the airport to the hotel.

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