Hotel Banana 4 * (Turkey, Alanya): photos, room description, service, tips and tourist reviews

Hotel Banana Hotel 4 * is located in a picturesque corner of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. She has a large enough area for such a hotel. In addition, in the maximum proximity to it is located very, very large city of Alanya. The material offered to your attention will be devoted to the description of this hotel complex.

banana hotel 4 alanya

Location of the hotel complex

In the maximum proximity is this hotel from the center of such an area as Alanya-Merkez. Banana Hotel 4 * is only one kilometer away from it. This distance can even be walked.

Although there is an airport in the city of Alanya, it does not accept international flights. Therefore, all tourists who are sent to this area of ​​Turkey are forced to perform a transfer in Antalya. This is where the nearest international airport is located.Therefore, after the arrival, each vacationer is forced to spend about two hours on the road to Alanya to overcome the 135 km that these two major cities in Turkey share.

Where can you go during your holiday?

As previously noted, the nearest major city to the Banana Hotel 4 * is Alanya. Therefore, it will be possible to book tours in this hotel complex. The most interesting of them is a visit to one of the largest aquarium in this country.

In addition, you can find a lot of cafeterias, restaurants and bars where you can have a good time and eat well. Also in Alanya, many shops where you can buy a lot of souvenirs and any other goods.

Well, and lovers of traveling can take a walk in Side. This city is notable for the fact that there are ancient ruins in it, against which you can take a lot of memorable pictures.

Hotel infrastructure

This complex for recreation and entertainment Banana Hotel 4*was opened in 1969. Since then, reconstruction has been carried out on its territory. The last of them was carried out in 2010. The area of ​​this hotel is 15 000 m2.

The height of the main building is 7 floors.But there are also many two-story buildings. All of them are at a distance of 100 meters from the beach of the hotel. In addition, there are 2 restaurants and, of course, one bar.

banana hotel 4 alanya merkez


One of the largest cities on the Turkish Mediterranean coast is Alanya. Banana Hotel 4 *, in turn, is one of the best hotel complexes in this resort.

There are 162 rooms in total. Of these, 25 rooms are called Studio Room with an area of ​​25 m2and they can accommodate no more than 2 people. As it should be, all rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and a balcony. They also have air conditioning and televisions, that is, everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Complementing this list are 44 rooms of the Lake Rooms format. The area they have is identical and is 25 m2. The only difference from the previously considered Studio Room rooms is that three people can already live in them, the rest remains unchanged, that is, an individual shower room and a balcony. Well, there is no need to talk about the presence of a TV and an air conditioner - they also exist.

Separately, it is also necessary to mention the Suite Rooms apartments. In this case, the area is increased to 50 m.2and can live in such a room 5 people. The number itself is divided into two parts.One of them serves as a living room, and the second - the actual bedroom. All this is separated by a door. The rest of the infrastructure in this case is identical to the previously discussed numbers.

Swimming pools

Infrastructure Banana Hotel 4 * includes just four outdoor pools. Two of them are children with shallow depth. The smallest area is 6 m2, and it is intended for the smallest, and more - 12 m2. In the latter case, schoolchildren and even teenagers can swim.

There are also two large pools that function only during the season, that is, from April to October. Next to each pool are free sun beds, mattresses and umbrellas. All this is included in the price of accommodation in the hotel complex. The only thing for which you definitely need to pay is towels. But this is a typical situation for any Turkish four star hotel.

banana hotel 4 turkey

Beach. Its features

As it was noted earlier, this hotel complex has its own beach. It is only 100 meters away from the buildings. The only obstacle that will have to be overcome is the road. Beach coverings typical of this region of Turkey are sand.

As in the case of swimming pools, mattresses, deck chairs and even umbrellas are provided free of charge to guests, they are included in the price of accommodation. But towels on the beach will need to be additionally purchased for a fee.


It is the concept of catering All Inclusive made a popular tourist destination for tourists Turkey. Hotel Banana Hotel 4 * also provides it to its visitors. Three times a day during breakfast, lunch and dinner at certain hours in the main restaurant are laid out vegetables, fruits, meat and other food. Vacationer independently forms his menu and selects exactly those products that he wants and in the quantity he needs.

There is also a late breakfast and snack. All this is included in the previously announced concept of food for free for guests. In addition, children can enjoy sweets and ice cream at certain times.

This list is complemented by one bar and two restaurants. They can be visited free of charge from 7.00 to 23.00. In the remaining time, these services are paid.

Regarding alcohol, it can be noted that local drinks are free from 7.00 to 23.00. But imported alcohol is not included in the concept of All Inclusive and it must be separately purchased for an additional fee.

banana hotel 4 alanya

What is on site for children?

Good conditions for children's activities are performed in any modern hotel complex in today's Turkey. Banana Hotel 4 * has all the necessary attributes for this on its territory.

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish two previously mentioned small pools with an area of ​​6 m.2and 12 m2, respectively. The first one is for the little ones. Well, the second is more suitable for schoolchildren. Complements all this miniature water slide. There is also a small playground where the kid can have a very good time.

Separately, it is necessary to note that the moment that on the territory of the hotel small chairs in the restaurant and cots are provided for free. Latest on request only. Also during the season, a special animation is held for the youngest visitors to the hotel complex. The key difference of this hotel is that on its territory from the beginning of April to mid-October special children's discos are held.

The only service that needs to be paid separately is the stroller for the little ones. Alas, it is not included in the tour price. But not so often in such an option and the need arises.

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Cost of

A fairly affordable hotel in terms of cost is Banana Hotel 4 *. Alanya in Turkey does not apply to premium resorts. In addition, it is a four star hotel with a small territory. Its only plus in this case is the proximity to the city center.

The most accessible rooms in this situation are Studio Room categories. Their cost in May 2018 is $ 647 (41,300 rubles) for 7 nights for two tourists. Lake Rooms will cost much more. For the same time interval and for a similar number of tourists, its cost will increase to $ 812 (51,900 rubles). The suites of the Suite Rooms category will cost $ 680.

In June, the cost of tours will increase by $ 500 (31,900 rubles), in July and August - by $ 700 (44,700 rubles). In September, the cost will come back.

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Excellent combination of cost and infrastructure is a key advantage of Banana Hotel 4 *. Reviews exactly describe this magical corner of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Pricing policy, as previously noted, in this case is very democratic. But the rooms, restaurants, bars and other elements of the hotel complex, located on its territory, really harmoniously complement each other.

Also, another major advantage of this hotel is that it is located almost in the city limits of the nearest settlement - the city of Alanya. That is, in any case there will not be bored.

Recommendations for the purchase of the tour

As if there wasn’t, but it’s most correct to order such a vacation from the corresponding operator. AnexTour directly interacts with this hotel complex. In this case, the prices in this case are quite adequate. Also in this case, the total cost includes direct delivery to the hotel along with air travel and insurance. That is, the buyer receives everything on a turnkey basis.

If you resort to using an extraneous site, then there you can only buy accommodation with meals in a hotel. But to get in this case will have on their own. Insurance, in turn, will be absent. Therefore, with such a tour purchase, the risk level increases significantly. But the savings from this is not so significant. Moreover, a charter flight significantly minimizes the cost of airfare.

banana hotel 4 turkey alanya


Indeed, Banana Hotel 4 * is considered to be a pleasant holiday destination.On the compact territory of this hotel complex there is everything that will allow you to turn your holiday into a fairy tale. At the same time, most of its infrastructure elements are free and do not require any additional costs.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the beach of the hotel is located at a distance of 100 meters from its facilities. Another special moment is the proximity of such a resort settlement as Alanya. In the latter, as already noted earlier, is one of the largest aquariums in the region, and this is only one attraction that is worth paying.

Separately, it should be noted many cafes located on the Mediterranean coast. In any of them you can eat well for a reasonable fee and at the same time have a great time. Also, this will allow you to get a lot of pleasant sensations and memories.

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