Horse Appaloosa: description, features of the breed, breeding

Today in the world there are many different breeds of horses. Each of them has its own characteristics in appearance and character. The ways of their breeding also differ. Among the diversity stands out the horse Appaloosa, which will be discussed in the article.


The history of the appearance of these animals is quite ancient and interesting. The birthplace of the breed is recognized as North America, the valley of the Palouse River. But because of the wrong pronunciation, the names of the horse suit did not change. Therefore, since 1938 they have been called the Appaloosa.

appaloosa horse

The river gave the name to the breed, and the animals were brought to America by the Spaniards during geographical discoveries. Gradually, the Indians increased the population of horses. They sold and traded horses for various goods coming to America from different countries.

The Appaloosa Horse became domesticated in the 16th century. First, the Indians began to use animals in everyday life.By the XVIII century, they became common in the northwestern United States. Therefore, in America it is the most common breed of horses.

The Indian tribe Nesa Pers is the first to consolidate the main features and characteristics of the breed. Representatives of this community began to carry out breed selection. It consisted in the selection of frisky and quick-witted animals, and the rest were sold. The result was a frisky breed. But due to the mass arrival of whites, the work of breeders was stopped.

This continued until the turn of the twentieth century, until farmer Claude Thompson began restoring the characteristics of the breed. Thanks to his work, there is now a unique appaloosa horse.

Popular species

There are 13 main suits. To popular include:

  1. Leopard. The color of the animal is white with dark spots located on the body.
  2. Snowflake. There are a lot of dark spots on the white wool, this is more noticeable in the place of the hips.
  3. Rime. In this color there are bright and white spots on a dark suit.
  4. Marble. On the light wool are dark streaks, most of which are on the nose, knees and back.
  5. Black. This is a bay horse with a touch of blond hair.

Special features

The horses of the Appaloosa have Chubaru suit - spotted color. It is for her breed is not even recognizable by experts. Photos of these wonderful animals are considered the pride of breeders. But not only the color is a feature of the breed. They also have a docile character. The main features include:

  1. Spotted color. The spots are saturated and beautifully contrasted.
  2. The presence of many colors.
  3. Spotted skin is considered the main sign of the breed. She is bodily, with and without pigments. There may be inclusions of dark or light areas. Many representatives of the species have spots on the face.
  4. Their skin can range from light pink to dark.
  5. Striped hooves.
  6. White eye sclera.

young horse

Features of the Appaloosa breed are inherent only in these animals. They look different from many other species.

Height and weight

Adults grow to 1.42-1.55 m at the withers. These are average indicators. Some animals reach a height of 1.63 m. Although tall individuals are extremely rare.

appaloosa horse

A normal weight is 440-500 kg. For small animals, the mass will be large, but thanks to powerful legs it does not cause any difficulties.


Derived 13 main stripes. With the advent of the foal, it is difficult to establish its belonging to a particular suit, since they all have a light color, and only then darken. For the description of the main suit are used such concepts as "cheprak with spots", "cheprak", "cheal cheprak", "spots" Mixed shades even more.

There is also a miniature pony of this breed. It was created by crossing the Appaloosa with other species. A young horse has a beautiful color. Their temper is playful, which is characteristic of ponies. The external features of the breed include:

  1. Big head, but the whole body has proportional dimensions.
  2. Expressive eyes that draw attention to white.
  3. Sharp, small ears.
  4. Strong neck.
  5. Massive chest.
  6. Silky mane and tail.
  7. Small stature.
  8. Strong hooves.
  9. Strong back.
  10. Strong legs.
  11. Soft gait.
  12. Resistance to colic.

Horse breed Appaloosa is unpretentious to food. Animals can give hay, while they will feel great, while remaining frisky. By these characteristics, a horse can be easily distinguished from many other breeds.


Horses of this breed are considered typical racers.After all, North America is considered their birthplace, and the breeders were Indians, whose life required a lot of restraint and fast running. Not once horses rescued their masters. Thanks to endurance, horses helped people to hide from colonist pursuers.

leopard appaloosa

Now the breed is used in horse racing. These animals are fast and hardy, so they usually win in races. They also have excellent shovel, that is, they quickly change the speed of movement, being influenced by the rider. In animals, excellent gallop, as well as excellent jumping ability. In addition, they are perfectly overcome any obstacles.

These horses are friendly, so get along well with people. They are easily controlled by riders. Animals are considered riding, they are used in equestrian sports - rodeo, horse racing, races, games, competitions. They are also in demand in the field of family skiing. The breed has the acumen, horses are able to memorize complex circus tricks.

Character and temper

Horses Appaloosa leopard color and other colors have a docile nature. Throughout its existence, the breed was subjected to different levels of breeding, thanks to which the experts developed unique animals. Moreover, their temper is adapted to interact with a person.

suit of horses names

Horses have a calm character.They are distinguished by courage, ingenuity, balance. To ride, the best animal is not found. Old and young horses are quickly trained and diligent.

It should be borne in mind that the animal, when interacting with a person, chooses a partner and friend for life. These duets can be useful at races and with performing circus performances. We can safely say that such a horse will be an excellent riding partner. A horse of this breed can be not only a great helper, but also a true friend.

Breeding characteristics

Breeding horses of the Appaloosa breed has its own characteristics. For reproduction, healthy animals that do not have behavior problems are used. It is advisable to choose a pair so that the mare is bigger than the stallion. It is preferable to allow for breeding individuals not younger than 3 years, when the body is considered formed.

The case is carried out in a natural and artificial way. The first case involves bringing the stallion to the mare. The best time for breeding is from mid-March to July. Then foals appear in spring or summer, the next year.


It is better to keep horses in separate stalls at the stable. The size of the stall is not less than 3.5x3.5 m. The animal needs walking a few hours a day, as well as communication with other individuals.

Appaloosa breed features

It is advisable to choose wooden stables, but sometimes used brick. The optimal ceiling height is 3 m. There must be windows in each stall and high-quality ventilation. Indoors should not be drafts, as the animals are sick of them. Nearby should be pens for walking. The litter is straw, sawdust, peat. You need to change it every day. It is necessary to constantly check the condition of the horse’s hooves and use the help of a competent blacksmith.


What type of feeding will be chosen depends on the work that the horse does, as well as the degree of load. This is influenced by the total mass and features. The main products of the average animal are hay and oats. Also used are bran and carrots. Horses need salt, so you should put in the stall or in the levada briquette-lizunets.breeding appaloosa horses

In spring and summer time grazing is practiced in the stables. The best supplement will be vitamin-mineral supplements, apples, fodder beets, watermelons. Water is brought with the help of automatic drinkers or served in buckets.The watering process must be controlled.

Thus, the Appaloosa horse has its own characteristics. It is necessary to follow all the rules of maintenance and care. Thanks to this, healthy individuals will grow and develop.

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