Horoscope: compatibility of Aquarius woman, male Cancer

Compatibility is questionable. Such a union is extremely rarely strong and all the more harmonious. These people are so different that they have to make a huge amount of effort to understand each other. Well, is harmony possible in such pairs, and what needs to be done to achieve it?

women aquarius men cancer compatibility

About the differences and characters

Why are they so different? Firstly, because Cancer cannot get rid of the past - he always looked and will look back. For him, family values, social norms and traditions are a priority. But the Aquarius girl loves everything unknown, new and interesting. The future is what she lives for. There are no rules for her, like a Cancer guy. And he, in turn, can not understand all this unpredictability and love of freedom for a girl born under the sign of Aquarius. Why are these couples still occur? Most likely, due to the fact that they are attracted to each other a sense of novelty.They are interested in talking with their opposite. But soon these feelings pass, and they experience only bewilderment of everything that happens between them. Such is the compatibility of the woman of Aquarius, the man of Cancer.

What can unite them

For these two to become a couple in which mutual understanding reigns, only one thing is necessary - something in common. And this is not love for the same musical genre, for the same films or books. No, it must be something very rare. The compatibility of Aquarius women, Cancer men, depends on whether they can find something that will unite their hearts into one. This should be a hobby, in which they would forget about all differences and quarrels. And the longer together they get carried away, the less likely conflicts will arise.

There is another way to bring harmony to relationships. An excellent union of these people can happen if they live separately. And this, by the way, is not uncommon. Most often there are couples in whom the Cancer boy lives with his parents (for such people it is a common thing, even if they are already 40 years old). Often, Cancer can have an affair on the side, for example, being a married man, spending time with the Aquarius girl. In this scenario, the love of women will only like him.Yes, and she will like it, because it will not be necessary to play the boring role of a wife and mother.

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About problems and conflicts

As mentioned above, the compatibility of Aquarius women, Cancer men raises big questions. And all because in their union too often there are misunderstandings. The man in this couple does not like the fact that his chosen one does not want to devote himself to family life. In addition, he is not satisfied with the numerous friends of the Aquarius woman. He does not consider her friendliness and sociability good qualities, because he thinks that it is only necessary to be open and frank with very close and dear people. Plus to all the harmony in the relationship prevents his jealousy. Although Cancer at the same time can quietly start an affair on the side, because he does not consider this shameful - after all, he still returns to the family, to his wife.

The Aquarius girl, in turn, does not understand why her man is constantly trying to push and educate her. Cancer can easily weave intrigue and start emotional blackmail towards his chosen one. It all seems confusing and incomprehensible to her. Therefore, the Aquarius girl, most likely, will simply leave, and not begin to understand what is happening.

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How to improve relationships?

In general, the relationships in such a pair are very difficult, where the man is Cancer, the woman is Aquarius. Compatibility of these people, of course, is possible, but it will have to try. How? Everything is very simple. Aquarius and Cancer are tirelessly trying to re-educate each other, especially the latter. But do not do this. They need to take care of themselves. The Aquarius girl needs to understand that her chosen one lives with her experiences and loves to go into her own inner world. It is necessary to listen to him more often, to support, empathize, and most importantly - to be interested in what is happening in his life. In general, show as much attention as possible. And by the way, it’s advisable to talk less about your friends and independence. After some time, it will be possible to see the result - there will be less hysterical scenes, the pressure and attempts to teach life will disappear. Then it will be possible to improve relations in a pair, where the man is Cancer, the woman is Aquarius.

Compatibility implies the ability of two people to interact with each other. Cancer must understand that communication, travel and parties are vital for his beloved.This is just her hobby, and she will never cheat on him or cheat.

male cancer female aquarius compatibility

About friendship and partnership

Cancer man, Aquarius woman, compatibility in love of which is doubtful, can become good friends. Although the companionship developing between them looks more like cooperation, partnership. They manage to communicate well, but only if there is a common theme and interests. By the way, working together with them is also great. The Aquarius-woman and Cancer-man can become excellent business partners.

Compatibility (reviews of astrologers testify to this) is possible, but only if there is partnership and a common cause. These two work in such areas as politics, art and pedagogy. A good tandem comes out. And they can achieve success tangible, and all because each of them uses a completely different approach to work and work. And, by the way, in order to achieve success, they should not develop anything together (except for the work plan). Responsibilities must be shared. Otherwise, working on something together, they will only quarrel and swear, which will not lead to any result.It is better that everyone will do their work, and then show the result to their partner. It will be easier and faster.

compatibility women aquarius men cancer horoscope

Simple truth

In general, one cannot confidently call the good compatibility of the Aquarius woman, the Cancer man. Horoscope advises to maintain good relations in this pair of both be more restrained and show more understanding towards their partner. It is worth realizing that all of us are people, and each has its own characteristics. And this is not a flaw, but simply a highlight, which makes us unique and inimitable. This simple truth should be understood and accepted.

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