Herpes in the legs: causes, symptoms and treatment methods

Herpes belongs to the category of viral diseases. It usually occurs on the mucous areas of the body. But, in addition to this, it can appear on the skin. There are cases that herpes is found on the internal organs.
The most common place of rash herpes is nasolabial facial part. However, it can occur in other areas of the body, such as the legs. We will talk about the problem in this area of ​​the body.

Herpes on the legs

Infection with a virus such as herpes can occur through airborne transmission from one person to another.

herpes on the legs

Also, this disease can be picked up at home. If one of the family members has herpes, then other tenants of an apartment or house may be infected with them through common use items. Also, this disease can become infected through a procedure such as blood transfusion. In addition, there is a risk of infecting the baby from the mother during the birth process.

Herpes on the legs is caused by touching any of the household items, such as towels. The spread of the virus to the legs can occur from the patient, if he already has herpes in other parts of the body. Either the person picks up the ailment from another sick person. For example, from who he shares life with.

Causes of

A frequent cause of herpes on the legs, especially on the feet, is the activity of Varicella-Zoster. There is this ailment also in children.

herpes on foot treatment

In order for the treatment to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to identify the cause of this disease. This is due to the fact that the treatment regimens of herpes viruses differ depending on their appearance.

Varicella Zoster virus

The main difference of this type of virus lies in the fact that, in addition to rashes on the skin or mucous membranes, a person is disturbed by pain. This pain refers to the neurological type. It is present both during the illness and after it. Neuralgia of a post-herpes nature may not leave the human body for several years.

Another distinctive feature of this disease is that the rash spreads throughout the skin.In this regard, the disease has another name, namely, versicolor or herpes zoster type. In order to accurately diagnose and determine what type of herpes is present in the patient's body, he should undergo a special examination with the delivery of tests.

herpes symptoms

There are statistics on the basis of which it is known that approximately 95% of the population have this or that type of herpes in their bodies. But in open form, the disease passes in a small number of people. In order for the disease to manifest itself in an open form, it is necessary that something provoke it. That is, under the influence of certain factors, herpes can appear on the skin of a person.

Causes and factors

Why does herpes appear on the leg? The causes and factors of its appearance are as follows:

  1. The weakened immune system of the human body under the influence of various factors. For example, the presence of any infections or diseases.
  2. Ailments such as HIV and AIDS also contribute to the spread of herpes.
  3. Disruption of a healthy lifestyle. Lack of proper nutrition, failure to comply with the daily regimen and so on.
  4. Stress states of a person, nervous disorders and shocks.
  5. The weakened state of the body due to past injuries or surgical interventions.
  6. Transplantation of internal organs can cause herpes on the leg in an adult.
  7. Receiving certain medications that lead to the fact that the body's immune system weakens.

Herpes can appear on the body immediately after a person is infected with it. Or he can speak after a certain time. If the virus has entered the human body, then it will remain there forever.

what does cold sores look like?

Herpes is stored in the nervous system. Under the influence of certain factors, which were mentioned above, it begins to be activated and manifests itself in various forms.


How does herpes appear on the legs? First of all, it becomes noticeable due to the manifested rash. As a rule, the area of ​​the lesion on the legs is the fingers, the areas of the body between them, the feet and the inner surfaces of the thighs. But other options are possible rashes, it all depends on the individual characteristics of a particular human body.

If herpes zoster type is present, it is localized along the nerve pathways, and then spreads to other areas.

How to identify herpes rash?

What are the symptoms of herpes? A rash of the virus begins with the appearance of redness on the skin. In addition, there are swelling, a person feels burning and itching. Then you can see the appearance of bubbles on the skin, inside which there is a liquid. It can be both transparent and unclear. Bubbles are small in diameter and are 1 or 2 millimeters. These rashes are heaped next, then they merge. Also at merge bullae are formed. So called big bubbles with liquid.

After some time, the bubbles with the liquid explode. A large number of infected particles are poured onto the skin. Often after this erosion begins.

What does it look like? Symptoms

What does herpes look like on the legs? If this process takes place on the feet, then it gives the person additional anxiety, as the feet are in the shoes. And when fluid flows out of the bubbles, the damaged area is rubbed. The skin does not have time to heal, as it is subjected to friction. There is a risk of infection of the fungal type, which will change the symptoms of the disease.
The duration of the disease is usually about 2 weeks. After that, the bubbles cease to appear, and the skin is returned to its normal state.Traces that remain after the virus on the skin also disappear in a month.

In addition to rashes on the skin, herpes may be accompanied by other manifestations.
Symptoms of herpes are as follows:

  1. Increased body temperature.
  2. Pain in the patient's head.
  3. Nausea, which can turn into vomiting.
  4. Loss of appetite.
  5. Sleep disturbance.
  6. The deterioration of the patient’s general condition, fatigue, dizziness, lethargy, and so on.
  7. Pain neuralgic nature.


How is herpes treated on the leg? It is worth saying that in no case should we treat this ailment on our own. This is due to the fact that the doctor should determine the treatment regimen after examining the patient and making an accurate diagnosis.

herpes on the foot causes

Self-treatment of herpes on the leg can worsen the patient's condition.

There are standard treatment regimens. First of all, the patient is prescribed drugs whose action is aimed at destroying the virus in the body. Their action is similar to each other. However, each of them has its own specifics. Therefore, the drug must be prescribed by a doctor. It is worth knowing that antiviral drugs do not completely destroy the virus in the body.However, it is largely suppressed. Therefore, the symptoms of the disease are reduced.

herpes on the leg in an adult

The patient’s immunity should also be strengthened. The body itself can cope with the virus if its immune system works properly. For this, the patient is also prescribed special medications.

What to use on the affected areas of the body?

How to smear herpes on the leg? In addition, patients are advised to treat the skin that has undergone rash spread.

how to smear herpes on the leg

The easiest and most effective way is to apply green zebra on the affected skin.

How to identify the disease and act after staging dianoz?

When contacting a medical institution a person will be correctly diagnosed. By examining the patient, talking with him and passing the necessary tests. Next, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment and prescribe drugs that will be most appropriate in a particular case.

Also, when determining the scheme of therapy, individual characteristics of the human body are taken into account. Perhaps he has any diseases or illnesses. Therefore, it may not be possible to take certain drugs.Also, the situation may be complicated by the presence of allergic reactions or stressful condition of the patient. The attending physician conducts a comprehensive diagnosis of the person and only after that determines the course of treatment of the patient. Also, a person should be under the supervision of a specialist and follow all his recommendations. If all the rules are followed, the treatment will be effective and quick recovery will occur.

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