Healing Balsam nut: cooking recipes

Winter is ending, and it’s time to strengthen the immune system and saturate your body with vitamins. There are many healing balms that you can do yourself. For example, from herbs, various fruits. In this article, we will introduce you to how to prepare a nut balsam. But first, about its positive and negative effects.

Value and negative aspects of use

Balsam is rich in biologically active trace elements and iodine. Use it as a standalone drink or in combination with other drinks. For example, with white wine, vodka, mineral water. And with tea, walnut balm has an extraordinary taste, fragrant aroma and has a tonic effect on the human body, on its immune system. The drink, prepared on a nut basis, is used to treat psoriasis, hypothyroidism, depression suppression. A single dose should be small, as this drug has a high concentration.Overdose can make it worse. When cooking in the balm add other equally useful ingredients that enhance its healing effect. For example, to strengthen the heart muscle, it is advised to mix nuts with honey.
nut balm

Nut balm: recipe 1

For the preparation we need:

- walnuts (two hundred grams);

- Dandelion root (ten grams);

- granulated sugar (twenty grams);

- septum nuts (fifty grams);

- Vodka (half a liter).

How to cook

We take a jar, put nuts and partitions. Fill with vodka. Put in a cool place and insist for two weeks. In the meantime, you need to prepare other ingredients. Wash the dandelion root in a colander and chop finely with a knife. Heat the oven and dry for twenty minutes. As a nutty balm infusion, add shredded dandelion root. Leave for another week. After the time has elapsed, strain the solution and add granulated sugar.
nut balm recipe

Recipe 2

For the preparation we need:

- Flowers of wormwood (thirty grams);

- parsley root (ten grams);

- vodka (one liter);

- Almonds (thirty grams);

- Flowers of tansy (thirty grams).

Cooking process

Wash the flowers and parsley root.Dry them. Finely chop. Now all the ingredients are placed in a jar and pour vodka. Infused for about four weeks. Then filter through gauze. Cooked nut balm can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. Eat it best during the meal.

Honey and Nut Balsamhoney nut balsam

For the preparation we need:

- dried apricots (one cup);

- walnuts (two glasses);

- juice of one lemon;

- raisins (one glass);

- honey (one glass);

- Aloe juice (half a cup).

How to cook next

Wash fruit and nuts. Fold everything in a glass jar and add aloe juice and lemon. Now pour in honey. Stir and insist for about a week. It is best to keep the balm in the refrigerator. We advise on an empty stomach before breakfast to take four tablespoons of a healing drink and drink down with herbal tea.

Useful tips for making balm

Do not chop or chop the nuts, since when it comes into contact with metal, iodine will lose its beneficial properties. Other optional ingredients must be fresh and washed.

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