Hay Day: secrets and tips for a thriving farm

Developing your own farm from scratch can be very interesting. Hay Day game is entertainment for those who want to feel like an avid farmer, while not leaving the comfort of their own home.

hay day secretsDespite the simplified interface and simple prelaunch training, there are many surprises in Hey Day that can cause a lot of difficulties and questions. It is for this reason that we created our guide, which is useful to all those who want to prosper their farm. Not only beginners, but also experienced players can find a lot of useful things in it. We hope that we will be able to reveal to our readers the most important secrets of Hay Day and help them become the most real farmers!

Tip # 1. Diamonds and their value

Suppose we have already completed the initial level of training and are going to proceed directly to the game itself. We are aware of the existence of a currency measured by gold coins and diamonds, and that it is used to purchase improvements and acceleration.The first characteristic works on buildings, and the second - on time for production and construction. By the way, all the products in the game Hay Day are created in real time. High levels sometimes require costs that last for a whole day, or even more.

Does this mean that you have to spend diamonds for extra speed? Not desirable. The more we play “Hey Day”, the sooner we will understand that the replenishment of the stock of resources spent is not easy, unlike its waste. Therefore, it is very important to keep in reserve as much currency as possible and manage it wisely. Where should we spend money if we have a lot of diamonds in Hay Day? The most profitable solution will be to invest in the production line. In this case, you can safely scatter gems and stock up on new slots.

hey dei

Tip # 2. Meet Tom

We continue to reveal the secrets of Hay Day. Do not forget about the assistant Tom. It will only be available after the growth of our farm approaches a certain level. After that, Tom for two days will be completely free to help us in finding the most necessary items at the lowest prices.We recommend using the first aid of the boy to the maximum, since after that it will be available only if we pay for it with diamonds. And a considerable amount. Tom can help you find not only ordinary items (axes, forks, dynamite, etc.), but also those that appear on the Hay Day farm quite rarely. Cost to spend as many coins as possible!

Tip # 3. Let's be practical

If we are talking about tools, then it is worth mentioning that even if we manage to completely clear the territory of any unnecessary vegetation, we don’t need to immediately run to sell the extra equipment. All these sets of shovels and axes can be used in mines or to cleanse the ground from faded foliage.

Tip # 4. We get income

Now the secrets of Hay Day will touch in more detail such an important issue as money. One of the most obvious ways to earn money was passing various missions. Do not forget about it, because, in addition to gold coins, we will also enrich with valuable experience. When we rise to higher levels, we will be able to visit a small shop where we can sell our own products.Active sale is the key to high income on our account. Step by step, you can earn real capital, which is very useful during the passage of more difficult levels.

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Tips # 5 and # 6. Connections with other players and what to do with the local newspaper

The next secret in Hay Day is that it is very important to make a lot of virtual friends. In this way, we will increase farm turnover and extend the fruiting period of some plants. All this will help us save considerably and save money for something else.

One day, we suddenly find a local newspaper in our mailbox. We recommend not to postpone it away, and scroll through from time to time. The newspaper publishes announcements of rare items, which are almost impossible to find, as well as records of some interesting components. Especially it is worth looking at the last point, since the independent production of such products is usually quite expensive, but its production is still very important.

From this we can conclude that the newspaper is indeed a very important element in Hey Dey.We advise you to check its usefulness on your own, and we guarantee that the benefit will not take long to wait.

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Tips # 7 and # 8. We are engaged in business!

All buildings should be constantly busy for some work. If they stand idle, it is absolutely not profitable, and vice versa - if you use them to the maximum, then you can achieve the production of additional products. In addition, the levels of the buildings themselves will increase, which will lead to their accelerated work and more money earned.

At first you should not get too carried away with the arrangement of scenery. We do not deny that every player wants his farm to be unique and beautiful, but we don’t need to allow spending the last savings. We will be able to do decoration at other levels, when the money issue will not be as acute as at the very beginning of the game.

Of course, all of our tips and instructions that were given in this article may seem pretty obvious. However, the skill depends on experience and “Hay Day” in this regard is no exception.

hay day a lot of diamonds

With the help of our small guide, you can significantly save time and effort, and also save yourself from unnecessary in-game transactions.We wish every player good luck in his farm affairs!

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