Happy birthday to the girl of 10 years

Thinking about being girls 10 years old? It seems that what’s so complicated here is a child. But it seems so only to those who do not have a daughter of this age. Yes, the girl is still a child, but she is waiting for her holiday and very much hopes that the first significant anniversary in her life will pass somehow in a special way. See below for ideas on how to spend a kid's birthday.

How to mark

The birthday of a girl of 10 years can be celebrated in different ways. But first you need to focus not on the size of your wallet, but on children's preferences. Maybe you can rent a presentable children's center for your daughter, but if your daughter is shy and does not really love society of children she does not know, you shouldn’t do that. Some parents believe that, thanks to such parties, their children are better socialized. It is not true. For a child, such a holiday would be stressful. Shy child need a modest celebration in the circle of the closest relatives.

birthday 10 years old girl

But if the daughter is mobile and sociable, the birthday should not be spent at home. Yes, girls are not boys, they are more accurate.But after all the daughter can bring not only friends, but also friends. So it is better to be safe once again, and to celebrate a holiday out of the house. You can organize a celebration in the forest or in the children's center. If a girl has a holiday in the winter, then you can take the children to ride down the hills, and if the holiday is in the summer, you can offer the children to ride horses.

Where to mark

The easiest way to organize the birthday of a 10-year-old girl is to set the table at home. If finances do not allow, then you can arrange a quiet family party. And you can do differently. For example, feed the friends of a daughter at home, and then send the children to have fun outside. Especially active parents can go along with the children and organize their fun.

congratulations happy birthday girl 10 years

You can celebrate a birthday in a private children's club. It will be interesting for children and convenient for parents. Typically, these institutions have a large area where a child can run, jump and play various games with friends. If you do not like to shoot a whole children's center, then you can have a party in the game room. True, in such places are not very large rooms, but the guys just do not get bored.

Today, many non-entertainment venues offer children's parties. For example, you can celebrate a birthday in a museum. Large state institutions of this kind have various programs that are suitable for children 6-12 years old. So the daughter can call friends who are older and younger.

How to originally celebrate a birthday

If it seems to you that it’s too trivial to celebrate the birthday of a girl of 10 years in a children's center or at home, arrange an unforgettable adventure for your daughter. How can it be organized? There are two ways. In one of them should send the birthday girl with friends to take an exciting quest. If a girl loves horror films, then you should choose a game where you need to get out of prison or something like being hidden in the dark. And if you have a calm child, ask your daughter to play a classic quest with solving riddles.

You can go and not in the city, and in this campaign. Take backpacks, tents and go to the forest. You can even a day. For a child, such a vacation will be unforgettable. Especially if you bring your best friends with your daughter, you can even with your parents. Fry kebabs, play catch-up, sing songs.All this will help bring you closer to your child, and your daughter will spend a lot of time outdoors.

How to decorate the house

Congratulations on the birthday of a 10 years old girl can be presented not only in words. Decorated home will help create a festive mood. How can you decorate the apartment? This will help the balloons. They can be inflated both with the power of the lungs and with the help of helium. Moreover, the second version of the daughter will definitely like it more, and the balls hanging near the ceiling will be more original. From them you can collect fountains or make funny figures. And the balls can be presented to all guests after the holiday as a souvenir.

You can decorate the room with the help of multi-colored extensions. You can buy them in the store or make yourself. Even the birthday girl herself can help in this process. You can print the flags on the printer, or you can draw them by hand.

girl's birthday scenario 10 years old at home

Beautifully looks apartment, decorated in the same style. If your daughter loves pony, then you can decorate the apartment with beautiful horses. It can be both figures and pictures of fairy-tale characters. If the favorite cartoon from the birthday girl is not, then you can simply arrange decorations in a single color.

Do we need animators?

Everything will depend on the child and the enthusiasm of the parents. Congratulations on the birthday of a girl of 10 years can be done independently, but you can entrust this business to specialists. If you have an active child who cannot sit in place even for five minutes, it is better to hire animators. The actors will entertain the guys, come up with contests and give gifts. At this time, parents can rest easy, because they also have a holiday. But you should carefully approach the selection of actors. It is necessary to discuss in advance what the contests will be and what children will need to do. All animators have their own props, so you do not need to buy balls or jump ropes.

If the parents are quite active, then they themselves will be able to spend a children's holiday. Of course, you will have to prepare a script in advance and think about all the details and competitions. But it is not very difficult. The main thing is to be able to react quickly, and if necessary, not to jerk children who do not like to participate in noisy games.

There is another option. You can hire not animators, and invite people who will show an interesting show. Such programs are different.Paper shows, soap balls shows or chemical tricks are popular. Choose what your child and guests like.

Birthday scenario

If you decide to independently conduct a children's birthday party, you will need to write a program. The scenario of the birthday of a girl 10 years old at home needs to be developed in advance. It is necessary to prepare everything necessary for competitions, and also to think up an original costume for yourself. And it does not matter who will lead, mom, dad or older sister. The main thing is that the person is active, cheerful and can quickly find an approach to any child.

An example of one of the scenarios of the birthday of a girl of 10 years:

Host: Hello, children, we are here today to congratulate Masha on her birthday. She is 10 years old, and this is the first round date in her life. Who wants to congratulate her?

It turns out one of the guests and reads the verse.

Host: Well done, Peter, a good poem. And now I would like to start the holiday. Let's hold a quiz and see which of those present knows the birthday girl best.

Guests receive a card with questions about the hero of the occasion and answer them. Questions may be: what is your favorite color, favorite film, favorite subject in school, etc.

Host: Summed up, and won Nick.Not surprisingly, the best friend knows all the secrets. Nick say a few nice words to Masha.

Sounds greeting.

Host: Something we’ve been late for, let's hold a competition. Who can play crocodile?

Children are divided into two teams, and a pantomime competition is held.

Host: Friends won, all the guys are great. And now let's congratulate Masha on his birthday.

Guests sing a song, there is a festive cake.

Host: Well, now let's hold a competition and find out who is the biggest sweet tooth among those present.

A competition is being held - eating the cake for speed.

Host: Guys, you have a little food, and now let's dance.

The light is turned off, the light music is turned on and the disco begins.

Birthday contests

Children's holidays can not be imagined without games. And what competitions for the birthday of 10 years old girl can come up with? Of course, it must be something moving. For example, the well-known game of skipping rope, which is popularly called the “Golden Fish”. Lead spins the rope on the floor, and children jump over it. Who does not have time, and who hurts the rope, leaves the game. The last child who has not hit the rope once is considered the winner.

happy birthday card for 10 years old girl

You can hold a competition for the game in "Mafia". Children like it fun to find out which one is a gangster.Here you can talk, and the game develops a good logic. True, in this case you will have to come up with some entertainment for guests who drop out of the general fun.

The trickle game just seems boring. In fact, she likes both children and adults. Do not discount the fun games that are time tested.

You can hold a drawing contest. But not all children go to art school. To equalize the chances of children to win, guests should blindfolded. Congratulations on paper should be drawn blindly. It will be fun to consider such congratulations not only for the birthday girl, but for the rest of the guests.

What to put on the festive table

Of course, you can talk a lot about the benefits of proper nutrition. And some people claim every day that children are allergic to either red or green fruit. But still it is worth understanding that at the birthday of a girl of 10 years, the cake must be present. Even if parents adhere to proper nutrition, yet the child has a holiday, and you can let your daughter enjoy delicious food. And it is not necessary to buy a trivial confection. You can bake or order in the pastry shop.The cakes are much more popular with children, and the dessert portion is not necessary to divide the cake into pieces and worry that some guest will be left out. You can complement the sweet table with sweets and biscuits with colored glaze.

On the birthday of a child-girl of 10 years, you can do only sweets. But, if you want children to eat normally, cook better snacks, and not full meals. It will be more interesting for children to eat tartlets and guess what their stuffing is, than to gnaw chicken legs.

What to give birthday girl

Postcard happy birthday girl 10 years old is not a must-have gift. At this age, children do not particularly appreciate such things. If you want to make someone nice, sign a postcard to the mother of a birthday girl, because she has a holiday too.

And what is a birthday present for a 10 years old girl to give? It all depends on the nature of the child. If the girl is calm and collected, most likely she will like some kind of toy that develops her wit and intellect. For example, Lego or puzzles. Of course, not a single 10-year-old child will refuse a new phone or another modern gadget.So, if finances allow, you can make the child happy with a technical novelty.

contests for the birthday of 10 years old girl

For active girls, a good gift will be something that helps develop their hobby. If the child is engaged in figure skating, then you can give him new skates, and if the girl is engaged in drawing, then a set of paints and brushes.

Dolls can also be given, but you should only check with your parents in advance what kind of toys the birthday girl wants to get for her birthday.

How to congratulate the birthday girl

Sincere wishes are always improvisation. After all, even when you prepare the speech in advance, you do not always want to say it. Looking a little girl in the eye, you can wish a lot. Grow big, smart, obedient, happy, etc.

You can even write poems with the birthday of a 10-year-old girl. Of course, the child will never know if you copy the congratulation from the Internet and learn it, but your conscience will be calmer if the poetry is of its own production. If the muse does not visit you at all, then you can take a verse and modernize it a little. Here is an example that can be modified:

You are now 10 years old

And there is no more beautiful holiday.

I wish you grow up

Respect and loved ones,

I wish loyal friends,

Fun life ideas

Let dreams come true

To be happy you!

Who to call for a birthday

Guests for their holiday birthday girl must choose herself. Yes, of course, the holiday is not only for the daughter, and parents also have the right to arrange their own buffet table. But still, first of all you need to think about the child. Well, it is not interesting for her to sit at the common table with adults. After all, the daughter can not even participate in most conversations. So, if you are celebrating a birthday at home, a girl of 10 years should have the right to invite her friends and classmates to the celebration. Let it be not 15 people, but only 5. But the child should understand that this day is a holiday first of all for her, and only then for grandmothers and cousins ​​aunts.

What to dress up a birthday girl

Parents often act very cunningly. Thinking over the question of what to present to the birthday of a 10-year-old girl, they decide that the dress is the best gift. Is it really that everyone decides for himself, but only children rarely take their outfit as a gift. Even girls. Clothing for them is a tribute to decency, but it is no reason to boast new clothes to her friends.

child's birthday 10 years

But, if you decide to wear a child in a ball gown, keep in mind that the daughter can easily get it dirty.After all, children will run, play and may accidentally knock over a plate or glass. So, if you feel sorry for a new thing, better dress your princess in something beautiful, but not very expensive. In the event of an unexpected fall or if the plate is accidentally knocked over, the clothes will not be so pitiful.

Gifts to guests

Today it is fashionable to present gifts not only to the birthday man. But the very hero of the occasion is obliged to mark each of the guests with something. These can be gifts that children will win in competitions, and there may be specially prepared souvenirs. Such gifts are not something big. It is quite possible to put each child with chocolate or a handful of candy in a beautiful package. With these sweets, the little guests will treat their households, and they will remember the birthday girl with warm words. And you can make a gift exclusively for children, and give each of them a “Kinder Surprise”.

birthday cakes for a girl of 10 years

Children will be pleased to receive a piece of the holiday. Therefore, if you ordered animators, talk to them so that they would give each child an air horse. The figure will remind guests for a long time about the event they attended.You can give out balloons to children, which served as the decor of the room the whole festive day or evening.

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