Handbag do it yourself. We sew, knit. Master Classes

The best accessory is a handbag, which was created according to personal preferences and for a certain outfit. She perfectly reflects the character and characteristics of the woman who made her.

What to do: ideas

Before you start making large or small bags, you need to decide on the material and techniques that can be used for these purposes. And there is no limit for the development of creative imagination. What you are best acquainted with and will be a great option.

Most often handbags sew from scrap materials. In this capacity are old clothes, patches, and sometimes spoiled earlier bags. To get something really worthwhile, you need to cut it somewhere, and in some place, on the contrary, sew it.handbag do it yourself

The crocheted handbag looks great. This is a fairly common technique of needlework. Therefore, there are a lot of patterns and ways of how to create elegant things with minimal financial and time costs.

Increasingly, as the materials for handicrafts, they use what, at first glance, should be in the wastebasket: boxes, plastic bottles, cans. For handbags, many of these options are also great.

Knitted handbags

A small hank of thread, a hook and a little patience are all that is needed to get a new bag to your collection. Consider the option of how to knit a simple handbag crochet from square motifs.

In the self-tightening eyelet, we knit 12 double crochets. This will be the first row. In the second row we begin to form a square shape. In each third loop, we knit 2 columns. This will be the angles of the future square. Each row fits in with the addition of loops at these corner points, so that the squares are smooth and beautiful.

The size of the motifs depends only on the original idea. When all the squares are ready, sew them together. Schemes by which this can be done, many. Therefore, before stitching them, play original puzzles, imagine the shape that will be in the end.small handbags

And do not forget about the handle. They can be both pre-purchased in the hardware store, and connected independently so that the handbag can be made from the first eyelet to the last stitch.

The importance of lining

Almost all women's handbags need lining. This is not so much protection for the decorative layer, as a way to preserve the beautiful shape of the product for many years. After all, no one would argue with the fact that everything is placed in a handbag, up to a small nuclear power plant. This, of course, is a joke, but the amount of things in women's handbags sometimes even amazes them.

A large or volumetric load always negatively affects the delicate decorative layers of the product. Therefore, be sure to always make the lining, which will take all the weight.

For lining choose a dense and strong fabric. It is better to avoid ugly and boring shades. Today, there are quite a few such interesting copies on the textile market.

Beautiful lining is important because a woman often opens her purse, slightly revealing her insides. Therefore, the decorativeness of the lining fabric can be compared with beautiful women's underwear, which no one should see, and if someone sees, he should be amazed.

Handbag from knots

Macrame technique has long ceased to be used only to create panels and pots. Today, a handbag made of knots is at the peak of popularity. And you can do it, knowing even the minimal basics of macrame. The main thing is not to forget about the lining.crochet handbag

What kind of pattern to use, we will not discuss here. This moment depends entirely on the level of skill. Consider only the main principles of the composition, designed to help create these masterpieces that will be easy to use.

The lower and upper parts are best done with dense weaving. This not only creates a frame for the main decorative accent, but also helps to hide minor flaws that are almost always present at the beginning and at the end of the weave.

On the central part of the handbag, be sure to place a decorative accent. This can be either a certain pattern of breezes, or simply a beautiful openwork pattern. It is the openwork that makes macrame products refined and airy.

For an additional decorative effect, you can also use accessories such as pens, buttons, brooches.

Bags for girls from old jeans

There is not always money to buy expensive and high-quality material. But in the house of every woman there is at least one pair of jeans that are no longer worn. This is a great field for creativity. Especially beautiful are the handbags for young people.ladies' handbag

We take the leg and cut it in half along the seams.Cut out the front and back walls of the future bag. From the remaining leg we cut out the side inserts, equal to about 5-7 cm plus seam allowances. Cut out the patch valve, which should close two-thirds of the front wall. Do not forget about the handle, which will be quite long, so that you can throw the bag over your shoulder. We collect bag. For someone who can sew, it will not be difficult.

We decorate the handbag with colorful buttons in random order. The more chaos in the decor, the more interesting the final product will turn out.

Tin bag

Probably, many remember how they in their childhood made small handbags from postcards. By the same principle, you can create and products from cans of drinks.handbags for girls

To begin with, the washed jars are cut into flat pieces. To do this, cut off the upper and lower parts and make a longitudinal cut from one edge to another. Tin cracked down and put under the press to make it flat.

Further blanks are cut out, which will already serve as a decorative layer of the bag. Along the perimeter of the workpiece holes are made at an equal distance from each other.Through them weave blanks with litters of steel color or thin wire with a hook.

After that, the handbag is already going. With our own hands, we sew together all the parts. Ensure that the thread or wire has a uniform tension throughout the seam. Fasten accessories - and the handbag is ready.

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