Haircut "double caret" for medium and long hair: photo

What is a double quads? This haircut is rather unusual and rare. Its distinguishing feature is two levels of cut hair. Visually, the hairstyle looks like a superimposed over a long one. For women with thin hair - perfect. They remarkably keep their form.

Double quads - various options

So, more. Double caret can be made on the hair of the most different lengths. It all depends on your decision. The most winning option is the average length. You can perform a haircut in a variety of spectacular variations: classic or graduation. Much depends on the shape of the face. The main thing is not to be mistaken.

double quads

Choose a haircut, depending on the shape of the face

Double kare, as a rule, help to choose professional stylists. They take into account every feature of your face. For the face of an oval shape, any variation will do. Sharp features will help soften the graded quads.It is a graded version that is able to gently round a triangular or square face.

It is recommended to owners of a narrow face shape to complement their hair with a bang: straight, curved, torn or oblique. Chubby ladies bang leave is not recommended. It highlights the chin and cheeks. Ripped bangs look very beautiful on the oval shape of the face. It should be gradually connected with the main haircut. Ripped strands and oblique bangs are able to favorably diversify your look.

double quads photo

Graduated haircut

Double square on the average length of hair has gained special popularity. Moreover, the most advantageous looks, as already mentioned above, graduation. The ends of the hair have different lengths. The hairstyle easily keeps within independently a ladder with straight strands or curls. In the classic smooth version this is not possible.

There are several options for graduation: at the back of the head, at the temples, or all over the head. The result is a variety of gorgeous shapes: from concise and elegant to torn youth. Graduation is created, starting from the top of the head, and smoothly moves down. Only consider when cutting that the dried strands will be one centimeter shorterthan wet. Therefore, cut your hair with a margin. To increase the volume of thin hair do radical filigree.

Hair ends painted in bright colors look very impressive. This original painting emphasizes the exclusive form of a haircut. On the “disheveled” hairstyle, light highlighting is also quite interesting. It perfectly smooths sharp corners.

double square on medium hair

Straight haircut

And you can stay on the classic version of the double quads. Photos of this option hairstyles are placed in each directory in professional salons. The length of the hair may be completely different: from the shoulders to the chin.

The shape of the haircut is distinguished by a straight line. Hairstyle looks very beautiful in any color. Most often, an even square provides bangs. It can be short - to the middle of the forehead, or long - below the eyebrows. By the way, this hairstyle perfectly hides a weak chin and wide cheekbones.

By the way, notice. Most experienced stylists first do the edging when creating a double quads. Thus, the lower line of the future haircut is determined at the beginning of work.

Hair can be pulled with a hairdryer using a brush, curled with forceps or wound on curlers. Each of these methods gives the hairstyle a new shape.

Want to add a haircut originality? Quite unexpectedly, it will look initially smooth hair length, diluted with a parted parting. Strands will be at different levels. So you can change your appearance. Smooth charming styling is ideal for vintage style. But the deliberate cute mess will allow you to create a rapid youth image.

double quads photos on medium

Creation technology

How to make a haircut? Double quads - simple hairstyle. To begin, the master needs to divide the hair on the head into two parts - upper and lower. Upper pinned clip. And the bottom is trimmed by the “strand on the strand” method. This should create a straight line. Further, the lower part is collected in a ponytail, and the master begins to work with the upper hair.

The upper part may take on various lengths and shapes. Classical, clipped, lengthened to the face or asymmetrical. Beautifully complement the hair can bangs. A few years ago, in fashion was a short bang (just above the eyebrows), twisted inside. To date, fashioned ragged and oblique bangs.

Color options can also be very diverse. Sometimes even eccentric. Monochrome coloring, highlighting or coloring - it all depends on your desires, tastes and preferences. Contrast staining looks particularly interesting. For example, bright burgundy strands in combination with red and yellow.

double bob haircut


Double bob for medium hair - haircut is quite simple, as mentioned above. But do not forget that it will require daily installation. To do this, you need special fixing means: wax, gel, varnish, mousse, foam. And, of course, tools: iron, skeleton brush and brushing. The diameter of the brushing (round brush) depends on the length of your hair. The longer the hair - the larger the diameter of the brush.

Double quads are laid in different ways. Prefer the classics? Twist the top square inward, and the bottom outward. The image will be very gentle and soft. As an everyday hairstyle, a hairstyle with a bottom part stretched out with a flat iron is suitable. The upper part fits traditionally.

You can complement the hairstyle as well and waves. They can be located all over the head, or only on its upper part.Bottom - curls out or, again, pulled by the iron.

haircut double square on medium hair

Who will not go?

Remember also that double carets for long hair (or for medium ones) will not look beautiful on every lady. Owners of heavy and thick hair may encounter some problems when creating such a hairstyle. Since the haircut requires the daily creation of the form and styling, to cope with heavy hair will not be easy. Even deep layering does not always save the situation.

This haircut is also contraindicated for the overly busy women. Of course, due to the lack of laying time.


Decide which option you need. View a double square in different angles (photo). On medium hair, as mentioned above, looks great hairstyle with bangs. Although not required.

If you like hair with bangs, you can choose any of its options. Remarkably look bangs to the eyebrows, asymmetrical, short, oblique. In short, any - just to suit you and combined with a hairstyle as a whole. In a fashion for today also torn bangs.

double carets for long hair


To summarizeHaircut "double square" for medium hair as well as for long, has several styling options. Classically twisted inward ends, mischievous curls outward, extravagant edges drawn down by the ironing. All at your discretion. You may need ironing, brushing, curling iron, foam, mousse, wax, gel. A variety of insects, parting displacement and their original lines are capable of giving millions of new sounds to the hairstyle.

Double quads is already popular for more than a dozen years. He is preferred by many celebrities. In short, this is a modern women's haircut, featuring different versions. It harmoniously looks on long, medium and short hair.

This haircut is perfect for romantic and dreamy natures. Most importantly, each girl can easily choose for themselves the best version of performance. Some people like elongated curls on the sides, some like a short back of the head, some like a complex but elegant line of the lower cut. In any case, a double square - hairstyle for individuals, individual and bright. To look with such a haircut gray or boring will not work.At the same time, stylists regularly cut their haircuts, adding to it more and more new elements for optimal variation of performance.

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