Grappa - what is it? How to drink this alcoholic drink

Grappa - the symbol of Italy. It comes from the work of the alcohol industry from poor peasant families who have learned the secrets of distillation. Today, centuries later, it is sold along with elite, expensive alcoholic beverages, you can find it on the shelves with wine. Looking at the label, where it is stated that the drink is forty-degree, it can be considered that it is just vodka produced by Italian technology. There are similarities in the manufacture, but still it is not vodka, but grappa. What is it? You can learn from our article.

Grappa - what is it?

The taste of this drink depends on the grape variety that was used for cooking. Grappa was originally considered a purely masculine and cheap drink. Her taste was harsh, the fortress was interrupted by the scent of grapes, it was possible to drink it only in one gulp. This continued until the mid-sixties, until the Italian winemakers saw in the grappa a “gold mine”.They quickly began to decorate the drink, first they replaced the rough glass containers with elegant bottles, and then they began to work on improving the technology of preparation.

Grappa - what is it today? In modern times it is a purebred alcoholic beverage produced in Italy. Bottles with her adorn the expensive bars, now she came out of the shadows and has become an elite drink that is drunk according to the rules. How to drink grappa, we will tell in the future content of the article.

grappa what is it

How to prepare grappa?

In the manufacture of wine remains a lot of waste, it is the skin, bones, combs and small remnants of pulp. Why throw out such a good thing, if many centuries ago people found use of this “garbage” and even gave it a name - cake, chacha (Georgian name) and many foreign names. By the way, what is the difference between grappa and chacha? Is the drink prepared using similar technology and from one raw material? About this and many other things you can learn from further content.

So, cake - the remnants of the production of wine, treated under pressure with water vapor, then the liquid is fermented with sugar and wine yeast.Subsequently, the distillation process takes place in distillation columns with a continuous cycle, or in diamond (copper cubes intended for distillation).

The distillate obtained is too strong - about 80 degrees. In this form, it is impossible to consume it, and even dangerous, so the process of dilution from 39 to 55 degrees.

how to drink grappa

What is the difference between the new technology and the old one?

There are many varieties of grappa, and none of them is considered a cheaper option. Why earlier this drink was cheap, and now it has become expensive and elite? The fact is that earlier for making wine, the juice from the berries was picked up to the maximum, and grappa was prepared from almost dry cake. It turned out hard, unpleasant. To eliminate these drawbacks, many experiments with the recipe were carried out. It turned out that with a residue in the juice cake of at least 35 percent, the alcoholic grappa completely changes its taste, from unpleasant it becomes fragrant and attractive.

alcohol drink grappa

Is there a grappa made in Italy?

Can I imagine a real tequila, cooked not in Mexico? Likewise, a grappa whose photo is published here cannot be a product of another country.The fact is that a drink is prepared only from the grapes that grow in the North of Italy. There, the berries ripen more slowly, they are more saturated with acid. Grappa is protected by law, in 2016, July 16, the presidential decree No. 287 was issued on the impossibility of counting as a grappa the drink that is prepared not only not in Italy, but also from grapes grown in the South of the country.

We propose to proceed to the next item and become familiar with the varieties of grappa.

Giovane is a young grappa

This drink is also called "white", or Bianca. It has a sharp taste, or, as experts call it, brutal. At the same time, the taste qualities are considered poor, but the aroma is rich and rich.

The young grappa is produced in the same way as other species, but the distillate is bottled immediately after the haul. Drink can and withstand a bit in stainless containers. After years of storage, this grappa does not change its taste.

If it is insignificant (at least half a year) in a wooden container, then it will acquire a more harmonious and soft taste. This drink is called Affinata.

how to drink grappa

Old grappa

If you keep the distillate year, you get invecchiata, or vecchia. This drink is softer, fragrant, is considered the most popular type of grappa. The reviews about her experts are good. They say that it is enormously different in taste from the young.

Very old grappa

The drink aged in wooden barrels for a year and a half is called rizerva or stravecchia, it acquires a rich aroma, a “wooden” flavor, it becomes golden amber. In addition, the strength of the drink rises, it increases from 45 to 50 degrees, but the taste does not spoil. It is considered the most expensive, elite grade of grappa.

Grappa, like whiskey, can be made from one grape variety, that is, single-sorted - monovitigno, or from several varieties, so multi-variety grappa polivitigno is obtained.

Recently, on the shelves you can find a lighter grappa, which is prepared not from the cake, but from the whole grape. This drink is called Aguavita Prime Uve. Reviews of such a grappa say that it is endowed with a rich wine aroma, it has a gorgeous flavor bouquet, at the same time there is a strongness inherent in the harsh drinks.

grappa reviews

How to find out real grappa?

In the bar or in the window you can easily recognize this purebred drink, originally from Italy. The peculiarity of the packaging was appreciated by all connoisseurs of good alcoholic beverages.They write that the taste is pleasant, and the bottle pleases the eye.

Grappa is poured into triangular or curly bottles resembling bottles of perfume. But it can be flask-shaped containers, similar to containers from the laboratory.

The cork is always ground in, there is a wax seal. All these signs on the packaging are the guarantor of the authenticity of the drink.

Check the quality of grappa is easy. To do this, drop two drops of the drink on the hand, rub, wait half a minute. After that, the skin should smell like raisins, fried bread, spices. If none of these flavors manifested, the quality of grappa leaves much to be desired.

grappa photo

How to drink grappa?

This elite drink needs proper consumption. For grappa created special, tulip-shaped wine glasses with a narrowed part on the "waist".

Many Italians, having woken up in the morning, add some grappa to espresso coffee and call it caffee Corretto, that is, Koretto coffee, or improved, fixed coffee. This drink gives energy for a long time.

But grappa is still a digestive, that is, it is customary to consume it in the evening after a good dinner. Outside Italy, grappa is very cool, but this is wrong.The fact is that such a drink, like whiskey, is not able to fully reveal the bouquet during supercooling.

If you choose a young grappa, then it is enough to cool from 8 to 12 degrees. So the drink will not give out all the details of alcohol too, will reveal the specifics of the flavor completely, and the flavor is the main feature of this type of grappa.

Old grappa should be a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees, so to get one, you can use the stones for whiskey.

In order to fully appreciate the aroma of the drink, the glass should be held by the foot, so the smells from the body will not interfere.

It is necessary to drink grappa in small sips, holding it for a few seconds on the tongue. In this way it will be possible to feel the entire bouquet of taste. They say that if you take this drink a little more than would be enough for tasting, there will be no hangover the next morning.

Chocolate (bitter), ice cream, sweet desserts, fruits are suitable for grappa as a snack. If the drink was served for dinner, then vegetables, salads with seafood are ideally combined, but meat dishes are best.

grappa and chacha what is the difference

Differences of grappa from chacha

Many people found, after trying grappa, that this is the same chacha.This is not at all the case, even though the production is very similar. What are the differences?

  1. Country of grape growing, climatic conditions.
  2. Grape variety: Riesling Italico, Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, Barbera, and some others are used in Italy. In Georgia, Isabella, Kacic and Rkatsitelli cake is used as material for chacha.
  3. In the preparation of chacha other materials can be used, such as apricot cake, persimmon and other fruits, which are added to the grape cake.
  4. Chacha fermentation occurs naturally, unlike grappa.
  5. For aging chacha used barrels of local tree species. Grappa is aged only in barrels of Limousin cognac oak.
  6. Chacha can be a fortress up to 70 degrees, grappa - up to 50.

Today we have told all about the Grappa - the elite Italian drink. As it became clear, it differs greatly from chacha, but only experts can notice this in taste.

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