Gout Treatment at Home

Gout is a chronically occurring disease caused by a metabolic disorder characterized by the deposition of uric acid salts in the tissues of the joints, bones and tendons.

home gout treatmentDiagnosis

The diagnosis is established by laboratory testing of blood for the content of uric acid. The normal uric acid content should be 6.0-6.5 for women and 6.5-7.0 mg / dl for blood for men.


Concentrated uric acid is gradually deposited with salts in the tissues of the joints and in the renal tubules. In the case of salt deposits in the joints, the crisis period is characterized by severe joint pain, and in case of kidney deposits, acute renal colic.


The disease occurs in a chronic form with periods of exacerbation. In connection with this circumstance, the treatment of gout at home is the most acceptable, with the exception of the course, accompanied by a sharp crisis with kidney stones.


Due to the fact that the disease often occurs with damage to the tissues of the joints, itsquick gout treatmentfall within the competence of a rheumatologist, and treatment is carried out under his supervision.When a diagnosis is made, the doctor prescribes pharmacological drugs that reduce the level of uric acid in the patient's blood. Such drugs include Allopurinol or Lozartin. In addition, the doctor may prescribe a means of reducing the level of triglycerides in the blood, for example, the drug "Fenofibrate." Prescribed medications that normalize and facilitate the work of the kidneys.


However, it is impossible to achieve positive results with medication alone. Treatment of gout at home is associated with the observance of special and very long-term diets. Some researchers in the field of medicine note that after confirming the diagnosis of gout, the patient has to strictly follow the prescribed diets for the rest of his life.

iodine gout treatmentSpecial features

Medical research has not yet developed methods for eliminating the effects of gout. It is impossible to complete, and even more rapid treatment of gout. All activities are aimed at stopping the process of salt deposition, but not at their elimination and restoration of the affected organs. What is the treatment of gout? At home, it is much easier to organize diet food, which will be one of the main methods of treatment.

What to eat

From the diet exclude any products that can increase the level of uric acid in the blood of the patient. Such products include meat and meat broths, fatty fish in any form, including salted and canned, sweets, strong tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa. Alcohol is contraindicated categorically.

What you can eat

The use of boiled poultry meat is allowed. Recommended nuts, low-fat dairy and dairy products. Vegetarian foods should prevail in the diet. Home gout treatment at home is carried out with mandatory control over the amount of food consumed and over the frequency of food. It is recommended that the daily rate, consisting of dietary products, divided into 6-7 receptions. In other words, eat often, but in small portions.

Fighting overweight

Overweight favors the development of the disease. The fight against overweight with gout should be carried out with moderate and gentle diets, since a complete refusal to eat can provoke an attack of the disease.

Iodine for lubrication of joints

From folk remedies deserves attention treatment gout iodine. To prepare a therapeutic solution, take 10 ml of iodine and mix it with 5 aspirin tablets. The resulting solution becomes colorless.At night, this medicated mixture smears the affected joints and produces their warm wrap.

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