GAZ 3302 - technical specifications and machine overview

Few cars deserve universal honor and praise. Few cars generally become known to a large circle of drivers. The PR agents of the company are partly to blame, but the machine itself is more to blame. No matter how obvious, but a bad car does not become a favorite. So, today's guest can rightly be called the king of the roads. He is recognized, respected and valued. This machine for a relatively short period of time has already deserved universal honor and praise. Time to reveal the cards. This car is a GAZ 3302 ("Gazelle"). Technical characteristics of this truck allow you to confidently hold in the leading positions. And convenience, comfort and practicality have long become words synonymous with the proud name GAZ 3302.

History of creation

The path of each car is interesting, especially if you look at the history of outstanding cars. GAZ 3302 began its long journey back in 1994. The need for a novelty was felt at the household level.gas 3302 specificationsThe elementary market relations could not be maintained without light-weight trucks.Concern of the Gorky Automobile Plant responded to these unrest instantly. As a result, the novelty GAZ 3302. Its appearance on the world radically changed the mechanism of urban and intercity transportation. This procedure has never been so simplified. Technical characteristics of the car GAZ 3302 allowed to increase the pace of rotation.

This light truck has changed the market of the nineties, opened up new opportunities. Maybe those innovations that were involved in the development of this car have become a breakthrough in the understanding of freight traffic.


The appearance of the car plays a big role. As they say, they are always met by clothes. Design "Gazelle" is hardly stunning. Yes, GAZ 3302 is compact and convenient, just what you need for city roads. The cab is streamlined, everything seems to be in place. But something does not attract.gas 3302 gazelle specificationsMaybe the point is simplicity? The design of the "Gazelle" unremarkable, ordinary, which hundreds and thousands. There is no zest in it. In addition, GAZ 3302 was originally equipped with an old-fashioned grille. One of her kind could turn away a look. And the optics was represented by rectangular headlights. The combination is "irresistible."Fortunately, these parts have been replaced by new, beautiful.


An important part of any vehicle is the cabin. In the case of the "Gazelle" is a cabin. In front of the hood is located. Beneath it is the GAZ 3302 engine. Cab specifications are simple, mostly a three-seat layout. But there are exceptions, more on that later. The interior design of the truck is as unattractive as the exterior. Textile upholstery smells cheap and simple. The front dashboard consists of old black sliders, buttons, and red and blue air conditioner knobs.Specifications car gas 3302The grates of the stove themselves are roughly decorated. In the cabin, as a rule, there are three seats. Their functionality is that the position of the chair can be easily changed in any position. Forward, backward, angle of inclination - all these parameters are regulated by several buttons. It is no secret that this truck has several modifications. One of them touched the cabin. The old center panel has been replaced. Boring rectangular shapes replaced the design with quality materials. The level of ergonomics has risen. Now GAZ 3302 is not recognized from the inside. Instead of three seats, two chairs were installed.But such a minus did not pass without a trace. A sleeper appeared in the cabin. Now "Gazelle" has become a real long-range truck.

Little about dimensions

This car is just made for urban traffic. Relatively small size is the pride of GAZ 3302. Specifications, capacity, capacity - it all depends on the size of the car. "Gazelle" in length straightened by as much as five and a half meters, of which three meters is the wheelbase. That is, these dimensions allow this truck to easily enter the turns.gas 3302 specifications load capacityThe radius of the circumference obtained will not exceed five meters, which is quite tolerable for light-duty vehicles. An important parameter is the width. From him curved patency, as well as a parking space. GAZ 3302 in width has grown by one meter and ninety-six centimeters. The height of the loaded machine will be two and a half meters. In general, the "Gazelle" has excellent dimensions. Compact truck, so you can call this GAZ 3302.

GAZ 3302 - technical specifications

Much has been said. But the main characteristics have not yet sounded. It is the power side that is considered indicative in the GAZ 3302 truck.Technical characteristics of the car correspond to all the ambitions of designers. Special attention deserves the heart of the car, namely, the engine. In this “Gazelle” it was modified frequently. Therefore, the general phrases say no. The most popular engine during production was ZMZ-40524, which was installed not only on GAZ 3302.engine gas 3302 specificationsIts technical characteristics are attractive. Especially when you consider the fact that the Gazelle is a low-tonnage truck. The petrol unit produces a hundred horsepower. The working volume is 2.46 liters. Four cylinders inline arrangement can squeeze out 4000 revolutions per minute. Also in the history of "Gazelle" there are diesel counterparts. GAZ 5602 among them stands out one highlight. He has a turbocharging system. Also improved fuel injection system.

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