Gas cylinder for giving: installation, refueling, connection

Centralized heating, unfortunately, is not available everywhere. In this case, either a stove or a gas cylinder can save. To give this option is optimal. However, this device also has its own characteristics.


gas cylinder to give

Gas cylinder to give has some advantages:

-Easy to use and replace.

-Mobility. Naturally, there are certain rules for installing the device, but in general it is not limited to one place, like a boiler.

-Different types of tanks.Depending on the purpose for which the device will be used (cooking, heating), you can purchase a cylinder (5, 16, 18 or 50 liters).

-Ability to refill capacity.

As you can see, even in the absence of centralized heating, a gas cylinder in the country can make life comfortable and convenient.

Device flaws

filling gas cylinders to give

They are not particularly numerous, but significant:

1.First of all, you need to pay attention to the fact that such devices may leak gas.

2. The use of force when installing the gearbox. In addition, it should be connected correctly. Otherwise, the gas can gradually leave the tank, filling the building. Naturally, in this case, an explosion may occur.

3. Relatively high cost. For an 18-liter bottle you can pay about 1,800 rubles.

4. You cannot control the pressure in the tank yourself.

In order for these shortcomings to not complicate your life, you need to choose, store and connect the device. Only in this case the gas cylinder for the dacha will work long and well.

How to choose a device?

gas cylinder installation in the country

This question is also very important. The selection and installation of a gas cylinder in the country should be made according to certain criteria:

-Dimensions. If the place in the country a little, it is better to choose a small cylinder of 5 liters. If the area allows, then you can install a gas stove with a large capacity.

-License seller.Since this device is considered potentially dangerous to life and health, it is not recommended to buy it in the yard or in the basement.It is better to buy a device at a company that sells and maintains cylinders.

-Material manufacturing capacity.More familiar to us is the metal cast iron housing. However, it is not as good as it seems. The point is that it is heavy, it can rust. A new option is the composite cylinder. It has high strength, low weight, transparent walls (this allows you to see the amount of fuel that remains). However, such containers are quite expensive, so not everyone can afford it.

Next, you should consider how to fill the gas cylinder to give. This process is not particularly difficult, but it is imperative that you follow the safety rules.

Features refueling capacity

Before starting the process, it is necessary to prepare the container for it. First make sure that the gas really runs out. After all, the fact that fuel does not flow to the stove may be due to the breakdown of the gearbox. To check pay attention to the indicators of the gauge. The fact that there is no gas in the tank is indicated by a pressure of 4 atmospheres and below.In addition, the amount of fuel inside the cylinder can be found by measuring its mass.

fill the gas cylinder to give

Now it is necessary to remove condensate from it, which contributes to the destruction of metal walls. This should be done very carefully. For the procedure, the container should be taken out to the open area. Note that when removing the gearbox, a spark may occur, followed by an explosion. Therefore, this element must be grounded.

After the gearbox has been removed, leave the bottle for a few hours for weathering gas residues. After that, turn over the container so that the water spills out. Only after these actions can gas cylinders be filled to give. This can be done at a regular gas station or in a special company. You can call the specialists at home or you can deliver the container to them yourself.

After filling gas cylinders for questioning will be carried out, you can return them home and connect again.

How to store the device?

Since it is considered a source of danger of an explosion, this issue should be approached as seriously as possible. The unit cannot be stored in a residential building.Conditions should be as appropriate as possible: the allowed humidity level (no more than 60%, the absence of an open flame or spark source).

Best of all, if you put the bottle in a metal cabinet. In this case, the gearbox must be closed with a special casing. The cabinet should be located no less than five meters from the house.

If you store the container outdoors, it must be protected from direct sunlight and rain. However, it must be in good condition. There should be no damage to the container. Inside it should be a residual pressure (not less than 0.05 MPa).

Device connection

gas cylinder connection in the country

This procedure requires maximum concentration, responsibility and care. It provides for a specific sequence of actions:

1. To begin, collect the necessary tools and materials: a wrench, a gas hose, a fitting with a hose clamp, a reducer, an aqueous solution of soap.

2. If the cylinder is connected to the plate, then special nozzles should be installed on it.

3. Now you need to connect the gas hose. Its length must be 1.5 meters more than the distance from the tank to the plate.Naturally, while winding the hose onto the inlet, the threads should be sealed carefully.

4. Fastening gear to the cylinder. Best of all, if the connection is threaded. This will prevent leakage. Next, the hose is connected to the gearbox with the help of a choke and clamp.

5. Check fasteners. To do this, unscrew the gas supply valve and lubricate the connections with soapy water. If bubbles do not form, then everything is in order, all fastenings are reliable. Otherwise, they should be additionally insulated.

As you can see, connecting a gas cylinder in the country is not a difficult process. However, if you do not know how to do this, then you should not risk it. In this case, it is better to entrust the installation of the container to a specialist. That's all. Let your home be warm and cozy.

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