Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid

It has long been known that the cause of almost all diseases is improper nutrition. For example, food debris, deposited on the walls of the intestine, are the cause of internal intoxication of the body. But toxins that clog blood vessels form cholesterol plaques, thereby narrowing the lumens and slowing down the permeability of the fluid.garlic tincture for cleaning vesselsAs a result, high blood pressure, poor memory, low working capacity. The blood circulates slowly, and, accordingly, less oxygen and nutrients are transported to the cells. To your mental and physical abilities re-earned at full strength, the body needs help: to clear from slags. Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels does not have contraindications, does not cause allergic reactions, it is easy to prepare and does not take much time to use. If the “general cleaning” was successful, it will immediately affect the appearance and general condition: migraines will pass,pressure will stabilize, mood will improve and work capacity will increase.

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Why precisely garlic? The fact is that this particular product was recognized as anti-sclerotic agent №1. In addition, garlic helps to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol, removes salt from the body, boosts immunity and destroys parasites. Preparing garlic tincture for cleaning vessels in large portions, a few days in advance. For the entire course lasting about 40 days, you will need 16 heads of garlic and 16 lemons. In a three-liter jar, you need to fold the lemons milled in a meat grinder together with the peel and peeled garlic (only 4 units each) and pour warm water to the top. Infused composition at room temperature for 72 hours, then filtered and put in the fridge. At this time, the next bank is harvested and so four times. Per day you need to drink 300 g of infusion, dividing them into three doses. Garlic tincture for vessel cleaning is drunk once a year, this is enough to keep yourself normal.

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This recipe is rooted in Tibet. It was the local healers who used this method of treatment for themselves and for patients requiring assistance.Alcohol-garlic tincture for cleaning vessels promotes the removal of slag plugs and activates the outflow of blood. It is recommended to prepare tincture in the fall from a new crop: during this period garlic contains the maximum quantity of useful enzymes. The basis of the tincture is alcohol or vodka (150 g), which is poured garlic crushed in mush (also 150 g). Capacity tightly closed, wrapped in a dark cloth or newspaper and put in a dark cool place (pantry, basement). Within 10 days to disturb the tincture should not be. After this time, the liquid, which by that moment will become a light greenish color, is drained and again left to infuse for 3 days. After filtering the tincture one more time, it is put in the fridge. You need to take the drug for half an hour before meals, adding to milk or water, according to the schedule. For example, the first day is 1 + 2 + 3 drops, the second day is 4 + 5 + 6 drops. Sixth day 3 * 15 drops. Then reduce to 1 drop. To completely clean the body, you must take another 15 drops of tincture 3 times a day for a month. This course is terminated, you can repeat it in a year. How does garlic tincture work? Reviews of people about this method are different: some people see dizziness, others suffer from heartburn. With these symptoms, it is worth reducing the dosage.Well, and with the right intake, there is a general improvement in the state of health: increased efficiency, excellent mood, absence of migraines and pressure normalizes.

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Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid 43

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid 9

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid 45

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid 61

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid 22

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid 31

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid 31

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid 6

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels - first aid 43