Galina Benislavskaya: biography, personal life and love story, photo

Who is Galina Benislavskaya? This is a woman that we would hardly have known if she hadn’t met an incredibly charming and no less arrogant golden-haired boy one evening of her life. Galina's biography is incredibly closely intertwined with the life story of Sergei Yesenin. And it ended only a year after the great poet was gone. The biography of Benislavsky is the biography of a man who was ready to become the shadow of a loved one, the story of a woman is loyal and faithful. Even today, this love of Sergei Yesenin remains a mystery. She is called a secretary, cohabitant, and even a nurse, but not a wife, and it was precisely as a wife that the poet himself dreamed of seeing Galina Benislavskaya (pictured). He dedicated the lines to her

You are my last bet and the deepest.

We will tell you about the fate of this amazing woman right now.

Biography of Galina Benislavsky

Biography of Benislavsky

Galina was born in 1897.The exact date of her birth is not known for certain, it is believed that she was born on December 16th. The first years of her life the girl spent next to her mother, but soon she began to have serious mental disorders, and the girl came to be brought up with relatives. She owes her aunt the surname Benislavskaya. Galina’s real father is a Frenchman named Arthur Cartier. Most likely, he never lived with his family, or left his wife and daughter immediately after the birth of a girl. When Galya got a little older, she left the family of adoptive parents and went to St. Petersburg. There, she entered the Transfiguration Women's School. This educational institution young Galina graduated with a gold medal, after she decided to enter the Kharkov University, choosing the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Living in the city, Galina visited the theater, read books. Everything changed in the summer: coming to relatives the girl turned into a savage! She avoided her adoptive parents, did not communicate with neighbors. Most often she spent time with horses, swam a lot and just adored shooting with a gun. Galina’s contemporaries recalled: Benislavskaya was a convinced revolutionary and Bolshevik.Surrounding people were always amazed and surprised by her courage and a certain desperation. For example, when the Whites came to the city of Kharkov, the girl went through the whole front to get to Moscow and settle there!

Memories of Galina Benislavskaya

Reasons for moving

Why did the girl have to move to Moscow? The reason was that the outlook on her life and her uncles and aunts - adoptive parents - turned out to be incredibly different. In the family more and more conflicts erupted. My aunt and adoptive father, hereditary nobles, could not understand how Galina could be carried away by the ideas of the Bolsheviks. When Benislavskaya joined the party in 1917, the family decided to break off all relations with it. When the girl was captured, moving over the front line, the whites were going to shoot her. The only thing that saved her was that her adoptive father met her at the Denikin headquarters and served in the hospital. Artur Kazimirovich stood up for the girl, saying that it was his daughter, Galina was released. Despite the fact that he did not share her views on life, he gave her a certificate of a sister of mercy, with which she managed to cross the front line. True, this certificate later became the cause of the shooting.

Life in the capital

After moving to Moscow, the life of Galina Benislavskaya improved. She had a faithful friend, Yana Kozlovskaya, whose father, Mikhail, immediately after the revolution, became the head of the People's Commissar of Belarus and Lithuania. By the way, going over the front, Galina got to the red ones, who considered the girl a spy. It was Mikhail Kozlovsky who helped the girl, achieved her release. And after that he took her under his care. Thanks to her best friend's father, Benislavskaya received a small room in Moscow and joined the party. He gave the girl a special interdepartmental commission.

Galina Benislavskaya: photo

Revolutionary and poet: acquaintance with Sergei Yesenin

It is worth noting that Benislavskaya was not only loyal to the Bolshevik. She was well versed in literature, read a lot, often visited a cafe called “Stall of Pegasus”, in which talented Moscow poets performed with their new poems. Perhaps it was the love of poetry that played a special role in the fact that the fate of Galina Benislavskaya changed dramatically in the September evening of 1920. The calendar had the 19th day, Galina, who was then 23 years old, went with her friend to the Polytechnic Museum for a poetry evening.

It was there that she saw an incredibly beautiful young man, who brazenly looked at her, and then began to read his poems. Galina understood: he is her destiny. Of course, before meeting the girl, Yesenin was already famous: then he was a theoretician of a powerful literary group of imagists, published 9 books. In addition, he was married twice, he had three children.

Love for Esenin

Feelings for the poet flashed in the heart of Benislav instantly. Later, Galina will remember how, at the next poetic evening, Sergey Yesenin ran up to her and flashed through her the thought: “How flew to a girl!”. However, after this evening, she returned home with inner glee, in diaries Galina Benislavskaya wrote: she fell asleep with the thought of Sergei Yesenin and woke up with her. By the way, for many years Galina called the poet by name and patronymic.

Sergey Yesenin

Since September 19, the girl did not miss a single literary evening, in which the poet took part. She increasingly went to the "Stall of Pegasus" on Tverskaya. Of course, Yesenin also glanced in her direction.

The love story of Yesenin and Benislav

Galina once came to the "Stall" without her friend. Yesenin approached her, said hello, asked a couple of questions about the cafe, because he was his co-owner. After that they talked all evening about poetry, poems of Mayakovsky ...Galina was amazed how short and gentle Sergey Alexandrovich was. After this, a string of days began, accompanied by endlessly joyful meetings. Sergey and Galina saw each other in the store of imagists, now in a cafe. Benislavskaya later confesses: she lived through these meetings, counted the days, hours, and minutes. It is worth noting that Yesenin's poems captured her no less than he himself. One day she will write: this time - until August 1921 - was the best time of a lifetime.

Sergey Yesenin and Galina Benislavskaya were absolute opposites. He is incredibly artistic, charismatic and charming, with a light walk and golden hair shining in the sun. She is a half-loaded, half-French woman, a sultry brunette with huge green eyes. Due to the fact that when walking she raised her legs a little higher than expected, she was often called the Yesenin cyclist behind her eyes. Of course, few believed in the love between the poet and his secretary.

Benislavskaya and Yesenin

What did Yesenin feel about Galina?

Speaking of Sergei Yesenin and Galina Benislavskaya (in the photo above you can see them together), it should be noted that the poet also had tender feelings for his assistant.The proof of this is one story: in those days, which Galina called the best, Sergei worked on the poem "Pugachev". As Pushkin once did in his time, Yesenin decided to go to the places where a peasant war was going on 150 years ago under the leadership of this Don Cossack. Before leaving, Sergei Yesenin looked into Galina’s eyes, which were burning like emeralds in the sun. He was amazed and turned to his friend Anatoly Mariengof:

Tolya, look - green. Green eyes.

When the poet returned from a trip, he brought a gift from Benislavsky — delightful oriental shawls and a handmade ring, on the stone of which was the monogram “SE”.

Victory over Nadia Volpin

When Sergei Alexandrovich finished Pugachev, Galina also achieved victory. The fact is that Benislavskaya considered the poetess Nadia Volpin her most serious rival. Many years later, Nadia will write about one of the evenings, on which she realized that Yesenin and Benislavskaya are not just good friends:

Yesenin sat at the table with Galya Benislavskaya and with one of her friends ... She seemed unusually prettier. All shone with happiness. Even the eyes - like me, green,but in thicker eyelashes, they brightened exactly, became completely emerald (they drew blueness from Esenin’s eyes, flashed through my bitter thoughts) and were fixedly chained to the poet’s face. The girlfriend was obviously only for decoration - that is why she did not remember ... “Now it is being celebrated here,” I said to myself, “the desired victory. She, not them!

Love Triangle: Yesenin, Benislavskaya and Duncan

Sergey Yesenin’s happy meetings with Galina Benislavskaya’s assistant continued even when the poet met Isadora Duncan. He was 26, Isadora 44. However, such a big difference in age did not embarrass him at all, because Duncan was surprisingly good-looking. Sergei Alexandrovich told his friends that Isadora had a huge number of men, but he will be the last. But the poet did not dare to part with Benislavskaya.

Assistant Esenina Galina Benislavskaya

October 5, 1921, after meeting with Duncan, he asked Benislavskaya about the meeting. In a short note, he will write to her:

I will wait for you! Without.

Without a mean without a girlfriend. October 8, Galina and Sergey met, he gave her a Bible, where he emphasized the words about the attitude towards a woman:

And I found that a woman is worse than death, because she is a net, and her heart is a snare, her hands are fetters; the good before God will be saved from her, and the sinner will be caught by her. <...> What else did my soul seek, and I did not find? I found a man of one of a thousand, but I did not find a woman among them all. (Eccles. 7, 26, 28).

Those who think that love is blind are right. In love with the poet Galina for too long did not notice the changes that occurred in him. Only in the winter did she find out about his meetings with Duncan. In her diaries, she wrote that, despite all the suffering and humiliation, she still continues to love Sergei Yesenin, and therefore will remain short and loyal to him.

Desperation and treatment

In general, the diaries of Galina Benislavskaya, written at the time, are full of emotional tragedy and pain, violent despair and bitter emptiness. She felt a grudge against all women who the poet once loved. She wrote about Reich that she was “not better than a toad,” called Isadora an old woman. Experienced offense Galina and Sergei Yesenin:

I remembered that everything was a game. We, like children, sincerely carried away with the game (both: I and he), but his mother called him, he threw the game, and I alone and no one called to play. But still I started the game, not him. True, children do this - I liked it, so instead of dating, I’ll come and say: “Let's play together!”

Treatment in the sanatorium in Pokrovsky-Streshneva appeared in the biography of Galina Benislavskaya. She felt worse than terrible.She wrote that even the death of Yesenin would have been not as painful for her as this jealousy, tearing at heart.

Another Sergey

When the treatment ended, Galina got a job as an assistant to the secretary in the newspaper. One of the newspaper’s employees, Sergey Pokrovsky, fell in love with this amazingly beautiful woman at first sight. And this despite the fact that he was married, and the spouse worked in the same edition, the family had two children. Galina responded to his tender feelings in an attempt to forget about Yesenin, but nothing happened. In her farewell letter, she admitted to Pokrovsky, what was the reason that their relationship did not develop:

Suddenly Yesenin will come, he will call, and whatever it is, whatever it may threaten, anyway, I'm going to follow him, as if hypnotized. Because of him, I can do something that no one would make me forget myself completely. They say that a woman loves her child most of all in the world - I would not love a child so much as I love him.

Return of the poet

Galina Benislavskaya did not dare to hope that the return of Sergei Yesenin from abroad, which fell on the beginning of August 1923, will change something in their relationship. However, he is back. Returned to her.The old feelings not only flashed with a new force, but seemed to have become even brighter. Yesenin told Benislavskaya about his feelings for Duncan:

There was a passion, and a great passion. The whole year it went on, and then everything went away and nothing was left, nothing was left. When passion was, saw nothing, and now ...

Isadora, who went on tour to Kislovodsk, the poet telegraphed:

I love another. Married and happy.

Probably, the compilation of the text of this telegram with a loved one brought Galina Benislavskaya both pleasure and a sense of revenge.

Official non-wife

Galina did not become the official wife of the poet. In her memoirs about Galina Benislavsky, Yesenina’s sister, Catherine, writes that for all proposals to legalize relations, the woman only lowered her long black eyelashes and said that she could not marry so that people would not think worse of her. However, Yesenin sincerely considered Benislavskaya his wife. In his note to Mariengof, he insisted:

Dear Anatoly, we talked with you. Galya is my wife.

Despite the special attitude, Galina experienced difficulties in relations with Sergey, she even wanted to leave him - “as a woman”, remaining only a friend.But she did not dare - she loved her too much.


However, the lovers still broke up. The reason was the rumors that Galina cheated Sergei. The poet believed and left. But he repeatedly returned - drunk and deeply unhappy. To explain with him, Benislavskaya did not want to - pride did not allow.

Once Galina heard the news, which almost killed her - Yesenin again marries Sofia, the granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy. Benislavskaya thought it was nonsense, but decided not to interfere, she left. Before leaving, wrote a favorite:

And the last thing: in my opinion, Tolstoy is very good (according to stories about her; I don’t know her), be thrifty, if you’re with her, don’t throw her; she is weaker than others, knows you less, it is harder for her and not she for you, and you must take care of her - it may be that this (in her weakness) and your salvation. Why am I writing this? And for you and for my own peace of mind, so that when you leave, you don’t have to suffer with the consciousness that you didn’t say, but you might need it.

Shortly after this wedding, on November 26, Galina was taken to a psychiatric hospital. Discharged it on December 19th. Two days later, Yesenin was discharged from a psychiatric clinic. The poet was determined to start a new life, went to Leningrad, settled in a hotel. On December 27, late in the evening, the poet turned to the receptionist with a request not to let anyone in his room.The next morning he was found hanged.

Farewell to the beloved

About the death of Yesenin, Benislavskaya learned from Ehrlich's telegram. She understood - he suffered no less than she did. The woman did not get to the funeral - a blizzard prevented. Galina hit the grave of her beloved later.

She never complained about her life, no one could even suspect that Benislavskaya was counting the last days of her life. However, in fact, she was worried because of Sergey’s death, she understood that she could not reconcile with her and be comforted. On December 3, 1926, at night, Galina Benislavskaya appeared in the cemetery. She found the grave of Sergei and killed herself, leaving a note.

Suicide note of benislav

The poet Vadim Shershenevich wrote about this:

In the winter cemetery, on the grave of Serezha, the dead Galya was soon found. She shot herself several times, but the revolver misfired. Then she killed herself with a sharp dagger. Nearby lay a revolver and in it several rounds were filled with capsules.

And so ended the life of a devoted woman who devoted her whole life to a man who wounded and offended her, adored the shore. The grave of Benislavsky is located next to the poet’s last refuge. For a long time, only two words were carved on the tombstone, which, in general, fit the whole life of Benislavskaya: “True Galya”.

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