Furnaces Professor Butakova. Design and principle of operation

Winter has always been a very difficult time of the year for summer residents or people who live in private houses. First of all, you need to take care of the preparation for the heating season, if there is no central heating. A good stove to give will not let freeze in cold winter evenings. But the old ordinary stoves for heating the house have long served their own. It is time to replace them with new and effective means of heating, and Professor Butakov’s stoves will help in this.

Who is Professor Butakov?

Professor Butakov successfully taught before at the Ural Polytechnic Institute. His works were mainly directed to the area of ​​heat supply and ventilation. On these topics, he published several works and monographs. He is famous for the fact that thanks to his knowledge, the professor was able to create an almost perfect furnace for a country house or a country house that would be able to heat a room for a long time and efficiently.Professor Butakova’s furnaces

What is the furnace Butakova?

What is the stove Butakova and why it was so called? All furnaces of Professor Butakova work on the same principle. Because of this, they were all included in one class of gas generator furnaces.

Butakov is not the creator of the principle on which his invention works. This law was known even earlier. So why then was the stove named after it? The professor worked hard and studied the processes occurring during combustion. He researched many other examples of the same furnaces and gathered all the advantages together. Professor Butakov’s stoves took over from the others only positive aspects, which make them so effective and popular among ordinary people.

What is so good "butakovtsy"?

The most important advantage is, of course, the economy of this class. The fuel consumption of gas generating furnaces is much lower than that of conventional ones. In some models, the coefficient of performance (COP) comes to eighty-five percent. With all its efficiency and economy, this furnace also has modest parameters. All these qualities make it very popular.oven to give

Where can I install the furnace Butakova?

The possibilities of the furnace of Professor Butakova are almost endless. The only thing that it can not be installed in the apartment, because it needs a good ventilation pipe. Full, such as in the country, the ventilation pipe is not installed.bake student

Summer houses, country houses, industrial premises, warehouses - all this can be heated with "Butakov." You can also use small models to heat a greenhouse (for plants to bear fruit year-round), a barn or a chicken coop. It can be installed anywhere, it is important that there is a good hood.

What can I load oven?

A very important indicator - what kind of fuel does the stove use? If it is adapted for heating with gas, and, let us assume, there is no village in it, what then to do? Here we need a solid fuel furnace. Butakova's idea to make an economical solid fuel stove spread to the entire model range. All furnaces of this model range operate exclusively on solid fuels. If you plan to heat with coal, then you need to check with the seller, because there are some models that are not adapted to work on coal or peat. For heating, you can use wood or residues from the woodworking industry.Cardboard and other paper products go well.

Fuel consumption, its savings

Fuel consumption is an important indicator that affects the choice of stoves for a country house. Now fuel for refueling the furnace is not so cheap. And it still needs to be delivered. Gas generator stoves are very economical in nature, so they are very economical. On one tab of the fuel, the average stove can last about eight hours. This is the main indicator of efficiency of Butakov furnaces. At the same time, heat is produced not less than on a usual stove or other firebox.

The positive side of the furnace Butakova

The most important advantage is cost effectiveness and good heated ability. Also important are the small dimensions of this stove, because the place for it, too, must be found.

As mentioned above, the average furnace can work on one tab for about eight hours, which is a significant advantage. The maximum number of hours of burning depends on the model of the furnace. The more the firebox itself, the more the furnace supports the process inside.

Butakov’s stoves have one useful thing: a pyrolysis product collection system. Pyrolysis is the process of burning organic or inorganic substances with minimal oxygen participation.After pyrolysis, an unpleasant smell remains, and a lot of soot and soot remains on the pipe and walls of the furnace. A unique system of collecting these same products avoids the accumulation of these substances. They gather in a tube and through it enter the furnace, where they are then burned.Professor Butakov's stoves prices

Also, there is always something left from solid fuel: ash or very small coals. In the past, especially the old bulky stoves, it was very difficult to clear this garbage. In the furnaces of Professor Butakov there is a special sliding drawer in which ash, dust or fine coal is poured as it burns. The ashes can now be removed with just one movement, which greatly facilitates the care of the stove.

As for the stove itself, inside it there are a lot of tubes through which air circulates: from one end comes cold, and from the other comes warm. Thus the process of convection takes place. According to the professor's idea, the surface of the furnace is also involved in this process, heating to quite high temperatures. This is both good and bad. Of course, you can cook on it, but this is inefficient, since it is not designed for cooking, and this process will take a long time.But warm yourself soup or porridge - always welcome. Another way to save is not to waste gas from a cylinder (if it is available), it is easier to put a griddle on the Butakov oven and heat it up. But you need to remember about safety. It should be neat near the stove, so as not to burn yourself.

The principle of operation of the furnace Butakova

The principle on which the furnaces of Professor Butakova operate has been discovered a long time ago. The fuel, while inside the combustion chamber, does not burn, it smolders. Due to the low oxygen content inside the firebox, wood or coal begins to smolder and not burn. That is why for so long you can do just one tab. By the way, during the smoldering heat is released almost as much as during a simple combustion, so that the effectiveness of this system on the face.

The range of stoves Butakova

oven engineerThere is a whole range of stoves Butakova: "High School student", "Student", furnace "Engineer" (one of the most famous), "Associate Professor", "Professor", "Academician". All of them differ in size and heating capacity. The smallest and most low-power one is Gymnazist, while the biggest and most powerful is the Akademik stove.Everyone can choose the appropriate option.

Professor Butakova’s stoves: prices for different models

Models differ in power. For example, "Gymnazist" emits six kilowatts of heat, but the furnace "Student" is already nine. That is the difference between them. It is worth the stove "Student" about four hundred dollars (if you buy an "Engineer", then it costs a hundred more expensive).oven academician

Furnace "Docent" will cost the owner in six hundred and fifty dollars. Such a firebox can already well heat a large two-storey country house. This powerful stove can heat about five hundred cubic meters of living space.

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