French University College in Moscow at Moscow State University: address, reviews

If you are interested in the French language and culture and want to get a look at the French University College in Moscow. Here you have a unique opportunity to improve and develop your knowledge under the guidance of domestic and foreign professors.

French university college in Moscow address

About educational institution

The French University College in Moscow is a state institution of higher education, functioning with the support of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education and Science. The institution was founded in 1991 with the filing of Andrei Sakharov - the famous academician and Nobel Prize winner. Mark Halter, a French public figure, also participated in the creation. The main idea of ​​the college is that it is not just an educational institution, but an open educational space, the purpose of which is cultural exchange and knowledge sharing.

Training at the French University College in Moscow takes place over two years.During this time, you can get an education in law, history, sociology, literature or philosophy. The school is regularly visited by lecturers from France and other European countries. The university operates under the patronage of Moscow State University and works closely with nine French universities.


For those who wish to broaden their horizons and receive additional humanitarian education, the French University College in Moscow is ideal. The address is Sparrow Hills, the main building of Moscow State University. Here is the Directorate, the Secretariat and the teachers room. French classes are held at Lomonosovsky Ave. 31/1. You can ask questions regarding enrollment and conducting classes by phone, the number of which is available on the official website of the institution.

French University College in Moscow: what to do

In college are accepted:

  • Russian citizens or immigrants from the CIS countries;
  • persons enrolled in at least the fourth year of the university of one of the CIS countries (priority is given to persons who already have a higher education).

There are no age restrictions for studying at a French university college in Moscow.For enrollment you do not need to pass the entrance exams. However, knowledge in the areas in which training will be conducted is welcome.

In order to become a college student, you need to go through four stages:

  • Filling in the registration form on the official website.
  • Administrative record in the main building of Moscow State University. It is held no earlier than 5 days after the online registration.
  • French proficiency test (only for those who wish to study in the French-speaking department).
  • Pedagogical record (implies a choice of disciplines that you would like to study).

It is important that college students do not have the right to reside in a dormitory of Moscow State University. Also, they are not given any benefits for travel in public transport.

french university college mgu reviews

Required documents

During the administrative record, the applicant is obliged to provide a package of documents to the college selection committee. It includes:

  • cash document about tuition fees;
  • photocopy of the first page of the passport;
  • photocopy of the diploma of higher education or certificate from the university where the entrant is studying;
  • two 3 by 4 cm photographs printed on matte paper.

Second year of study

A two-year course of study involves the French University College in Moscow. Reviews give an understanding of how the transition to the second course. To do this, you must successfully pass the exams in the first year of study. This is a mandatory and only condition, without which the student will not be able to continue the course. It is important that after the first year of study in the Russian-speaking department it is impossible to switch to the French-speaking faculty.

Also, the student has the right to interrupt college once. At the same time, the grades obtained at the exams are canceled. When restoring a student will be required to re-pass exams. It is important to note that the duration of academic leave cannot exceed one year.

French University College at MSU im Lomonosov

Attendance without admission

The French University College in Moscow under the Moscow State University provides a unique opportunity to listen to lectures by world-renowned professors without being a university student. To do this, no later than 4 days before the planned performance, send a request by e-mail to the educational institution.The letter must specify your passport data, which will be transferred to the protection of the university. You can get to the lecture by presenting your passport.

School structure

French University College includes two structural units. Namely:

  • The francophone branch implies that the training is entirely in French. This also applies to examinations and writing a thesis. For these purposes, invited French-speaking teachers.
  • Russian-speaking department involves learning in their native language. This also applies to passing exams and writing a thesis. Most lectures by French speaking teachers are conducted with simultaneous translation. Seminar classes are conducted by Russian-speaking teachers.

Features of the educational process

The French University College in Moscow under the Moscow State University provides for education for two years. During this time, the student must master the theoretical knowledge, as well as basic research methods that are used in the field of humanities. Students under 35 years old who show a decent level of knowledge of French can apply for scholarships to continue their studies in France.

The educational program includes the following main points:

  • attending lectures by teachers from France;
  • attending seminars in French, which are conducted by young researchers engaged in writing a dissertation;
  • attending Russian-language seminars conducted by MSU teachers;
  • deep learning of French.

At the end of two years of study, the student writes and defends a thesis. The score obtained during the defense is summed up with the points obtained during the period of study, and fits into the diploma. The education certificate is recognized as equivalent to the first year of the magistracy of the French partner universities.

french university college reviews

Rules of attendance

Entering the French University College at Moscow State University. Lomonosov, a student undertakes to comply with the rules of the educational process. Regarding attendance of classes, it is worth highlighting the following points:

  • Every semester, each of the selected subjects is given a course of eight lectures, which are mandatory for students of the French-speaking department. Pupils of the Russian-speaking department listen only to those lectures that are held in their native language or with simultaneous translation.
  • Students choose two disciplines to study in the first year. In the main subject they are required to attend both lectures and seminars. Additional discipline requires only a theoretical course.
  • For students of the French-speaking faculty, learning French is compulsory. Also, training is conducted for 60 students of the Russian-speaking department, who showed the best results of the entrance test. Learning from scratch is not provided.

Exam Rules

At the end of the school year, college students must pass exams, which determine the fate of their further education. At the time of writing the test works, the following disciplinary rules apply:

  • To the classroom where the exam is planned, you need to come at least a quarter of an hour before the appointed time.
  • Only students who have a student ID card are allowed to take the test. Also you need to take writing materials with you.
  • The use of bilingual dictionaries during exams is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of smartphones is unacceptable.tablets or any other electronic devices while writing test work.
  • You can leave the audience no earlier than one hour after the start of the exam. Students graduate from the office one by one. The maximum allowed absence time is 10 minutes.
  • Before proceeding to his seat, the student must leave bags and other personal items at the entrance to the amphitheater auditorium.
  • If a student is caught cheating, he is suspended from exams and removed from the office. Automatically reset all ratings.

If the student did not appear for the exam for a good reason, a second date is required for him. But this is possible only upon presentation of an acquittal (for example, a medical certificate).

French University College in Moscow

Approximate lecture program in some subjects

Students of courses attend lectures in two selected areas. The approximate program for some subjects during one semester is as follows.

  • History:
    • the origin of the Carolingian dynasty: their political basis and religious legitimacy;
    • New history of Western Europe: religious trends and political structure;
    • Western Europe in the XIX Century: Religious Trends and Political Structure.
  • Literature:
    • poetry of dissent;
    • novels of the nineteenth century, which touched on the subject of underground worlds.
  • Sociology:
    • general idea of ​​sociology and introduction to the subject;
    • sociological basis of religious movements;
    • sociology of religion in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
  • Philosophy:
    • history of philosophy in conjunction with the development of other sciences.
  • Right:
    • bases of administrative law;
    • fundamental rights of the individual in the state.

French University College at MSU

Scholarship Program

The French University College at Moscow State University is notable for the fact that every year the best students receive a scholarship from the French government to complete a full MA course abroad. This feature is available to students of the French-speaking department, which correspond to the following characteristics:

  • have citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • not older than 35 years;
  • passed education in any university of the Russian Federation or the countries of the former Soviet Union.

French University College in Moscow


The main activity of the French University College is an educational activity based on research.It is conducted by both regular and visiting teachers in close collaboration with students.

The works of all specialists who work in the college are collected in the online library for free access for students. Also on the Internet resource get the best theses graduates of the course.

French University College at MSU: reviews

Education is a responsible matter. It is important not to be mistaken with the direction of not only learning, but also the university. So, amateurs of the humanities are often willing to enroll in a French university college. Reviews about this institution are as follows:

  • the study of two disciplines is possible only in the first year, and the second one has to make a choice in favor of some one;
  • classes usually begin in September, and French test results are announced only in mid-October (thus, students entering the French-speaking department are in limbo for some time);
  • for talented students there is a unique opportunity to continue their studies abroad;
  • in the process of learning is familiarity with the French education system;
  • there is the possibility of direct communication with foreign professors;
  • until 2017, education was completely free, and now they are charging 5,000 rubles a year;
  • despite the fact that the hostel is not provided, the college management can assist in the resettlement of students during the ten-day course once a semester;
  • the practice is periodically carried out with departure to other cities of Russia at the expense of the educational institution;
  • very interesting and informative lectures;
  • a diploma obtained on the basis of the results of studies is not equivalent to a diploma of higher education neither in Russia, nor in France;
  • You can get additional education in parallel with the basic education in any other university.

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