Float tackle for catching crucian (photo)

Carp is considered one of the most undemanding to the surrounding conditions of existence and hardy fish found in the waters of our country. He is characterized by incredible resilience. Crucians live even in such reservoirs where not a single fish can survive, for example, in stale water stakes that freeze to the bottom in winter.Tackle for carp fishing

general information

This fish is found in virtually every freshwater freshwater reservoir, be it peat bogs, lakes overgrown with vegetation or rivers, at the bottom of which is full of muds. This fish does not tolerate clean water. The best time to catch a crucian is morning or evening. In the summer months, large specimens peck better after sunset. Catch at this time can be richer than the whole day. The place for fishing should be chosen depending on the season and the weather.

Ways of fishing

Types of fishing and tackle for catching crucian carp depends directly on the type of reservoir If in small stakes it is enough not to have a long simple fly fishing rod, then in large pond farms or lakes you need fills or donkeys for long casting.In river backwaters, many people catch on such tackle for catching crucian carp as a feeder.

In general, the fishing of this fish is one of the most popular activities for anglers, which captures both beginners and professionals. However, large specimens are often picky and unpleasant. Therefore, as experienced hunters believe, there should not be little things like when preparing tackles for catching crucian carpas, when choosing a bait or feeding.Tackle for carp fishing

What to fish

Float fishing rod is the most common fishing equipment for crucian carp. And although at present it is competing with other, more modern versions, nevertheless, the famous bite on the float leaves her among the favorites. There are many options, but you need to determine in advance what tackle for catching carp will be the most catchy in this reservoir.

Each of them in our country has its fans. For example, the "gum" allows you to fish at once on several baits and allows you to silently deliver them exactly to the right places. The “nipple” with the “spring” is designed for a special type of swallowing bait with prey, which prefers to suck feed from the bottom straight into the mouth.Feeder or picernaya bottom gear for catching carp are considered the most sensitive. In any case, it all depends on the preferences of the angler.

Tackle for spring

From the first days of March to the end of May it is time when fishing becomes very easy. Warming water to eight degrees makes this fish more active, and at 14 ºC a continuous bite begins. The best type of tackle for catching crucian in the spring, many people call float fishing rod. With its help you can fish off the coast. The depth of water should be a maximum of one and a half meters.Tackle for carp fishing in the spring

Another float tackle for catching a crucian is a flywheel, it works well with baits like bloodworms. This fish has a special weakness for red manure worms that attract it with its strong smell.

Experienced anglers believe that float tackle for catching crucian carp, especially in the spring months, should be light, with a lifting capacity of less than two grams. The choice of sinker is also important. It is selected in such a way that the float body is in the water, and only a red antenna could be seen above the surface.

Fly fishing rods

During the prespawning period and several days after laying the roe, the crucian carp swims close to the grassy banks.At this time, it is better to catch it with such tackle for catching a crucian in the spring as ordinary fly fishing rods. It is better if they have a deaf tooling. After spawning, this fish is not particularly picky, and therefore the catches can be large. Therefore, at this time it is not necessary to resort to complex tricks: the simpler the tackle for catching carp - the better. A telescopic rod with an average length of four to five meters is good, and it is not too heavy to be easily controlled. The main factor is considered to be a sensitive tackle for fishing. The bite of this fish is very whimsical, and therefore the float needs to react even to the slightest touch to the bait.Tackle for catching a crucian with his own hands

Fishing rods with running gear

Fishing with the help of “match” fishing rods is considered very interesting. Under the sonorous name - with a “running” rig - there is a telescopic rod familiar to every hunter with a reel and, most importantly, with rings. They skip the line, the thickness of which should not exceed 0.15 millimeters with a leash of not more than 0.1 mm.

This tackle for catching a crucian has a very important advantage: with its help you can make long-range accurate casts, and with the presence of the coil - to pull out large specimens. The selection of hooks is small - No. 6-8.The float must be sliding to create additional convenience for long-distance casting.

On feeder

Recently, the popularity is gaining feeder gear. You can only catch medium-sized prey with a bait for carp fishing. But with the feeder during the spawning run and in the summer on reservoirs having a large water area, large enough individuals peck. In fact, it is well-known to many ground tackle for catching a crucian, in which the sinker is replaced by a feeder with additional feeding. To replace the bells are removable done with different degrees of rigidity.Tackle on a fishing tackle for fishing crucian

In quiet forest lakes, where there is no current and a lot of vegetation, soft signaling devices are used. And at great depths - versatile or hard tips. Choosing

feeder rod, we must not forget about the reel, which holds a large supply of fishing line and allows you to manage a relatively heavy rigging.

Donka with rubber shock absorber

This tackle for fishing of a crucian is called in people "elastic band". She is a donk made very cunning. A piece of special rubber, together with the end sinker, the angler throws or takes a boat to the place of fishing.It is fixed, as a rule, on the main fishing line with leads. The popularity of the "gum" due to the fact that the angler does not need every time after catching prey to retake the tackle for catching carp. Due to the depreciation properties of the gum, the fishing line returns to the place of fishing.

Usually on such bottom tackle for catching a crucian, several hooks are put at once, and with different nozzles and at different distances. In the water, they are located throughout the depth, which contributes to the efficiency of the catch. If the prey takes on top, especially in the summer months, then a special float is fixed on the line, made of foam, so that the tackle floats up. You can use a small and not very heavy trough made of fine mesh or gauze. It is better to fix the bite with a guard, sometimes it is a small bell or just a clothespin.Bottom tackle for carp fishing

In places where there is a lot of crucian, fishing for “gum”, as evidenced by reviews, can be very effective. However, there is a certain difficulty in such a snake: sometimes the leashes can get confused. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to stretch the "gum" with a sinker after the end of fishing.But even in spite of this, this tackle remains very popular among many “crucifixes”, although some believe that fishing with a float rod and anxious waiting for a bite is more fun.


It is known that there will be no good catch without a hitch. And to Karasina fishing, this truth applies most of all. This fish is quite constant in their habits, some even call it lazy. Carp will not search for bait "fumble" around the reservoir. But on a good supplement, exuding an attractive smell for him, he will necessarily swim up.

The bait - feed mixture - is thrown into the pond in advance: in one or two weeks. Thus, as if the angler is teaching the crucian to constantly approach a certain point. As a rule, today many people use as a cheap mix as a shop mix, as well as compositions prepared from everything that turned out. It can be bran or cereal waste, various cereals or edible residues. The meaning of harassment is to train prey for a long time to feed in the place of fishing. To bring the crucian carp to be in advance, so you can use almost all the components at hand.

Bait the same, that is, a mixture that rushes into the water just an hour before catching, it is recommended to cook more carefully. In no case is its goal to feed the prey, but simply to attract it to the place of fishing. The crucian carp should swim to the place of feeding in order to detect the bait on the hook. Therefore, the composition of the bait is selected in such a way that it was a lot of flavors, but the fish can not get enough.

How to make tackle for angling

What tackle for catching a crucianFishermen actively catch this fish in open water. There are a lot of methods and techniques for fishing this inhabitant of water bodies, but the most effective is considered to be a tackle, which is called the "crucian killer". It combines all the best qualities of the "feeder" and "nipples". This tackle for carp fishing can be bought in stores, but many people prefer to do it themselves.

It consists of a set of two or three springs for the feeder. They are attached to each other at a distance of ten centimeters with a fishing line with a diameter of millimeters. A hook is attached to each of the springs on a leash with a length of three to five centimeters. The size of the sting is chosen for the desired prey.
Springs are hammered with mamaliga or mastyrka or mamaliga. On a hook polyfoam is hung up.The idea of ​​such a snap-in is to hook the carp into the mouth at the moment of dragging the feed from the spring. If the fishing takes place in the current, then it is better to fix the load with the desired additional weight to the last spring. This tackle is popularly called the “crucian carp killer”.

Float Gear DIY

Despite the seeming simplicity of installation, there are a number of nuances that deserve a more careful approach. This, for example, concerns the method of mounting the float and the main line. Some prefer to fix tightly, someone like a sliding assembly, but, according to many, the best universal option, which allows, if necessary, to easily transform a snap.

For mounting the float is better to use two silicone stopper. A small swivel with a carabiner is also required. First, a stop is put on the line. Then mounted swivel. And the second stopper closes this simple design. Such an assembly of tackle for catching crucian carp, done with one's own hands, is primarily good in that the float is quickly replaced when a breakdown occurs.

During the creative process of assembling a snap, the angler develops certain skills, in addition, he begins to more clearly understandwhat he will need to do in the process of fishing. And this, in turn, certainly only contributes to the effectiveness of fishing, even when the prey is “capricious”, refusing to peck.

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