Flattening, treatment and diagnostics

A common stop disease for todayday is flat feet. Treatment should be timely and comprehensive. Now people suffering from flat feet, it becomes more and more. At its core, flat feet are the flattening of the foot, in which the vault completely disappears, that is, if you look at the trace, it will look like a solid oval. The human foot is a complex mechanism that consists of 7 joints and 26 bones. A similar pathology is found in both children and adults.

The following causes of flatfoot development can be distinguished:

  • various injuries (these can be fractures, severe bruising tissue injuries, ligament rupture and many others);
  • passive way of life, which inevitably leads to a weakening of muscle tone and ligament apparatus of the foot and lower leg;
  • weakening of bones due to rickets;
  • large body weight, resulting in increased load on the foot;
  • uncomfortable shoes.

In any case, flat feet, whose treatment is possible, is considered a pathological process.

In people with flat feet, the following symptoms appear:

  • The foot increases in size, it becomes fuller and the shape of the trace changes;
  • there is pain and fatigue when walking;
  • muscles in the calf area begin to ache;
  • a clubfoot appears;
  • heavy gait.

It should be noted that in young childrento determine the presence of flat feet is not always possible. Most often, the final diagnosis is put to 5-6 years, but this does not mean that before this age does not need to show the baby to the orthopedist. On the contrary, regular (once a year) examinations will allow a specialist to notice only the emerging problem and recommend a special massage, therapeutic gymnastics and the correct "healthy" shoes. Thus, it is possible to prevent the development of flat feet and avoid many problems in the future.

The diagnosis of flatfoot is performed by an orthopedist, while he is guided by x-rays.

At the first signs of this disease should beconsult an orthopedist. He, as a specialist, will establish the reasons, in detail will explain to you what a flatfoot is. Treatment is usually done according to the following scheme.

  1. Admission of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.
  2. Therapeutic physical culture (or exercise therapy). A number of exercises are performed on the muscles of the lower leg and foot. This method is the main method of treatment.
  3. It is necessary to reduce the load on the feet, for thisit is necessary to abandon uncomfortable shoes, preferably wearing special orthopedic shoes. It should be noted that you can order even special insoles, which are performed on the impression of your foot. Such shoes will protect the feet from incorrect placement and will reduce the load.

In extreme cases, resort to operational methods, when there is a strong damage to the bones.

Among other things, you need massage atflat feet. Massage can be done at home, but it's best to contact specialists who know all the important points on the feet that you need to work on. It can be carried out with the help of hands, as well as often use special massage accessories that have good effect. Massage helps to alleviate pain, relaxes the muscles not only of the feet, but of the legs as a whole. Usually, massage begins with the area of ​​the calves and gradually descends to the foot. In doing so, perform various circular movements with your fingers, rub the feet, squeeze and unclench muscles.

For an example, let us cite one of the massage schemes. First, grind the sole of the foot thoroughly with the palm in the direction from the heels to the fingers. Then, with your thumb, knead the whole surface of the foot, while drawing a figure of "7" from the thumbs to the heel. Then finger rub the gaps between the fingers, especially the condyles (areas where the finger bone is felt). Then, perform a swivel motion of the foot, for this purpose one hand fixes the heel, the other hand grasps the fingers and bends towards the knee and back, but not much so that no painful sensations arise. Such a massage, with regular exercise, will overcome the flat feet, the treatment of which is much simpler.

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