Fishing in Tchaikovsky. Perm Region, Tchaikovsky, the Kama River

Fishing is the most common favorite activity of most men. Sit on the shore of the reservoir, follow the float and enjoy the catch - things that bring pleasure to absolutely every fisherman. The region was lucky, because in this region, in the town of Tchaikovsky, there is the Kama River, which is full of fish.

Autumn fishing in Tchaikovsky

General information

In the Perm region there are approximately thirty large and small rivers, the total area of ​​which is eleven thousand hectares. The bottom of the river allows many species of aquatic inhabitants to feel comfortable - the depth changing with shallow water. Thanks to a comfortable stay in the water, the fish grows and multiplies.

Tchaikovsky is located on the left bank of the Kama River. It is considered the largest tributary of the Volga, and many fishermen are expecting a season to catch trophy fish. The biggest advantage of fishing in Tchaikovsky on Kama is that there you can catch rare species of fish, such as grayling and taimen. Experienced anglers know exclusive places where the water is “untouched by a fishing rod.”On spinning, you can catch a pike weighing up to fifteen kilograms. Eyewitnesses also said that individuals of catfish reach up to eighty kilograms. In the carp family there are also large individuals living in the waters of this river.

The Kama River is divided into upper, middle and lower parts. The upper part is considered to be near the source of the river, and the lower part is near the hydroelectric power station. In the upper part, the water in the river is clean, sometimes even transparent. Most fishermen want to take their place there, so there are always more catchers here. The middle part of the river does not attract people, since there is practically no fish there.

Fishing in Tchaikovsky in the summer

Fishing in Tchaikovsky

Fishing in Tchaikovsky opens for summer and winter seasons. Summer begins in early May. At this time, bream, sabrefish, dace, catfish, goby, perch, pike, ruff and pike perch most often come across. For fishermen, a ban on fishing during the spawning period.

The fish on the Kama River is quite whimsical and loves a variety of baits: ranging from vegetable complementary foods to maggots and worms. Very popular is Lupine, pearl barley and a shell covered with clay. After such a bait on the hook must appear catch.

Fishing in different seasons

Bottom fishing is a success in summer, and more precisely, at the end of summer. Then the fish goes out intact. The most successful fishing will be in shallow water. Of course, not near the shore, but in shallow stretches of the river.

Autumn is considered the most fruitful time for fishing. The inhabitants of the Kama River prefer cold more than heat. Bream at this time is the best bite. In the autumn you can fish directly from the shore, the catch will be anyway.

Fishing in Tchaikovsky on the Kama

November is a special month for a great catch. At this time, it is possible to fish in open areas of the river. Before the onset of winter cold, you can try spinning and swinging rod. Before wintering, the fish wake up their appetite, they willingly swallow the bait, so fishing will be crowned with great success.

But you need to look for the catch at a great depth. For such fishing frequent change of place will not work. To catch fish in this period you need to be patient. In the fall, perch and pike are activated, and at night, perch is awake. A grayling is found in the northern part of the river.

In the middle of the month the river is covered with ice, so for fishing on Kama in Tchaikovsky you will have to prepare equipment for winter fishing.As experienced fishermen say, the first ice is always full of catch.

In the summer, seasoned fishermen catch a predator aground. Pike and catfish swim there with the purpose of profit small fish. From the shore they fish for spinning with various kinds of bait. Carp, carp and bream can be caught on corn or mastyrku. Feeder fishing helps to catch ide, carp and carp.

Donkey fishing also has great success in the summer. For bait use bait of plant origin. Most often in the summer carp is caught. He loves to eat and worms, and barley, and even semolina.

Well, if someone says that he managed to catch a catfish, most likely just lucky. After all, it is almost impossible to catch a catfish in the summer.

For fishing in Tchaikovsky under the hydroelectric power station there are paid places where you can catch real trout. Despite the fact that the water near the Votkinsk hydroelectric station is dirtier, a large number of rare species of fish are found here, including sterlet, burbot, pike, char and grayling.

Winter fishing

The winter season opens around mid-December when the river is covered with hard ice.As you know, winter in the Perm region is distinguished by its severity: heavy snowfalls are accompanied by no less strong winds.

Before setting off for winter fishing in Tchaikovsky, you should be familiar with the weather forecast. When severe frosts, some species of fish swim to the bottom, where the water is warmer. But this does not apply to all water inhabitants. Crucians, podleschiki and many predators swim higher. So there is always a chance to leave with a catch.

Winter fishing in Tchaikovsky

Where can I catch fish in winter?

There are places for fishing in Tchaikovsky in the winter season. Near the Kama hydroelectric station you can get a catch, even in the cold. Since due to the continuous operation of the hydroelectric power station located on the river, the water does not freeze. The water temperature is slightly higher, so the fish are comfortable there and it swims higher. Therefore, in the winter this place will be a good bite.

Predators of impressive size swim across the river as well as at other times of the year. But to catch them, the fisherman will need a lot of patience and special skills.


In the winter and summer season, the Razdolye base is set up for fishing in Chaikovsky, where catchers can stay overnight or spend the whole day. The recreation center is equipped with fishing gear for all kinds of river dwellers. In addition, the fisherman can come here with his family.The base “Razdolye” is equipped with comfortable rooms for two, three and four people.

Also in Tchaikovsky there are professional fishing and hunting shops with a large selection of professional equipment. For those who did not have time to buy something before the trip, the shops “Hunter”, “Fisherman” and “Prikam-EKO” will offer everything necessary for fishing at any time of the year.

Fishing under hydroelectric power station in Tchaikovsky

A way to combine business with pleasure

As a result, it can be said that the choice of the Kama River for fishing is the best solution at any time of the year. A professional fisherman will definitely enjoy a good catch. Fishing in the Perm region in Tchaikovsky is a great chance not only to do your favorite thing, but also to relax with friends and family. Well, who would refuse such a wonderful opportunity to escape from the bustle of the city and relax in the fresh air by the river?

Fishing and recreation in Tchaikovsky

All the bases are comfortable, equipped with summer playgrounds outside for relaxing in the warmer months, and are also well heated in winter. For children of different ages also have everything you need. This is the best way to combine hobbies for men and have a great time with the whole family.

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