First Aid: what to do with concussion

Shake mechanism

A human brain concussion is nothing more than a closed mechanical injury of the skull. If you explain “on the fingers” as it arises, you will get the following picture: with a rather sudden movement (fall, car accident), a strong blow of gray matter occurs on the skull. You may ask, how can this be, if between the brain itself and the skull there is an additional protection - CSF (special fluid)? It turns out it can! A sharp acceleration of the head (or blows) provokes the movement of the brain inside our skull, which causes the gray matter to cut into the bone by inertia. At all? liquor is designed to extinguish such inertia, but sometimes a blow can be of such strength that even this liquid will not help. In this article, we will look at what symptoms accompany this injury and what to do with a concussion.what to do with concussionSymptoms

The main symptom that characterizes this damage to the head is a temporary syncope (loss of consciousness). By the way, it is precisely its duration that will indicate the degree of concussion.The remaining permanent symptoms are as follows:

  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • severe nausea with subsequent vomiting;
  • general lethargy and malaise;
  • very difficult to focus the gaze on a particular subject;
  • sometimes the victim begins to double in the eyes;
  • possible loss of memory for those events that occurred immediately before the injury;
  • disorientation;
  • coordination of movements is difficult;
  • the victim may be quite irritated and nervous.what to do if you hit your head

These are the main symptoms of this damage. Now consider what to do with concussion. What first aid should be given to correctly and competently help the victim?

What to do when shaking first?

  1. Having found the victim, check his reaction, for example, asking him to squeeze your hand. If there is no recoil, he is unconscious, immediately turn him on his side and call the Ambulance! If there is a reaction - the victim is conscious, this is better.
  2. Surely the poor fellow doesn’t know what to do if he hit his head, so you have a big burden of responsibility. Realize this at the moment when you give him first aid!what to do when you shake
  3. Help the person choose a comfortable posture to relax. Do not forget that his head should be slightly raised (put crumpled clothes under it).
  4. Many people who sincerely try to help in a timely manner do not fully understand what to do when a brain concussion caused by a torn wound to the head or its bruises, and make the victim only worse. Remember, if the wound is bleeding, then you need to stop the blood pressure, lifting his head up and ensuring its stillness. In the case of a hematoma, a cold compress should be used (a towel soaked in water, any cold object).
  5. After these measures, expect the arrival of doctors, carefully watching for the slightest changes occurring with the victim. External manifestations of the injured, weakness, emetic urge, dizziness and a rather severe headache will be normal for this injury.

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