Finishing wooden houses inside. Warming of a wooden house

They are simply remarkable for their performance and look very beautiful. Often, the owners of such buildings even refuse to finish them outside. Sometimes the walls are not sheathed inside. But more often, the lining of the walls of the rooms is still produced. How to finish the wooden house inside, and talk in this article. We will also examine in detail how to properly make the insulation of a wooden building.

How to choose a material: lining

The most suitable material for finishing a log, block or panel house from the inside is considered to be lining. There are several types of it:

  • Normal lining. This is a simple narrow board without grooves and ridges. It is fastened with screws or nails. Its main advantage is low cost. On the walls, it looks good, but somewhat worse than other varieties.
  • Universal.Lamellas of such lining are supplied with the special lock operating by the principle a groove crest. They are mounted on the walls by means of special secret clamps. Therefore, the finish, made using this material, looks very neat.
  • Block house. Lamels of this type of wall paneling also have a lock and fasten in a secret way. The block house differs from the universal material primarily in the form of the front side. In the first case, it is semicircular. In the second - the usual straight. Having decorated a wooden house with a block house, you can get a very realistic imitation of the log walls.

finishing wooden houses inside

Drywall & Plastic

Occasionally, more modern materials are used to perform such an operation as finishing a wooden house inside. This may be, for example:

  • Drywall Its advantages include ease of installation and the ability to choose absolutely any finishing.
  • Plastic panels. It is very cheap and rather beautiful, but unfortunately the material is not very resistant to damage.

Floor and ceiling material

Thus, wooden walls can be finished with plasterboard, clapboard or plastic panels.Exactly the same materials are perfect for the ceiling. The floor in a wooden house is most often trimmed with a solid board or laminate "under the tree". But if you wish, you can, of course, use any other materials: linoleum, tile, regular edged or floorboard, or even expensive parquet.

insulation of the walls of wooden buildings

What you need to know

Whatever material you choose to perform such a procedure as finishing a wooden house inside, you first need to carry out a series of preparatory activities. Of course, the felling itself before the start of the skin should be allowed to stand.

The walls of log and block houses can be seated for about 8 years. But, of course, waiting for such a period is not necessary. Approximately 80% of shrinkage is wooden walls in the first year. That's about as much time and you need to wait until the finishing works. Experts also advise to heat a new building before covering the walls (even in summer). Of course, the decoration of an old wooden house inside can be done at any time.

Preparatory activities

Before proceeding to the lining of the wooden house from the inside, it is imperative to carry out the processing of the walls.At the same time means should be used:

  • antiseptic;
  • enhances the refractory properties of wood;
  • preventing damage to walls by insects.

Frame under the trim

Absolutely under all types of finishes, wooden battens are pre-installed on wooden walls. Drywall is sometimes mounted on a special metal, and PVC panels - on a plastic frame. But most often under the cladding on the cobbled or timbered walls packed wooden crate. Its main advantage is the ease of installation. The timber to the walls can be simply nailed.

Warming of a wooden house

Wooden buildings keep warm very well. However, in the event that a log or a bar is thin enough, it is still necessary to protect the house from the cold outside. Performing the plating, if necessary, can be carried out, including such an operation as warming. It is best to use mineral wool for this purpose. The procedure will be as follows:

  • piled obreshetka;
  • mineral wool is inserted between its elements;
  • the vapor barrier material is fastened with a rail fastening;
  • On the resulting counter grill, a fine finish is mounted.

Warming a wooden house can be made using other materials. For example, polystyrene foam. It needs to be additionally fixed to the wall with dowels with wide heads, and the joints to go through with construction foam.

finishing a wooden house inside plasterboard

Installation of lining

Conventional slats without a lock groove-ridge nailed to the bar obreshetki. Universal material is often fastened with special clears. Finishing of a wooden house inside the lining of this type is done as follows:

  • Klyaymer is inserted with a clip on the lower shelf of the groove of the slat with a hammer;
  • the protruding part of it is screwed to the crate bar;
  • the next board is mounted in the same way.

Universal lining can be nailed. However, this method is undesirable because it "injures" the material. In this case, the nail is driven into the "joint" of the ridge and the main part of the lamella at an angle. Next, the next board is inserted with a groove. And the nail is also driven into the ridge.

finishing wooden houses inside clapboard

Installation of plasterboard sheets

This type of finishing also mounted fairly easily. Finishing of a wooden house inside plasterboard is usually done using special screws. The distance between fasteners should be 250 mm, the distance from the edge should be at least 10 mm.You can fasten the sheets from the middle to the edges or from the corner.

Experts recommend leaving a small gap between the sheets for plasterboard walls. At the final stage of plating, these seams are sealed with a special putty.

finishing wooden house inside price

Installation of plastic panels

This material is most often attached to the crate with special brackets. The order of installation of PVC panels is as follows:

  • internal corners are attached to the crate;
  • further in the direction from the corner to the door or window, the panels themselves are installed;
  • after covering the whole room, face plates, baseboards, etc. are mounted.

decoration of an old wooden house inside

Ceiling finish

The order of work in this case will be approximately the same as when finishing the walls. First, a crate of timber is stuffed on the ceiling. Then the selected finishing material is mounted. Sometimes in wooden houses not only the walls but also the ceiling are heated. In this case, it is also better to use mineral wool. Carrying out the warming of the walls of a wooden house, it is simply inserted into the bars between the walls. On the ceiling, you need to do an additional mount. Otherwise, the plates may fall out. For fixing usually use special dowels- "fungi" with wide caps.

Fair floor

When erecting a block or log building, logs are attached to the bottom trim. On them the draft floor is stuffed. Next, the installed pavement frame. Between its elements are placed alternately waterproofing, slabs of mineral wool or polystyrene foam, steam insulation. Then, finishing material is mounted on the batten: floor or solid board. Under the laminate and linoleum is attached thick plywood.

Approximate cost of finishing

PVC panels are considered the cheapest type of plating. With their help, budget finishes of a wooden house are usually performed inside. Prices for one panel can vary between just 50-100 r. A few more expensive plating walls and ceiling with plasterboard. One sheet of 667x500x100 mm of the Knauf brand stands, for example, 278 r. (for 2015). The most expensive type of finish is lining. In this case, the price depends on the quality of the wood and its species. Least of all are pine lamellae. For material made of hardwood, will have to pay much more.

insulation of wooden house walls

As you can see, the finishing of a wooden house inside while simultaneously warming it is a completely simple operation.The main thing - to comply with the technology of installation of the selected type of trim In this case, the house will look neat, and the finishing material will last a long time.

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