Fake world

This is the story with the scheme of the German Schmeisser on the Kalashnikov monument, it is very characteristic and indicative.
It would be possible to treat this as an annoying incident, laugh, but in reality this is only one of the symptoms of a serious illness.

This disease is total degradation, regression, the creation of virtual reality with the replacement of real reality with fake. Just as Putin showed the work of "our" bombers in Syria, who in reality were Americans in Afghanistan.
But you have to understand, this is only a small fraction of this whole shaft, which falls into the public information space and immediately bursts like a soap bubble. And how many of this kind of reports and analytical notes fall on the table to the President?
We are more and more immersed in this fictional world, with Russian Prince Vladimir and the sacred Korsun in the Crimea, with the feat of 28 Panfilov members, bombarded VKS in Putin’s smartphone, with foreign drawings on the Kalashnikov monument ...
Yes, and one more.

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