"Catalin" - eye drops with cataracts

Cataract is the formation of a persistent clouding of the capsule or lens substance. Man begins to see the world behind the "white veil." The more turbidity the pupil closes, the more vision falls.

Causes of Cataracts

catalin eye dropsMostly this disease overtakes older people, however, cases of congenital cataract or acquired at a young age are not rare. Causes of acquired cataract:

  • exposure to the lens of radiation and toxic substances (cataracts in poisoning);
  • disturbance of metabolic processes (diabetic, tetanic cataract);
  • trauma of the inner shells of the eye (penetrating injury, eye contusion, etc.);
  • diseases of the eye (scleroderma, neurodermatitis, retinitis, high myopia, uveitis, retinal detachment), etc.

Treatment of cataracts

Now in the pharmaceutical market there are manyvitamin preparations that reduce the rate of cataract progression. One of them is the medicine "Catalin" (eye drops). It refers to local metabolites, that is, agents that improve local metabolism. The minus of the drug is that the digestion solution must be prepared by yourself, which is completely inconvenient, and sometimes impossible for older people with cataracts.

Form of production and method of preparation

katalin eye drops priceThe capsule of the preparation "Katalin" contains 1 tablet(active ingredient - pyreneoxin sodium 75 mg) and a bottle with a solvent of 15 ml. As the solvent - isotonic (physiological) solution. To prepare the active compound, it is necessary to dissolve 1 tab. in 15 ml of solvent.

pharmachologic effect

The main action of the tool is anti-cataract. Eye drops "Katalin" prevent the destruction of the lens protein and the deposition of sorbitol, neutralize quinones, regulate glucose metabolism in the lens.


The agent "Katalin" (eye drops) is used for various types of cataract (senile and diabetic) in order to slow the progression of the disease.


Hypersensitivity to the constituent substances.

Side effects from the use of the drug "Catalin" (eye drops)

  • Burning, tingling, redness, itchy eyes.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Lachrymation.
  • Blepharitis.
  • Superficial keratitis.

Method of administration and dosage

The medicine "Catalin" (eye drops)in a diluted form is buried in the conjunctival sac 1 drop to 5 times a day. The course of treatment is continuous. During application, the product should not be touched by pipettes of eyes, hands and other surfaces, because through it microorganisms can be introduced into the drug solution, because of which the shelf life of the drug will be reduced. After the preparation of the solution, it can be stored in a cool dark place for not more than 1 month. After the expiry of the term "Catalin" (eye drops) can not be used, it is necessary to buy a new package.eye drops of catalysines

Drug analogues

Synonyms: medicines "Senkatalin", "Clarvizor", "Clarvizan".

The drug is not analogous to such anti-cataract drops as "Quinaks", "Taufon" (contains catalys and taurine), "Catachrome", etc.

In the Russian drugstores the agent "Katalin" (eye drops) is sold, the price of which is relatively small.

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