Exercises for quadriceps hips girls: features and recommendations

It seemed to you that the legs were too full compared to the upper body? The look of the perfect buttocks and legs in Demi Moore in the film "Striptease" continues to pursue even in a dream? So it's time to get your feet up close. More precisely, squatting, because, as one of the outstanding athletes said: "Squats are a gift from God."quadriceps hips

Of course, there are difficulties in working out, but all of them are completely solvable even at home, the main thing is careful and careful work on oneself without a gram of laziness and hack. Any effect on the muscles, and especially deep “pumping” of the hip quadriceps, implies following the rules of the exercises and the recommendations of the trainer (or other competent source).

Something from the anatomy of the thigh

The quadriceps, or quadriceps muscle, is one of the largest muscles in the human body, and it consists of four bundles (why, in fact, it is called so). It:

  • Straight muscle- the longest of the whole group, is located on top of the rest and gives the thigh a beautiful rounded look, notable for the fact that it does not attach to the femur
  • Lateral- forms the hip on the side, helps to unbend the knee
  • Medial wide- creates an inner part, especially spectacular roundness at the knee
  • Intermediate wide- lies between the lateral and medial, partially hiding under them

The quadriceps muscle is responsible for maintaining the body in a stable upright position, flexes the leg in the hip joint and participates in the bend of the knee, also being an antagonist muscle of the hip biceps. Hip quadriceps in conjunction with the gluteus muscles are the pride of any girl involved in sports.

Comprehensive impact gives better results.

For maximum effect, you should think about proper nutrition, and if there is a goal to increase muscle volume, then sit down on foods rich in protein, while not forgetting to take enough fiber for the intestines to work properly. Beauty is good, but health is always more important!

Do not ignore warming up!

For high-quality impact on the quadriceps of the thighs, good cardiac cleansing of the whole body is very important: the muscles will be more obedient, controlled and deeper worked out, which, in turn, will pay off with a beautiful form and powerful functionality.quadriceps in girls

To warm up the muscles, you can use a treadmill, a jump rope or ordinary aerobic movements to your taste: the main thing is that the body is well heated and light sweat comes out. But do not overwork yourself - this is only the beginning, and the main forces will still be useful.

A set of exercises with weight for muscle growth

The most powerful ways of influencing the quadriceps of the hips in girls are very simple - these are well-known basic exercises: squats, lunges and various leg presses.

Squatting with a barbell is a universal method for both the hips and buttocks, so it’s silly to ignore it. The legs are placed in a comfortable position: wider or narrower than the lines of the shoulders, but at the same time the feet are parallel. An important aspect: the spine should be constantly straight, and the knees behind the stop line do not go forward. Squatting is performed at a slow pace, the hips should be lowered parallel to the floor (you shouldn't lower it, otherwise your knees will be overloaded) and exhale when straightening the legs.At the same time, if the feet are already shoulders-the lateral muscle works more, and if it is wider, then the medial muscle. The bar is located on the shoulders, you can also work in the power frame.

Quadriceps exercises

Performing the extension of the legs on the simulator, should be remembered: the girls should not be carried away by an excessively large weight, so that your knees are not injured. It is imperative to make sure that when extending the leg, the knee does not protrude beyond the foot, but the leg must be fully extended. Tightly fix the pelvis, back of the thigh and back, isolating the work of the quadriceps. You can also use the option of turning the socks in and out. Similar muscle work occurs when the legs are pressed in the prone position.

When performing lunges (forward, backward and frontal), in all variants it is important to monitor the position of the knees (they should not go beyond the line of the foot) and the spine (do not bend the back with an arc, head straight). With frontal lunge, the step is done diagonally to the side with a slight inclination of the body forward. For forward and backward thrust, the knee bend angle in both legs should be 90 degrees.

Each exercise on the quadriceps of the hip is repeated at least 25-30 times in each approach, the total sets are 3-4.Pumping up the hip quadriceps is quite simple, this muscle is easily affected, especially with the use of weights.

Options for "drying"

To reduce the amount of hips classic is always perfect! Countless options for attacks, squats and jumps have proven themselves for a long time - it remains to choose acceptable and begin to act. Also sprint and jogging is good (assuming you have healthy knees).


After each session, you do not need to neglect the stretch - this will avoid the "clogged" muscles and tendons. Why do you need it? If this is not done, the blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the compacted tissues are disturbed, leading to puffiness and slagging. Swelling in the thigh quadriceps in girls is highly undesirable - blood stasis can be transmitted to the pelvic organs and cause disruption of the urogenital system.

hip biceps and quadriceps

There are some simple exercises for stretching this muscle:

  • Standing on one leg, bend the second in the knee, pointing the heel to the buttock and tucking the pelvis slightly underneath.
  • Standing on one knee, lean your hand on the floor or chair, and the other to bend the second leg to the butt with the heel, while trying to lower the pelvis lower and do not slouch. The angle of the knee, standing in front, should not go behind the sock.
  • Kneeling, lower the pelvis between the heels on the floor, trying not to part the hips. Carefully put your elbows on the floor behind the pelvis, if possible - lay the shoulder blades on the floor, tightly pressing the line of the knees to the floor and pushing the pubic bone to the navel.

Trainers recommendations

Girls who are just starting to work with their bodies naively believe that the more often they engage in activities, the faster the goal will be achieved. This is an erroneous judgment, not having a basis.pump thigh quadriceps

Hip quadriceps are fairly large muscles, so no need to get involved in frequent workouts - one is enough a week, but high-quality and powerful, otherwise the fibers will not be able to fully recover, and therefore will not give the desired result. If there is no fatigue in the muscles - you are not working on training.

All muscle fibers are divided into fast and slow, which is important to take into account when forming the relief, so cardio load must be added to the strength methods, but do not combine them into one workout (do not confuse full-time exercise and warm-up).

Thus, you will have two workouts for the hips in a week: for example, Monday - cardio, and Thursday or Friday - strength.

Be feminine!

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of forms, some women are so addicted that in a fit of fanaticism they pump over the body, making it masculine. This is especially pronounced in too muscular arms, trapezius muscle and heavy quadriceps of the hips.hip quadriceps anatomySuch women in dresses look very unattractive and rough, and thin straps only reinforce the impression. Therefore, the process of training should be approached adequately and moderately, so as not to become a mountain of muscles. After all, what is beautiful for a man is not always appropriate for a woman. Her true beauty is in smooth curves. But just do not confuse the softness and jelly-like friable state of the bodies of some opponents of the sport. Extremes in working with the body have never done anyone honor.

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