Evgeny Borodenko: biography and interesting facts.

The personal life of Yevgeny Borodenko, his biography and professional activities interest many fans of modern humor. This handsome man from the Comedy Vumen show won many female hearts, but few people know that he decided to link his fate with the stronger sex. Read everything in this article.

Showman biography

Yevgeny Borodenko is from Neryungri, the second largest city of Yakutia. He was born on the last day of October 1983 in an ordinary family, in no way connected with the world of art.

The guy does not talk about his parents, trying not to interfere with their personalities in the events of his life. He understands that close people of a famous person in most cases become the object of questioning reporters about a famous relative, and he tries to protect his family in every possible way from such attacks.

Addictions to music appeared in Eugene from an early age, and his parents enrolled him in a music school. There the boy learned to master such an instrument as piano, sang in the choir.He also completed a ballroom dance school, in which the young dancer was one of the best students.

Evgeny Borodenko

Education Eugene

After receiving a certificate in a secondary school, Borodenko did not enter the Institute of Art, but went to Yakutsk University, where he studied as a teacher. Here he became a member of the KVN student team and became acquainted with the Angarsk Nadezhda, which at that time was the frontwoman of the Deja Vu team. By participating in this team, Yevgeny Borodenko gained experience in the world of stage humor and decided that his career should take shape in this direction.

Having received the diploma of the teacher, Eugene goes to Moscow. He entered the University of Culture and Art, after graduating from which he became the manager of social cultural activities.


As we have already written, with the support of Angarsk, Zhenya became a member of the KVN team “Deja Vu”. But he got into the composition for a reason. Endowed with excellent voice data, excellent hearing and plasticity, Borodenko soon becomes the most visible and beloved by many players. He tours with the team, performed in Jurmala and twice becomes the winner of the music festival.

Evgeny Borodenko photo


Who has not heard about this magnificent musical, staged by American directors on the Russian stage with the participation of the brightest stars of our show business? In this production such famous personalities as Larisa Dolina, Stotskaya Anastasia played. The troupe of celebrities got and Yevgeny Borodenko.

As the artist himself says, he was in the show by great accident. Once, while walking, he comes to the place of the qualifying round in the musical. Not hoping to go through the casting, for the sake of boredom, Borodenko makes an application for participation, and to his great surprise, he goes through all the tests without any problems and gets into the basis of the cast.

Participation in "Chicago" for Borodenko becomes a real school of excellence. Here he gains tremendous experience working with foreign directors and professional performers.

Evgeny Borodenko Gum

"Comedy Women"

Of course, the talented actor could not help noticing the creators of the show "Comedy Vumen." Yevgeny Borodenko was invited to participate in this humorous program in order to slightly dilute the female composition with his rare appearances. The new hero was so fond of the spectators and spectators that soon the actor began to experience not only the roles of silent machoes, but also quite talkative main characters of the productions.

The girl group was also glad to such a member. Often you can see the production of "Comedy Vumen", where women share a handsome one among themselves. Only this is just a play play, but there was a time when the main beauty of the show was suspected in the novel with Zhenya.

personal life of Yevgeny Borodenko

Borodenko and Barnabas

Many began to appropriate Catherine's close relationship with Yevgeny Borodenko. And Barnabas fueled the interest of reporters and fans of the sea of ​​joint photos posted on social networks. She, like a cat, was interested in playing, watching what they would say next. The most interesting thing is that in the interview she did not refute and did not confirm the affair with a colleague, just as he did.

Young people spent a lot of time together at social events and friendly parties. But as it turned out, between these heroes of the comic show are just strong friendly relations that they maintain even now, when Yevgeny Borodenko became a married man.

Comedy woman Evgeny Borodenko

Wedding Borodenko

The second half of Eugene is not a bit jealous of him for Kate, because she understands that he cannot have a relationship with girls. Eugene and his beloved Igor became one of the few gay couples who formalized the relationship.The marriage took place in Denmark, where it is legally allowed to register same-sex marriages (since 2012, it is allowed for members of sexual minorities to legalize their relations, Denmark is the first country in which this right was “won back”).

The ceremony was attended by the best friends of Zhenya - Ekipryan Natalya (Natalia Andreevna), Nadezhda Sysoeva and Barnabas Catherine. The girls completely refused to comment on this event, as well as their newlywed colleague. This information should not have been sent to Russia at all, since the closest newlyweds were present, who could not divulge the news.

However, all the secret becomes clear, and after a month from the date of the celebration, all the fans of "Comedy Vumen" and specifically Zhenya learned everything in detail. It turns out that in Denmark there are also people who know Yevgeny Borodenko, Comedy Vumen and other popular Russian artists. They managed to photograph the event, make an enthusiastic record under the photo that the famous Russian comedian married a man, and put the masterpieces into a social network. And the networks work quickly, it’s strange that the information came to us for a month!

Eugenius Borodenko and Barnabas

Husband Borodenko and further career

As it turned out, Eugene’s husband became a very wealthy man: many recognized him as a banker Igor Ivlev. He also does not want to get in touch with reporters and discuss his personal life.

Shortly after Eugene's sexual orientation information became public, many fans turned away from him. In the networks they write nasty things, pour showman with mud. It was rumored that the administration of TNT also stopped working with him, breaking all contracts. Only this is fiction, Yevgeny Borodenko, whose photo is familiar to many, continues to work on the TV channel, also remains a member of Comedy Vumen. But there is also information that the couple is going to move to Kiev and ask for political asylum in the United States.

Despite the big changes in the fate of the artist, he left many fans, and new ones appeared. Yevgeny does not pay attention to gossip on the Internet, the terrible messages on Instagram, but continues to live and work no less successfully.

It remains to say that each owner of his destiny, and with whom to associate it - is a personal matter. You can not humiliate a person, even if his views on life and orientation are different from yours.His wife and Igor want to wish good luck and a happy family life!

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