Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 perfume: description, reviews, photos

Escentric 01 is the one that belongs to the “Molecules” lineup, created in two thousand sixth year of Geza Schoen. All three are called unpretentious: "zero one", "two", "three". But today we will talk only about one “Molecule” - about the first one. Many perfumes evoke conflicting feelings in others: some people like them, but others do not. But Escentric Molecules divides the audience into three segments. Some of them are crazy about him, for others he smells of wood cologne, and still others do not feel anything at all. Does this mean that perfume is bad? No, this testifies to its popularity, which (together with the high price of products) entails flooding the market with fakes. In addition, the "Escentric Molecules" - a unique perfume. Given that they are intended for both men and women, their fragrance is revealed on each person individually. How can it be? Let's understand this question.Escentric molecules 01

Composition and unique ingredient

Most good spirits, unlike simple toilet waters, are complex.Their flavors are revealed by the upper notes, then, warming up with the warmth of the body, they sound in heart tones and, finally, they finish vibrating with basic chords. Reading the composition of such perfumes can fill gaps in the knowledge of botany - the existence of many fragrant plants, you did not even know before. But everything is different with Escentric Molecules Molecule 01. The chemical composition of these perfumes utterly laconic. Only ethyl alcohol, water and Iso E Super ("From E Super"). This third ingredient creates the irresistible aura of the Escentric Molecules. In fairness, you need to indicate that it was not Geza Schoen who first came up with the idea of ​​using the synthetic component “From E Super” in perfumery. Mylovary have long taken this molecule into service. It gives a feeling of freshness, the smell of freshly washed clothes, melting snow, ocean breeze. But in the perfumery water, the molecule, produced synthetically, sounds in a special way.Molecule 01 Escentric molecules reviews

The uniqueness of the flavor

If you smell a bottle with Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, you will most likely hear a faint smell of wood. Some people smell sandalwood, others - juniper, and others - moss. In a word, not heavy, as in men's cologne, but barely audible woody fragrance.When you put perfumed water on your wrist, alcohol will appear. It should be so. But soon the sharp smell will evaporate. Do not rush to be disappointed without feeling anything. This is not a solution of alcohol, just the molecule has not yet manifested itself. And on each human body, it is revealed in different ways. It matters skin formula, hormonal balance, even temperature. It is not necessary to put the scent on clothes, especially the top. As it is written on the package, perfumed water should be sprayed only on the skin.Molecule 01 escentric molecules aroma description

Love pheromones

What woman does not want men to turn around after her? What gentleman does not want the ladies to melt, hitting the charm of his smell? The magic molecule “From E Super”, which is part of the perfumed water Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, is also interesting because it has an aphrodisiac effect. Not in the sense that obscene thoughts about the carrier of the fragrance come to everyone around. Just the molecule enhances the actions of male and female pheromones, which is subconsciously captured by representatives of the opposite sex. The component creates an attractive image of a certain erotic subject. But not a sexy object - say reviews. And this is of particular importance for modern women.

Elixir of Confidence

And what about the very carrier of the fragrance - what sensation does the perfume generate with him? He or she (this is a unisex perfume) often doesn’t notice any smell. Only at times, no, no, and a wave of charming freshness will flood. Not an obsessive soap that doesn’t hit the nose, but as a light gust of wind that brings the smell of the forest. But the carrier of Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules perfume is surrounded by an aura of cozy harmony. She inspires and gives a sense of confidence. And even a state of mild euphoria - caution reviews. Molecule 01 Escentric boosts self-esteem. But that woman is beautiful, who is convinced of her own irresistibility. After all, confidence and self-esteem go hand in hand with appearance. Any psychologist will tell you this. A man in the eyes of the ladies is more attractive if he is determined and confident. This imperceptible elixir raises the spirits, awakens the soul to creativity. And the small molecule “From E Super” is to blame for all this.

Perfume design

The “chemical” name and synthetic origin of the fragrance led to the fact that Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 eau de toilette is framed very succinctly. A bottle, if not for golden circles, would resemble an apothecary jar.A spray gun is attached to the neck of the rubber band, which usually clog up Zelenka. The cap of the eau de parfum is missing. As the creator of the fragrance said, it is still often lost. The bottle has the usual rectangular shape (which, alas, is only on hand to crooks creating fakes). The box also does not constitute anything particularly fanciful. As they say reviews, it should not be thrown out. Since the bottle does not have a cap, it should be stored in a box so that the smell does not erode, and the cosmetic bag or handbag does not smell it. There is no need to carry with you eau de parfum - the scent is incredibly persistent and remains the next morning.Molecule 01 Escentric molecules how to distinguish a fake


A simple box, a modest bottle ... Why are they asking for such a price for this synthesized liquid? After all, even a probe for two milliliters in Russian perfumery stores costs three hundred and ten rubles. A small bottle of toilet water is valued as real perfume elite segment. Thirty milliliters worth four thousand two hundred rubles. A bottle of Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules 100ml - more than six thousand. As the manufacturer says, the molecule "From E Super" is not so easy to get. But, despite the mono sound of the fragrance, this is really an elite perfume.And, as they say the ladies who write reviews, magic. After all, each of their owner acquires a truly unique and unique sound. And this perfume will appeal to everyone: lovers of floral, musky, fruity and woody fragrances. This versatility explains the high price. And chasing cheap, you can become a victim of fraudsters, buying fake products in online stores that do not have a solid reputation.Molecule 01 escentric molecules description

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules: how to distinguish a fake from the original

Alas, a simple glass bottle and an unassuming box make the “Molecule” very vulnerable to counterfeiters. Counterfeit can be found not only in online stores. The worst thing is that fake products often rest on the shelves of the most genuine boutiques. At the same time, buyers are not even tempted by a lower price! However, you can detect counterfeit! Carefully look at the rest of the products from "Molecules". If you don’t find eccentrics or similar products on the shelves of the shower gel, you are in the wrong shop. It is also unprofitable for scammers to fake small bottles of thirty milliliters. Although this happens.Therefore, carefully study the box with Eau de Parfum Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules. An enlarged photo of the original can give us a lot of clues. Skipping letters or spelling in Russian is too clumsy a fake. The catch lies in the accuracy of the packaging. The inscriptions should be clear, readable, the paint should not be smeared, and the bar code should correspond to the country of the manufacturer - the UK.Molecule 01 escentric molecules 100ml

Test Drive

But consumer reviews have their own recipe for identifying fakes. Apply Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules to your neck or wrist. Reviews say that in the first minutes both the original and the fake sound almost the same. The difference can only reveal a very sensitive nose. The reason for this is a bit of a sharp smell of alcohol. When his couples evaporate, a feeling of freshness will come. But this is not an indicator of true production. "Walk" flavor. Let him stay on your body at least until the evening shower. Fake, playing tones of ocean breeze and coniferous forests, will go out and disappear forever. The original, on the contrary, will appear unexpected colors. Bring a scent to your girlfriend, or even better, a beloved man. The perfumed water on the skin of the representative of the stronger sex will sound more brutal, with a touch of expensive cigars.You may even think that you are in the cabin of an expensive car. Lady “Molecule 01” will give a gentle, airy, but incredibly feminine scent.

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules: Aroma description

How can you characterize this perfumed water? After all, it does not give the flavor in the truest sense, like other perfumes. It rather produces an effect. All "Molecules" are unisex perfumes. But on men, they produce the effect of power, and on women, tenderness, gentleness, elusive charm. This is one of the secrets of Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules. The description of the fragrance will be incomplete if we miss the main introductory chord of the perfume. A single ingredient (not counting alcohol and water), the molecule “From E Super”, gives a velvety, thin, pleasant note of an expensive tree. Then the smell suddenly disappears, but after some time reappears. When a molecule enters a compound with warm skin, it begins to sound individually, highlighting the special qualities of its carrier. And, of course, do not forget about the effect of pheromones. The carrier of aroma in the eyes of others acquires a special charm, it becomes attractive. I do not want to part with it. Perfume loop unobtrusive, but very memorable. In addition, the fragrance is very persistent.Toilet water Escentric molecules 01

When and who to wear

Eau de Parfum Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules reviews are called summer fragrance. But it is not so. Of course, the freshness of the sea breeze or the scent of a mysterious forest is more welcome in the summer, when asphalt melts from the heat. But in other seasons, this perfumed water is relevant. In winter, it warms the heat. The notes of sandalwood and juniper come to the fore. In the fall, it gives peace to the soul. In the spring it is exciting with the trend of pheromones. But do not forget that the molecule "From E Super" is a child of synthetics. And because the perfume is urban. They go well with casual clothes. You can wear them and to work, and a party, and for a walk through expensive shops. They are good for going to the theater and for family celebrations.

Application tips

It should be remembered that the fragrance reveals individual odors. People with excessive sweating should avoid the Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules perfume. Apply it to the washed body. Reviews claim that it can be combined with other perfumes. If your favorite perfume is a bit fed up with you, try putting it on the Molecule. Familiar smells will sparkle with new facets. Particularly strengthen the perfume quiet aromas. But, warn reviews, changes in hormonal levels can transform the effect caused by the molecule "From E Super."

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