Elizabeth Banks: biography, career, personal life

Who is Elizabeth Banks? How did her career in Hollywood cinema start? What films with the participation of the actress deserve attention? The personal life of Elizabeth Banks, biography of the actress - we will speak about this and many other things in the presented material.

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early years

The future actress was born February 10, 1974 in the American town of Pittsfield (Massachusetts). The girl's mother was a bank clerk. My father worked at the General Electric plant. At the time of the birth of Elizabeth in the family already had three children.

From an early age, the girl began to show creativity. Elizabeth Banks was particularly interested in the world of Hollywood cinema. Drawing attention to the interests of the child, the parents brought the daughter to the casting of the popular show Finders Keepers, which had the format of a television quiz. Here, Elizabeth Banks first appeared on the screens.

In 1992, the girl graduated from school in her native Pittsfield.Then she applied for admission to the University of Pennsylvania, where she was successfully enrolled. Higher education institution Elizabeth graduated in 1996, receiving a diploma with honors. Deciding to translate into reality the cherished childhood dream, she continued her studies at the prestigious American Theater Conservatory, from which she graduated in 1998.

Movie debut

Elizabeth Banks, whose photo can be seen in the material, first appeared in films in 1998, immediately after graduating from the theater conservatory. Her debut work was participation in the film "The Surrender of Dorothy." Here, the aspiring actress got a cameo, inconspicuous role.

elizabeth banks movies

Famous actress Elizabeth Banks has become thanks to the shooting in the comedy film "Hot American Summer." The film started well at the box office. The picture looked tens of thousands of spectators. Thus, the face of an attractive young actress has become widely recognizable.

Career development

After the first success of Elizabeth Banks, whose films have become popular, focused on participating in television serial projects. The most successful work in this period for her were shooting in the popular TV series “Clinic”, where the actress appeared in 2006.

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Then for Elizabeth was followed by participation in such successful films as "Meet Dave", "Fred Klaus - Santa's brother", "Spiderman", "Favorite", "Three days to escape." In 2012, the actress was invited to the promising project "The Hunger Games." The basis for the creation of the screenplay script was the plot of a popular book by the famous writer Susan Collins. Then, on wide screens, a few more parts of the successful franchise came out, where Elizabeth also starred.

Elizabeth Banks: Filmography

Currently, behind the shoulders of the actress shooting in more than five dozen Hollywood paintings. Probably, it makes no sense to list all the films with the participation of Elizabeth. We note only the most vivid films, in which the famous actress participated:

  • “Hot American Summer” (2001).
  • “Law and Order: Special Corps” (2001).
  • Spiderman (2002).
  • “Catch Me If You Can” (2002).
  • “Favorite” (2003).
  • The Forty Year Old Virgin (2005).
  • “Clinic” (2006).
  • “Fred Klaus is the brother of Santa” (2007).
  • “Yes, no, probably” (2008).
  • Bush (2008).
  • “Adult Surprise” (2008).
  • "Three days to escape" (2010).
  • “What to expect when you expect a child” (2012).
  • "The Hunger Games" (2012-2015).
  • "Movie-43" (2013).
  • "Blonde on the Air" (2014).
  • “Perfect Voice-2” (2015).
  • “Power Rangers” (2017).

elizabeth banks movies list

Director and producer

In addition to filming the movie, Elizabeth Banks is known as a fairly successful producer. The first project for the artist in this field was the film "The Perfect Voice" (2012). Over the creation of the picture Banks worked in tandem with the authoritative director Jason Moore. Then, in 2015, there was a continuation of the tape, where Elizabeth acted not only as an independent director, but also played a major role.

The next project for the artist was the fantasy film Surrogates. Over the production of the motion picture, in which the starring role was played by stellar Bruce Willis, Elizabeth worked with her husband Max Handelman.

In 2013, the comedy tape “Movie-43” appeared on wide screens. The film was presented in a series of short films. Each story was filmed by a separate director. For the formulation of one of the episodes of the picture took Elizabeth Banks.

Initially, to participate in the movie "Movie-43" agreed to a whole group of stars of Hollywood cinema. However, due to the lack of talent of most of the directors who worked on the creation of the film, as well as the delusional script, many actors began to leave the set in the first days after the project was launched. As a result, the comedy "Movie-43" has collected an entire collection of "awards" of the comic award "Golden Raspberry".In particular, the film “won” in the nominations “Worst Directorial Work”, “The Worst Screenplay”, and also “The Worst Film of the Year”.

Personal life

In July 2003, Elizabeth Banks linked her life with Hollywood director Max Handelman. In 2011, the family replenished with the firstborn, who was named Felix.

elizabeth banks biography

It is noteworthy that before this the actress for several years had unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant. Elizabeth resorted to the help of numerous experts, for a long time she was treated in expensive clinics. As a result, young people decided to abandon attempts to conceive a child. The surrogate mother took out the baby for the famous married couple. In 2012, the couple re-used the services of the same woman. Thus, another boy named Magnus was born.

Having a private life, Elizabeth Banks returned to active filming at the cinema. Today she is a pretty popular Hollywood actress.

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