E-book Wexler Book T7205: description, specifications, reviews

Some three or four years ago, advanced book lovers were content with very limited TFT readers. Gadgets of this kind were positioned as more functional and affordable alternatives to E-Ink class devices. Many users have called TFT-devices for reading multimedia combines for the ability to work with color images and watch videos.

wexler book t7205

But TFT readers also had their obvious flaws - for example, not a single gadget could cope with the DOC format, which for many readers was a critical moment. In addition, having a good depth of color of the screen, some kind of video component for a rather big price, many users wanted something more, like a set of useful programs and games. With the advent of readers on the Android platform, the situation has changed dramatically. For some couple of thousand rubles, you get a huge number of options and an impressive list of supported applications.

So, the subject of this review is the reader on the Wexler Book T7205 “Android” platform.The characteristics of the gadget, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the opinions of experts in this field, along with user feedback, will be discussed in our article.


The device comes in a nice white box of cardboard. The front of the package shows the device itself and its name. The back part is reserved for a brief specification and a list of awards at some exhibitions.

wexler book t7205 reviews

Inside the box you will see:

  • Reader Wexler Book T7205;
  • description in Russian;
  • charging unit;
  • micro USB cable;
  • headset;
  • OTG loop;
  • case;
  • warranty card;
  • multicard

Bundling can be called rich for gadgets of this kind. Judging by the reviews about the Wexler Book T7205, many users were very pleased with the presence of high-quality headphones and an OTG loop, which allows you to work with external peripherals, whether hard drives or manipulators. For “Android” devices, this moment is especially important.

Features of the package

Unlike most similar devices, the manufacturer instead of the instruction put a competent description that fit on one strong sheet, which clearly shows the steps for quick turn-on, synergy and shutdown of the gadget, as well as features of the device.

electronic book veksler

Another nice bonus that users often mention in their reviews about the Wexler Book T7205 is a multi-card that allows you to get a discount of 5-50% from the resource "Liters", and the presence of a cover. The latter is responsible for the safe transportation of the gadget and the pleasant appearance of the device in the closed state. Also noteworthy is the method of adapting the reader under the cover: fastening on four latches in the corners is noticeably more aesthetic than rubber bands, which are commonly used in competing counterparts.

Immediately, it is worth noting that we will be considering the Wexler Book T7205 e-book based on Android, and not some kind of tablet with relevant inquiries. Therefore, no wifi, powerful processor or a solid amount of RAM here should not be in principle.


Design Wexler Book T7205 is very specific, and it just can not be confused with the army of similar readers. The designers did not somehow trick and round the corners, but simply cut them off, giving the gadget a memorable shape. Due to its relatively low weight of 330 grams, the device does not carry a hand, so both men and fragile women can use the book with the same comfort.

electronic book wexler book t7205

When you take the reader into your hands for the first time, you immediately feel the pleasant material of the back cover, very similar to soft-plastic. It is not necessary to think about any kind of cap of the cover, because the cover protects it reliably.

As for the ergonomics of the Wexler Book T7205, everything is fine here: the case fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and the sensible speakers exclude accidental closure with your fingers. Users speak ambiguously about the appearance of the reader: the majority considers it original and high-tech, and some are called ugly, but here, as they say, the taste and color ...


The controls immediately make it clear that this is not a tablet, but the Wexler e-book. The right side of the gadget is reserved for the oblong and double page turning keys, and on the left there is a similar button with elements for calling up the settings and returning to the previous action. Below the display is the Home button.

All the control keys as if go on a plastic surface around the perimeter of the screen, and this solution looks very impressive. All buttons have a clear and understandable course and are pressed without any extra effort.

At the bottom are the main interfaces and ports.Here we will see a power button, a standard 3.5 mm mini-jack, a hidden hot-reset key, a micro USB connector, a slot for working with external SD cards, and an LED event eye.


The Wexler Book T7205 uses a TFT LED LCD display that is traditional for this kind of gadgets. The touch screen has received a resistive layer and supports data handling using hardware controls, which is rarely found in competing models. If necessary, you can work with the reader with standard commands for the sensor, as well as use the stylus.

screen color depth

The e-book "Veksler" received the resolution, which is usual for such devices - 800 by 480 pixels. Users in their reviews say that they did not notice any grain, and the screen clarity is enough to not increase the standard fonts. The viewing angles are also at the proper level for the TFT-matrix, so you can easily watch a video or look through a photo in the company of one or two like-minded people.


The device works on the Android platform, but the company maximally simplified the reader's interface and provided the entire process of using a lot of prompts (disconnected),so that even those who are not familiar with this operating system feel comfortable and do not refer to the instructions every minute.

In addition to the usual "Android" interface, the company has equipped Wexler Book T7205 firmware with its proprietary launcher. It consists of a single window, where large icons of the main programs are located: file manager, books, calendar, pictures, etc. It is very difficult to get lost in it, so even a little bit familiar with such a technique will figure it out pretty quickly.

Distinctive features of the platform

At the bottom of the display is a curtain, causing the usual working "Android" tables, where the full list of all programs. Reverse movement can close it and return to the launcher.

wexler book t7205 description

The company listened to numerous user reviews and did not embed its branded "readers" in the reader, because past experience has revealed many errors that have not yet been corrected. Therefore, the device was equipped by default with three popular utilities for reading: FBReader, Cool Reader and EBookDroid. All three programs work fine on readers, and “Android” devices, including, not the first year and due to regular updates are deprived of critical flaws.If there are problems with decoding some files from one utility, then surely the second or third one will cope with this, so there should be no problems, except with some kind of exotic formats.

As for watching videos and images, judging by the reviews of the owners, there are no problems either. The standard set of utilities quietly loses content, and if you get an unreadable format, then a list of 800 thousand applications for Android in Google Play will help solve the problems of decoding.

Autonomous work

If we take into account the fact that the reader’s core task is to read books, then it lasts for about 3-4 days of work when reading about one and a half to two hours a day. Looking at competing counterparts, we can say that the battery life has a good indicator.

wexler book t7205 specifications

As for listening to music, when fully charged the gadget will last for 20 hours, and watching the video eats up the charge in 4-5 hours. Some users in their reviews complain about modest battery life, comparing the model with E-Ink readers, but here we should not forget that for the indisputable advantage of the Android platform (if it is used to the full), you have to pay with frequent recharging.Yes, and put a capacious battery on the reader is not worth it, because this moment will greatly add weight to the device.


Looking for flaws in such a multifunctional gadget for 2000 rubles is not the most noble thing: for this price category the reader has a good set of advantages and does an excellent job with its main task - reading electronic books. Of course, there is an opportunity to listen to music, look through photos, and watch videos, but again this functionality is implemented in the basic mode, because we are dealing with a reader, and not with a tablet.

I was pleased with the fact that the budget model was equipped with an intelligent headset, a good case and such an essential “Android” accessory, like an OTG cable. Not every device of the mainstream segment can boast such a bundle.

In general, the Wexler Book T7205 is a worthwhile purchase that justifies the money spent on it. Yes, and as a gift for close friends, it looks very impressive.

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