DWG Viewer: Application Overview

Today we will help you choose a functional DWG viewer. This is a database consisting of 3D and 2D drawings, most often created in AutoCAD. A number of programs allows you to edit such materials.


This solution is a DWG file viewer and a powerful tool for computer-aided design. There is a flexible system of settings. With this tool you can significantly increase productivity. The program received a luxurious interface with a ribbon management model. To start it you need a modern computer, as the tool is very demanding.

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Free dwg viewer

Before us is a free DWG viewer. It is fast to install and easy to use. After launching the application, you need to open the drawing in the dialog or drag it with the mouse, which is incredibly convenient. Easy to change in the unit settings. After viewing it is possible to save the image in JPG. The mouse can make changes to the image scale. The menu has the ability to change the background image.It is also possible to copy a part of the image. The user can rotate the drawing both against and clockwise. The process of changing the material is accompanied by a special animated transition.

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Other applications

ABViewer is a DWG viewer (Russian) that allows you to edit drawings and also convert files. Available batch mode for printing and converting. Implemented ribbon interface. Supports printing on a large format printer, for example, A1. There is a high speed and ease of handling. You can handle fragments of drawings. Implemented export of drawings, supports raster formats TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP and easy setting. Supports 3D mode for editing and viewing. You can work with layers. Easily merge drawings into a single file.

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We will also discuss Autodesk Volo View Express, a free DWG viewer with print support. There is also a document editing. Work with the format of interest to us also supports SolidWorks. The user has access to view and edit.

The last tool we’ll look at today is called AutoCAD Drawing Viewer. This is a relatively small, but powerful solution that allows you to view drawing materials without launching the main platform.It should also be noted that this software allows you to work with all files that have been saved in different versions of AutoCAD. The application has a number of features. First of all, this is the maximum convenience when opening and viewing drawings. The user can view the values ​​in the "Attributes" block. Easily save open drawings by converting them to BMP image files. You can easily move materials to the main clipboard. The ability to print drawings is supported. The user has access to view information about the layers. The application displays text values.

We have described some very convenient solutions, it remains only to choose a DWG viewer that is right for you. Thank you for your attention.

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