Drug "Keltikan": instructions for use, reviews

Nerve fibers that are components of the peripheral nervous system are susceptible to various types of damage. This is due to injuries, infringements and some diseases. The drug "Keltikan" instructions for use is positioned as an effective complex for the repair of axons of the nervous tissue. Let us consider in more detail the mechanism of action, composition and features of the drug treatment.

Drug description

Disorders in the nervous system can cause not only discomfort, but also negatively affect the quality of life. For the regeneration of nerve fibers and the normalization of the peripheral nervous system requires the flow of some structural elements from the outside. The nucleotides important for the human body are contained in the Keltikan preparation.

Keltikan instructions for use

Instructions for use of the tablet refers to medicines that are used to treat various pathologies of the nervous system.The drug has an extremely positive effect on the body, providing the phosphate groups necessary for combining keratins and monosaccharides. The latter are responsible for creating the nerves. When phosphatidic acids and monosaccharides are combined, not less important myelin sheaths are formed.

The composition of the drug

Produces the drug Spanish pharmaceutical company "Ferrer Internationale" in the form of capsules containing hygroscopic powder. Keltikan is a combination drug.

As the main active components of the drug included two nucleotides - cytidine monophosphate and uridine monophosphate. They are also present in the human body, which makes it impossible to conduct a full-fledged pharmacokinetic study.

Auxiliary components are citric acid, magnesium stearate, sodium citrate, colloidal anhydrous silica, lures. The capsule shell consists of titanium dioxide, iron oxide, indigo carmine and gelatin.

Mechanism of action

At present, the only drug containing physiological pyrimidine nucleotides is Keltikan.Instructions for use, reviews of doctors and patients confirm the uniqueness and high therapeutic efficacy of the drug. In addition to the main therapeutic effect, the drug has a positive effect on the state of muscle tissue. Uredin and cytidine included in capsules help to restore metabolic processes, restore sensitivity and eliminate numbness.

Keltikan instructions for use pills

The mechanism of action of the drug provides a trophic effect and stable recovery of damaged nerve fibers. This contributes to a significant reduction in inflammatory processes, the relief of discomfort and the normalization of sensitivity in damaged areas.

Indications for use of Keltikan

Instructions for the use of tablets recommends prescribing to patients for the treatment of the following pathologies:

"Keltikan" in the treatment of neuralgia

One of the common pathologies of the nervous system is intercostal neuralgia. The appearance of severe pain, characteristic of the disease, occur against the background of pathological processes occurring in the nerve fibers.Affected receptors transmit "wrong" impulses to the central nervous system parts responsible for reading information.

Keltikan instructions for use reviews

For the relief of painful seizures, the drug Keltikan can be used as part of a combination therapy. Instructions for use of the pill (analogs of the medicine can only be picked up by the attending physician) permits the use of children over 5 years for treatment The dosage of the drug is selected only on an individual basis after conducting a preliminary examination of the patient and establishing the etiology of the disease. In addition to the medication, the use of physiotherapeutic procedures, laser therapy, acupuncture is indicated.

At the initial stage of the development of the disease, the Keltikan tablets will be especially effective. The instructions, indications and contraindications for use, the dosage of the medicine - this is what every patient should familiarize with in order to get the expected result in the treatment of intercostal neuralgia.

Significant relief to patients brings the simultaneous use of "Keltikana", pain medication and B vitamins.


The drug, produced in capsules, is intended for oral administration. "Keltikan" instructions for use permits to use both before and after meals. The dose of the drug is selected by a specialist and depends on the diagnosis. Per day is allowed to drink no more than four capsules. Medication should be divided into two times. The minimum dose of the drug - 2 capsules.

Keltikan instructions for use tablets analogs

When nerve damage is shown, complex therapy is indicated. The use of drugs containing nucleotides in most cases gives a positive result. Almost all patients note that if the recommendations for treatment with Keltican are followed, the pain syndrome against the background of neuralgia disappears completely.

High therapeutic efficacy of the drug is also confirmed in the process of numerous clinical studies. According to the instructions, to achieve positive dynamics, the drug should be taken at least three weeks.

Features of treatment

The drug "Keltikan" instructions for use does not recommend taking more than 25 days in a row. This can lead to the development of side effects in the form of seizures and hyper-irritability.With special care, capsules are prescribed to patients suffering from severe kidney and liver diseases. In this case, it is recommended to take the medicine only with meals and drink the capsules with plenty of liquid.

keltikan instruction reviews

In some cases, "Keltikan" prescribed for treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The dose required for therapy is selected exclusively by a specialist.

The drug is well combined with other drugs. Adjust the dose in this case is not necessary. The composition of the capsules is missing components that could adversely affect concentration, which allows the use of the drug in the management of vehicles or work with complex mechanisms.

Does the Keltican Help?

Instructions, reviews of specialists and patients suggest that the drug really helps to stop pain in various neurological diseases. A significant advantage is the safety of the composition of the capsules, thus avoiding the occurrence of overdose during treatment. At the same time, the manufacturer warns that if the recommended dose is exceeded, some side effects may occur: dizziness, diarrhea, allergic skin reactions, loss of consciousness.

Keltican instruction indications

In case of individual intolerance of any components, the use of Keltican should be abandoned. Instructions for use recommends the use of the drug at the same time with multivitamin complexes and physiotherapy procedures.

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