Dream Interpretation: why dream of murder?

General view

What dreams of murder? Such dreams are rather unusual phenomena that cause a lot of questions. Moreover, they also cause concern, because a person with a normal psyche cannot suddenly see such a picture? However, it is not.what dreams of murderMurder is one of the highest degrees of negative emotions that also makes a person look at her very carefully. What is the decoding of sleep in this case? Murder, according to the dream book, symbolizes precisely those emotions that you experienced because of the actions of those around you. Accordingly, these are negative actions.

If you kill

What are the dreams of murders performed by you? First, remember what kind of person it was. If it was a familiar person to whom you are experiencing a negative, perhaps this is precisely the key to the dream. That is, your negative emotions about it can no longer be simply suppressed. In this case, try to stay away from him, communicate with him less and less likely to enter into conflict.If the person you killed in a dream is pleasant to you, and you cannot understand what is the matter, then remember your last contact with him. Was there such a situation that you entered into a conflict with him? In this case, your dream does not mean anything bad, here only your brain remembers negative emotions and poured them into this unpleasant picture. Perhaps, having seen this dream, you will understand how much a person is dear to you and how disagreements with him are wild and unacceptable.

killed in a dream

And, finally, if in a dream you killed a stranger to you, to whom you absolutely do not care, then you are dealing with something illegal that scares you and makes you afraid of justice. It should, however, be cautious, since this case may subsequently impair your reputation or your relationship.
However, if the murder was committed in self-defense, then it is deciphered differently. A similar picture tells you that soon you will overcome the difficulties that stand in your way, and the previously intractable problems will be under your control.

If the victim is you

What dreams of murder, in which it was you who attempted, or were you killed? If an unsuccessful attempt was made to eliminate you in your vision, then you should expect a situation in the near future where your life or health will be threatened.What dreams of murder that could not be prevented? In this case, if the victim is you, then you should be attentive to your enemies and ill-wishers. They are probably building some kind of cunning plan against you.

Other cases

sleep decodingIf you have dreamed of someone's suicide, or you have heard of him, then you should be more cautious in your actions and decisions, as there is a possibility that someone may suffer from them. Most likely, the one whose suicide was discussed in your vision. However, there are also cases when a murder is a kind of symbol of the fact that a person wants to get rid of certain qualities in himself, which he “eliminates” in this way. At the same time, the "killed qualities" can be any memory, perhaps from a distant or recent childhood.

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