Drama Theater (Smolensk): history and repertoire

Drama History

Drama Theater Smolensk

In 1780 the Drama Theater opened its doors for the first time. Smolensk is one of the first cities in Russia in which theatrical performances were regularly given.

The first spectator was Catherine II. Especially for her arrival, the Smolensk governor Repnin ordered to open an opera house. It was a comedy show, which was accompanied by a choir performance.

During the Great Patriotic War, the first theater of the Western Front appeared on its base. Later, the whole troupe was evacuated to the Sverdlovsk region. Actors and directors returned after the liberation of the Smolensk region, in 1944.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Pyotr Shumeiko became the main director, with him a new face of the drama theater. Smolensk has become a place of attraction of theatrical figures from neighboring regions. Theatrical and musical living rooms started working, a band and a ballet troupe appeared. Young promising actors began to try themselves as producers of performances.These innovations have attracted a large number of new viewers.

The repertoire in the 90s became the most diverse. Musicals, rock operas were staged, romance evenings and ballet performances were held.

Intellectual Theater

Drama Theater Smolensk tickets

In 1999, Shumeiko dies. In his place comes Igor Voitulevich. He became an intellectual drama theater. Smolensk began to actively invite nonresident directors who staged key premiere productions.

In 2004, the institution of culture was named after Alexander Sergeevich Griboyedov. The repertoire began to actively include productions of classical and modern works. The troupe regularly participates in tours in different cities and countries.

Every two years for the international festival "Smolensky Ark" the drama theater opens its doors. Smolensk, tickets for which are sold out a few months before the performances, two weeks living in a creative atmosphere.

Theater building

box office of the Drama Theater Smolensk

Initially, the theater was located in the one-story building of the Khudozhestvenny cinema. The current building was built only in 1939. It was designed by the metropolitan architect Ilinsky.

The cultural institution was built in the neoclassical style, it is also called imperial. Today, there are two scenes of the Griboedov Drama Theater.Smolensk is a cultural city, so the audience for 885 people is almost always full.

The theater is located in the very center of the city - on Lenin Square. Near the square Blonie, a favorite walking place of citizens, and the Central Park of Culture and Rest "Lopatinsky Garden". Within walking distance of a large number of cafes and restaurants, museums and art galleries, fashionable shops.

Smolensk Theater Repertoire

Drama Theater Griboyedov Smolensk

Today, the repertoire of more than ten performances. Spectators are waiting for the premiere. Thus, for the International Day of the Theater, the troupe prepared the comedy Ray Kuni's "Clinical Case". To get to the premiere, the tickets will need to take care in advance. For their sale works box office Drama. Smolensk will attract any tourist not only with Old Russian churches and the famous fortified wall, but also with interesting performances.

English playwright Cooney is generally loved here. His plays “Too Married Taxi Driver”, “Daddy in the Web” were successfully staged.

Also in the current repertoire is a love story in two acts based on the play by Somerset Maugham “The Faithful Wife”, an absolutely incredible event in two acts “Marriage” on the play by Nikolai Gogol,Alexander Griboyedov's comedy, "Woe from Wit" musical tale in two acts "The Nutcracker" based on the work of Ernest Theodor Hoffman, as well as the tale by Yevgeny Schwarz "Cinderella".

Famous groups often come on tour to the theater. For example, the Belarusian State Academic Theater brings ballet in two acts "Cleopatra", and the Lipetsk Drama Theater brings a musical comedy based on the "Don Stories" by Mikhail Sholokhov's "Babiy Riot".

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