Dragon Movie Cinema: The Best Fantasy Movies

Dragons are incredible people that have captured people for centuries. They are heroes of legends and fairy tales, they appear in literature and computer games, and also, of course, in cinema. This is what the article will be about. You will find out which movies about dragons are considered to be the best. Cinema about dragons has been present in cinema for a long time, but new films appear constantly. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with this list and decide for yourself which of the films you want to watch. The movie about dragons is very popular, so, quite possibly, you have already seen some of these films. But what to conceal: the best pictures from this list can be reviewed several times.

The Era of the Dragon

The Age of the Dragon: The Birth of the Seeker is an animated film that was born in 2012. He is part of a series of cartoons in the universe of the "Epoch of the Dragon", better known for fans of computer games in the original name of Dragon Age.This cartoon tells the story of a girl Cassandra, who tried to stop the bloody conspiracy, but very quickly turned out to be the main suspect. As a result, she has to hide from her pursuers, while trying to save the world and clear her name. If she copes, she will become a legend; if not, she will face a shameful death. As you can see "The Age of the Dragon: The Birth of the Seeker" is a good example. There are a large number of feature films, but cartoons are also found. So, without a doubt, a good movie about dragons can be animated.

"How to Train Your Dragon"

paladin movie

Since we are talking about animation, immediately worth noting another animated movie about dragons - "How to train your dragon." This cartoon is one of the best in history and is included in the 60 best cinema creations of all time. It tells the story of the boy Ikking, who lives in a barbarian tribe that has long waged war against dragons. However, Hiccup cannot understand this and does not want to accept such a point of view, which is why he becomes an outcast. At one point, he meets Bezzubik - a dragon, with whom he manages to make friends.And now it remains for him only to prove to his relatives, who are thirsting for dragon blood, that the world is not at all what they imagine. There are stars like Gerard Butler and John Hill among the voice actors. The film was nominated for an Oscar in two categories at once, but unfortunately it could not win.

"The Adventures of a Dragon Hunter"

The next dragon movie to be discussed is “The Adventures of the Dragon Hunter”. It tells the story of a little boy, Arthur, who knows the secret of victory over the evil dragon. His mother believes that his imagination broke out, but quite soon she realizes that this is not a fantasy at all, but that the world is in real danger. Can Arthur and his mom defeat a horrible monster?

"The Last Dragon: In Search of the Magical Pearl"

This fascinating film falls into the category of family films. “The Last Dragon: In Search of the Magic Pearl” is the story of an ancient Chinese creature guarding the magic pearl. He hides deep in the caves for many years, but only now scientists have learned about its existence.Naturally, people immediately wanted to get a pearl, but can not find a way to the dragon. By a happy coincidence, the children of the archaeologist find the first dragon, who decide to help him and save him. Will they succeed?

"The era of dragons"

"The era of dragons" is the purest fantasy about dragons, as the film’s action takes place in a fictional world. There, these creatures live quite openly, and they even have a leader - the Big White Dragon. One day, he attacked people and killed the Ahab family, disfiguring him with numerous scars. Ahab gathers a team of desperate fighters to find a dragon and challenge him. Can Ahab take revenge?

"Order of the Dragon"

the last dragon

This is another fantasy film about dragons, only this time it tells about a group of runaways under the guidance of Knights, who attacks a pirate ship to get stolen treasures. Instead, they turn into monsters, and now they need to find and defeat the Magic dragon to remove this curse. Can they do it?


dragon era seeker birth

"Paladin" - a film that tells the story of a simple shepherd, who was destined to become a great warrior.All his life he lived with his father in the mountains, helping him with the housework. But one day the calmness of a measured life was broken by a dragon who attacked their home and killed Will’s father. Will, who was left without the only close person, is forced to descend from the mountains to begin the hunt for the dragon. Can a simple shepherd become a brave warrior, able to defeat a terrifying monster?

"Dungeon of the Dragons"

Dragon Heart

Dragon Dungeon is another movie based on the game, only this time not on the computer, but on the desktop. Everyone knows the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, and it is the basis for this film, as well as for its subsequent parts. In this fantasy thriller, the good Empress Savina rules her Empire of Izmir and tries to make her subjects happy. But she is opposed by the evil sorcerer Prophion, who wants to seize power. Savina gathers a group of adventurers who need to go through a dangerous dungeon to get the Amulet of the Red Dragons, which will help her defeat Proion.

"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"

fantasy pro dragons

This film is one of the best on the theme of dragons,and it is a free retelling of Tolkien's famous book The Hobbit, or There and Back, which is a preface to the events of the legendary trilogy The Lord of the Rings. In this film, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarfs go to the Lonely Mountain to fight the terrifying dragon Smaug and get his treasures. The film was nominated for an Oscar in three categories, with Hollywood stars such as Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Benedict Cumberbatch playing the main roles.

"Dragon Heart"

dragon movie

This film is the best in the history of cinema dedicated to dragons. The plot revolves around King Aiton, who spreads only evil and lawlessness around him. It is believed that this is the fault of Draco - the last surviving dragon, which is sent to kill the knight Bowin, the king's mentor and the valiant warrior who wants to save the Kingdom. However, in reality, everything turns out to be completely wrong, the plot is turned upside down, and there is hardly any spectator who would not cry after watching the film “Dragon Heart”. This picture was nominated for an Oscar in 1997, it became one of a kind, and after its release on the screens the fantasy genre was never the same.This film was followed by the sequels, which were never able to reach the heights that the original reached. This adventure film was loved by very many, even those who are not particularly keen on this genre, because under the shell of knights and dragons, as well as under a layer of great special effects, for which the film was nominated for an Oscar, there is a very wise and sad idea, which is permeated all movies. This is not a trivial action movie, but a very deep film that is recommended for every cinema lover to watch.

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