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Rating doramas today are interested in fans of television series all over the world. Asian culture, especially Japanese, has been extremely popular in recent years. Therefore, such success are popular films produced by directors of the Land of the Rising Sun.

What is dorama?

Rating dorams is based on feedback from fans of TV shows. Doramas are popular Japanese TV series. For a long time on Asian television, they remain the top-rated programs, gathering tens of thousands of fans from their screens every evening.

The origin of the word "Dorama" or "Dorama" is rooted in the English "drama". Despite this, serials are released in various genres. Often you can meet comedies, detective stories and even horror films.

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Unlike Latin American TV shows, the duration of doors is, as a rule, strictly regulated. Standard season lasts three months. Usually, the winter season begins in January, in April - the spring season, in July - the summer season, and in October - the autumn season.

Among the Russian-speaking fans of these series are also popular serial films produced in South Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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1. "The guy from the train"

In the ranking of the best doma fans traditionally include the series "The guy from the train." Firstly, it attracts viewers by being based on real events. The case of a Japanese web forum has become extremely popular. In the train, the guy protects the girl he likes from harassing a drunken passenger. This story became so popular that soon there were books, manga, even a full-length film was released.

In the center of the story is a typical Japanese anime and manga fan, called otaku in the Land of the Rising Sun. Unexpectedly, he stands up in the train for a pretty girl, saving her from the bully. At the police station, the girl asked her savior to leave her address. And soon she sent a gift, and with it her mobile number.

The young man described this story in detail on the web forum. Users begin to give him advice, ask about the details of the relationship with a stranger.

For the first time in 2005, the Doram series was hit.

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2"Promotion Nobuty"

In 2005, another multi-part Japanese film appeared on the screens - "The Promotion of Nobuty". This is a classic story of youth relations, first love, true friendship and devotion.

The dorama series got into the rating because it is a very touching and sincere story about the modest and shy Nobuko Kotani, which is being transferred to a new school. Classmates soon give her the offensive nickname of Nobut, which means "pig." Only two of her peers decide, first in jest, to help her escape from constant humiliation at school and in the yard.

As soon as they make this decision, not only the life of the modest girl changes, but their own, too. This 10-series comedy and drama series overnight entered the list of the best domas.

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3. "Teacher-gangster"

In 2002, a popular TV series appeared on Japanese screens, which in the original is called “Gokusen”. This is a slang term that can be literally translated as "teacher-gangster." There are only 12 episodes in it, but it immediately falls into the ranking of the best doramas.

On the screens out three seasons of this series. In the first, filmed entirely based on the popular manga, a total of 12 episodes, the duration of each about 50 minutes.

In the center of the story is a young math teacher Kumiko Yamaguchi, who has just graduated from college. She starts working at a school for boys. Leadership appoints her class teacher in the most disobedient and hooligan class.

However, they don’t manage to exhaust the new teacher for a long time. At first, few people know that Kumiko is the heiress of the leader of one of the powerful yakuza clans - the Japanese mafia. She herself carefully conceals this fact, because otherwise she will have to abandon her teaching activities.

In the second season, the main character Kumiko still loses her job, but not because someone has found out about her family ties, but because her school for boys is closing down. So she turns out to be in a new educational institution, where she will have to face similar problems and difficulties.

The third, final season was a prequel to the feature film, which was released in 2009.

4. "The great teacher Onizuka"

In 1998, the series "The Great Teacher Onizuka" was released. This is another popular dorama. The rating of the best repeatedly led this multi-part film.

The main character, like the character of the previous series, is associated with the Japanese mafia. Onizuka Eykichi was a member of the gang of Onibaku. Today he wants to quit his dark past and become a schoolteacher. However, this is hampered by his lack of appropriate education. Suddenly, fate gives him a unique chance. On the last day of employment, he comes to a private school, but the interview is unsuccessful.

Having been refused, Onizuka immediately got involved in a conflict with the head teacher, who spoke scrupulously about several students. The straightforward nature of the young man is to the liking of the school principal, and he is being recruited. He is appointed the class teacher of the most problematic and ill-mannered class. This, by the way, is a classic technique that is often used by the drama makers. The rating of such series is consistently high.

There is a conflict between the students and the young teacher, only because of their simplicity and sincerity, Onizuka manages to solve it. He demonstrates pedagogical talent that compensates for the lack of education and excessive windiness.

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5. "Better boys than flowers"

"Better boys than flowers" - another popular dorama.The ranking of the best she led in 2006.

The main character is a poor but purposeful schoolgirl Makino Tsukushi. She goes to an elite school. Her classmates are mostly Japanese golden youth. The most arrogant and rude of them, she unwillingly has to confront, when her girlfriend begin to offend and pursue. For Makino, it turns out to be some trouble. The whole school is against it.

At this time, there is an unexpected turn of the plot, which is characterized by high-rated dramas. The main school hooligan falls in love with the daring and brave Makino. But she is not ready to respond to him in return. Her heart is given to a friend of the ruffian leader, a romantic and a bit strange Rui.

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6. "Silver and gold"

High ratings had the series "Silver and Gold", which was released in 2016. This is a detective multi-part film about a hero who got into the online gambling business. His life is a nightmare. All the time and money he spends on the game. He dreams of only one thing - to win a huge prize and cover his perennial expenses.

Among the regulars of such institutions, he meets his idol - the rich man Hirai Ginji. Ginji is an ideal for him, for which the guy is ready for anything.

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7"One liter of tears"

The best dramas, whose rating remains consistently high over the years, are popular all over the world. The series "One liter of tears" certainly applies to them. He first appeared on screens in 2005.

This is a poignant and sincere story about the usual Japanese 15-year-old schoolgirl Ae Iketuti. She lives with her parents in a poor but happy family. They own a shop selling tofu (a national Japanese product based on soy). She dreams of love, makes plans for the future, goes to a prestigious educational institution.

At one point, the mother begins to notice the oddities behind Au. Her gait becomes uncertain and indecisive, she constantly drops things. After a medical examination, doctors make a terrible and rare diagnosis - spinocellular degeneration. Ailment is incurable. Every year, due to AI's illness, it will be increasingly difficult to walk and talk. At the end of her waiting for paralysis and death.

About favorite and familiar walks have to forget. All forces are spent on treatment and rehabilitation, but Aya does not give up and continues to fight for her life. For 10 years, she keeps a diary that becomes a model of vitality and fortitude.Real Aya Ikeuti died at the age of 25.

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