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Dmitry Ulyanov became famous for his roles in the films "Border. Taiga novel", "72 meters", "The death of the empire", "Milkmaid from Hatsapetovka", "Riorita". In addition to these pictures, in the actor's filmography more than sixty works. The biography of Dmitry Ulyanov, one of the most popular Russian actors of the 2000s, is presented in this article.

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Dmitry Ulyanov was born in 1972 in Moscow. His early years were spent in the historic district of the capital - at the Patriarch's Ponds. Later, when the future actor went to school, the Ulyanov family moved to the south-east of Moscow - to Orekhovo-Borisovo. Dmitry's parents have nothing to do with theatrical art. Father worked as an engineer. Mother taught in medical school. One of the relatives of Dmitry Ulyanov was once a soloist of the Mariinsky Theater, but the actor has never met him in his life.

The dream of acting career

The future actor did not please his parents with success in school.He studied badly, nothing serious was fond of. I started to practice judo, but I had to start a sport because of frequent headaches. The future actor Dmitry Ulyanov did not attend the theater studio either. But once in an interview he admitted that he had dreamed about the stage from an early age. The dream originated in his soul after accidentally participating in a school play based on Krylov's fable. It was then that the future actor felt for the first time the contact with the audience and realized that it brought him incredible pleasure.

Dmitry promptly informed his parents and friends about his dream. It cannot be said that the aviation engineer and his wife were pleased with the idea of ​​their son. Soon the message reached the teachers. The dream of acting career seemed to teachers more than strange. In a joke later, Ulyanov will tell about how a military training teacher tried to arrange him after school for an acquaintance of a butcher in a "normal job."

Shchukin School

Approaching the day of receipt of the certificate of maturity. Dmitry increasingly told his parents about entering the theater school, and they finally accepted the choice of their son. After receiving the certificate, he really went to the Shchukin School. Successfully passed the first round.Now the applicant Dmitry Ulyanov was sure that the other stages of entering the drama school will be successful. But it was not there. The last exam he failed.

Dmitry did not despair. He decided to enter the Moscow Art Theater School the following year, for which he signed up for paid courses at the College of Art. The second attempt was successful. Dmitry Ulyanov became a student at the Moscow Art Theater School and got into Avant-Garde Leontiev’s course. True, after three years he was expelled. Dmitry Ulyanov starred in the program "Alarm Clock", and the rules of the university students were prohibited from taking part in any shooting.

The young actor transferred to the Shchukin School. Now his leader was Yevgeny Knyazev. According to the memoirs of Dmitry Ulyanov, his best years were spent in this educational institution. In 1998, he received a diploma and was immediately accepted into the troupe of the Vakhtangov Theater.

The personal life of Dmitry Ulyanov

With his future wife, the actor met in 2002, where his early years passed, namely at the Patriarch's Ponds. A fan of Bulgakov saw in this event a certain omen. By the way, it is the monologue of the Master, in which it is about acquaintance of the main character with Margarita, Ulyanov once read in the entrance exams.The wife of Dmitry Ulyanov is not related to the acting profession. Perhaps this is the secret of family happiness. Julia worked for a while as a make-up artist, after the birth of her son Boris, she received the specialty of an interior designer.

Dmytro Ulyanov with his wife

Filmography of Dmitry Ulyanov

In 1988, the actor played a cameo role in the movie "Jester". Fame came to Dmitry Ulyanov eleven years later - the picture “Border. Taiga novel” came out on the screens. From the directors began to receive offers. At the beginning of the two thousandth Dmitry Ulyanov played in such films as "The killer's diary", "March of the Turkish", "The Lion's Share."

It is worth saying that this actor did not suffer the fate of many of his colleagues. Dmitry Ulyanov played both positive and negative characters at different times. He is not associated with the audience with certain movie characters. We will tell about the most interesting roles of Dmitry Ulyanov in more detail, but first we will list the most famous films with his participation:

  • "The death of the empire."
  • "Moscow Saga".
  • "Full moon".
  • "Exile".
  • "Shift".
  • "Egoists."
  • "Riorita".
  • "Hypericum".
  • "Milkmaid from Hatsapetovka".
  • "The island of unnecessary people."
  • "Goryunov".
  • "Photographer".
  • "Great."
  • "Sleeping".
  • "Demon Revolution".
actor Dmitry Ulyanov

"72 meters"

A real officer, a loving husband and a loyal friend — Dmitry Ulyanov played such a person in Vladimir Khotinenko’s film. In the photo below you can see his movie hero - Ivan Muravyov. The creators of the movie "72 meters" were awarded the prize "Golden Eagle". But none of the actors received an award.

Dmitry Ulyanov’s partners in the set were Marat Basharov, Sergey Makovetsky, Andrey Krasko, Chulpan Khamatova. The film tells the touching stories of friendship, love, duty.

Two officers, whose roles were played by Ulyanov and Basharov, arrive in the city of Sevastopol in the mid-eighties. Here they get acquainted with Nelly - the romantic person reading the book "Scarlet Sails". Young people fall in love with her at the same time. However, Nelli chooses the hero Dmitry Ulyanov. Perhaps the whole point is that Ivan Muravyov, unlike his friend, is well acquainted with the work of Alexander Green. This book became the main in the family of a naval officer, because while the hero of Ulyanov along with his comrades is in a flooded boat, his wife reads the story of the girl Assol to an unborn child. And Green's book gives hope.The spectators will not know whether the crew of “Slavyanka” will be able to escape. The film has an open final.

Ulyanov and Bashar 72 meters

"Moscow Saga"

The film "72 meters" was released in 2004. In the same year, the premiere of multiseries films based on the novel by Vasily Aksenov. This time, Dmitry Ulyanov appeared before the audience in the image of a villain.

A girl from an intelligent family meets with a rustic young man. She invites him to a family celebration. Semyon Stroylo, and that is the name of the hero of Ulyanov, cannot fit into this sophisticated society. Yes, he does not try. And later it turns out that Semyon is none other than an employee of the OGPU, specially assigned to the daughter of a famous professor.


In 2008, the last film of the outstanding director Peter Todorovsky was released. The film shows the last months of the war. Who was played by Dmitry Ulyanov this time? He played the role of a soldier who fled from the front to his wife, whom he loved, apparently, more than his homeland. Deserter caught and tried under martial law.

Ulyanov's hero is shot in front of his father and brother. This is the most tragic moment in the painting by Todorovsky. The role of Arsentiy Pichugov is one of the best film works by Dmitry Ulyanov.

riorit film


The historical film was released in 2015.She tells about the years of the reign of Catherine the Great. Starting her way to a German princess, unknown to anyone, Sophia Frederica became the Russian empress. In 1762 there was a palace coup. Catherine's husband was killed. Former German princess ascended to the Russian throne.

great movie

In the biography of this empress the name of the statesman Grigory Potemkin is often mentioned. The rise of his career began after the palace coup, in which he was directly involved. This historical figure in the Great film was played by Dmitry Ulyanov.

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