DIY bead jewelery. Handmade beaded jewelery

There are many legends about when and how glass appeared. Together with his invention, people began to produce and small shiny beads, later called "beads". Women, and even men, flaunted in clothes and hats, embroidered with beads, because these beads were strong, did not fade and beautifully glittered in the sun. Such outfits were inherited. The popularity of beads in our days did not fall.handmade bead jewelery

Historical reference

It is known that the manufacture of jewelry from beads was practiced in ancient Egypt. It was there that he got his name, which comes from the word "busra" - artificial pearls.

Later, he came to ancient Greece and Rome, where he was very popular among noble people. He was unavailable to the poor because of the high cost and complexity of manufacturing. Each bead was stretched or blown out manually and underwent a laborious process of further processing.

On the Venetian island of Murano, many masters made beadwork with their own hands. But they were not always satisfied with the quality of the material. Therefore, in the Middle Ages, it was here that the glass processing technique was developed and improved, which made the island the center of glass craft all over the world.

Nowadays, Murano handicrafts are unusually highly valued, although they also produce beads in other countries.

Concept definition

Bead is called a fairly extensive group of small items. In general, you can define it as follows: glass, metal, plastic or ceramic beads of a certain shape, designed for stringing on a thread, fishing line, wire.

But this designation is rather arbitrary. First, the size of the beads varies from a few millimeters to a centimeter. Secondly, the beads can be round, flattened, tapered, faceted. There are even beads in the form of tubules (bugles) or chopped tubules (chopping). Thanks to the combination of colors and textures, you get a unique jewelry with your own hands. You can create absolutely unusual beauty products from beads of various sizes and shapes.

Thirdly, there are no borders about the materials from which beads are made. If in something you can make a hole for stringing it on a thread, a beaded ornament will definitely come out of it.handmade bead jewelery

And not always the beads only string. Beads are also used as mosaic elements that stick to the fabric and any hard surfaces. Therefore, the artistic possibilities of this material are endless, and many craftsmen gladly make beadwork with their own hands, like real works of art.


All women dream to have unique decorations that distinguish them from the crowd and make the image perfect, complete. Industrial options are often replicated by thousands and do not give such an effect. A great alternative to mass becomes jewelry with their own hands from beads.

Techniques for working with this material are simple and straightforward. Therefore, every woman who knows how to straighten a thread in a needle can create her own masterpiece that fits perfectly with your favorite costume or evening dress.

This lesson is so exciting, and the results are so great that almost every master,having tried once to create his own decoration, falls in love with this art.handmade bead and bead jewelery

There are many techniques to achieve any effect. With the help of beads, you can get both copies of famous jewelry, and create your own masterpieces. Flowers and animals are recreated in beads, colors and textures of various natural materials are imitated.

Soutache embroidery

Not so long ago soutache jewelry made of beads and beads appeared. The craftswomen sew special strong cords between themselves, which have a flat cross-section and conveniently embrace any beads and cabochons.

Such decorations look especially rich and luxurious. The technique of work here is more similar to embroidery than stringing beads. Although without this material to get a beautiful decoration is absolutely impossible.

Beads in soutache embroidery play the role of a kind of layer, which makes the product more voluminous and interesting. With their help, you can add new colors or highlight already selected colors.

Beads in clothes

Beading your own dress

Embroidery is one of the most spectacular stylistic techniques. Especially prized jewelry beading.With your own hands you can create an absolutely unforgettable outfit in a few evenings.

In ancient excavations, archaeologists find elements of bead embroidery. Many national costumes today consider this material as the main one for decorating clothes.

There are also cases when high fashion designers sold their models for millions just because they were manually embroidered with high-quality beads.

At home, you can also create a dress in a million. To do this, just find or develop an original pattern for embroidery. In general, the technology of embroidering beads is very similar to needlework with an ordinary cross. Therefore, it is simple and understandable to many craftsmen. The main thing is to follow the scheme and enjoy the process of working on the product, and decorating the dress with beads with your own hands will bring as many positive emotions as the future compliments to its owner.

Interior decoration

But not only beads are used as costume jewelry or embroidery. It has excellent decorative properties in the interior. In recent years, flowers and trees with a wire base, which come to life on the shelves and tables of many rooms, have become popular.

Initially it was the work of exclusively Maltese nuns, who thus decorated the rooms of the papal residence in the Vatican. Over time, art has spread among worldly craftsmen.

In these products, the main thing is to properly string a certain amount of beads on a wire and form a tree or a flower from a blank. The possibilities of this material are so endless that it is possible to achieve extraordinary accuracy in copying plants and flowers.

It is believed that such bead jewelery, created with their own hands for loved ones, can protect the house and its inhabitants from any misfortunes.

Beautiful practicality

Every woman at home has a box in which she keeps cosmetics, jewelry or other pleasant things. It is very important that this detail is also beautiful and unique.Beadwork Jewelry Boxes

To achieve this, you can make a jewelry box with beads with your own hands. There are several techniques here. Therefore, the skilled worker will easily find the one in which she will be comfortable working.

Famous caskets "Faberge Eggs" are made on the principle of inlay. Simply put - this is a simple mosaic.Any casket can be glued over with beads, laying out unusual patterns and alternating them with other materials: cabochons, buttons, large beads, and figured mirrors.

The second method, no less interesting and beautiful, is to weave a box. This is a more complicated and time-consuming option. It is rarely suitable for beginning masters, because it requires a certain skill, skills and flair. The essence of the technique lies in the fact that a cover is woven around the box, which fits it tightly on all sides. All the complexity is precisely in order to perfectly fit this cover to the size of the box.

Features bead jewelry

Since the techniques of working with beads have been known for over a thousand years, the richness of decorative variations of products made from it is difficult to estimate. By itself, beads come in various colors, which allows you to play with shades and even create a 3D effect in one plane.decorating clothes with beads do it yourself

Interesting beads and that is great for bulk products. Thanks to this, even beginner craftsmen can weave unsurpassed bead jewelery.

In most types of beads, the edges around the hole are processed in such a way that they do not cut the thread on which the beads are strung.Because of this, the jewelry is quite durable and practically does not lose its appearance over the years of use.

A few words about the quality of the material

Of course, the appearance of any product depends on how high-quality material was used for its manufacture. Today in the market you can find beads from different manufacturers, which differs significantly between price and quality.

The cheapest is Chinese and Taiwanese. In one pack there are beads of different sizes and with unequal diameter of the hole. Suitable only for those products where it is not important to precisely adjust the bead to the bead.making bead jewelery

Much better quality is offered by Czech manufacturers. Although the price for these beads is significantly higher, there is not a lot of rejected packaging. The disadvantage is that the same shade of beads of the same number is not always maintained in different batches.

The best on the market today is Japanese beads. Masters have absolutely no complaints about him. Even the high price is justified in every sense.

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