Design a small studio apartment (photo)

Creating a design of a small apartment is a laborious process. In a confined space, you should put everything you need for a comfortable life. In this case, it is desirable to preserve the feeling of free space and space. Is it possible to implement this? Professionals answer - yes. Carefully read their recommendations to create a design of small apartments. Photos posted in the article will help in this.

small apartment design

What is a studio apartment?

People who are planning to create an original design of small apartments, Khrushchev, just faced with a similar option. What does this definition mean? This is an apartment in which only two doors remain: the entrance to the bathroom and the entrance. Thus, in such a room there is no usual division - into a room and a kitchen.

The traditional version of a studio apartment involves the removal of partitions. Only solid space remains. Or, if we are talking about the design of a small one-room apartment, this implies a complete redevelopment of the room.

Perfect solution

Today, such housing is quite popular.It is better to become the owner of one large and spacious room than two small ones. If you correctly approach the design, take advantage of the advice of professionals, the design of small apartments turns out to be functional and modern. Indoors there is a certain freedom.

The design of a small studio apartment is based on:

  • bright colors of finishing materials, textiles and furniture;
  • presence of mirror and glass surfaces, partitions;
  • functional, mobile furniture.

design of small apartments

It is completely unacceptable to have:

  • solid furniture;
  • the prevalence of dark shades;
  • classic heavy curtains on the windows.

It is very important to abandon an excessive amount of things and decor. A small room should not look cluttered. An apartment will become comfortable only if purity, harmony and order prevail in it.

Zoning room

The important point is the proper organization of the space. The room should be divided into zones. Separate the living room from the kitchen and bedroom. Be sure to stick to the same style in space zoning. In this case, the design of a small apartment will look harmonious.

For proper planning it is recommended to start in order. Initially, consider the location of the bathroom and toilet, if you have at your disposal a newly built studio apartment. In those rooms where there are risers, it is advisable to equip a bathroom. It is desirable to isolate this space with a partition or wall.

Usually adjoined to the bathroom kitchen or hallway. The modern design of a small studio apartment allows you to revise such a neighborhood. You can arrange the zone as it will be convenient for the owners. Under the bedroom is recommended to take a place far from the front door. It can be fenced off with a wardrobe, partition, creating the appearance of a separate room. The rest of the space will be occupied by the kitchen-living room.

design of a small studio apartment

Necessary zoning of space can be achieved using a variety of texture materials, colors in the decoration of the floor, walls, ceiling. The room can be divided into glass partitions. Sometimes a multi-level floor is used. However, a small area of ​​the apartment is better to zone it with different materials of decoration.

Fundamental rules

Professionals, thinking over the design of small apartments, highlighted the following important recommendations:

  1. For the interior, it is desirable to adhere to one of the styles: hi-tech, minimalism, Scandinavian.
  2. The design should be dominated by light shades: white, light beige, sand, milk and the like. You should not avoid white color for its "sterility". Having added several bright accents to the interior, you will get harmonious and comfortable accommodation.
  3. Use contrasting combinations: white - gray, black - white, white - brown.
  4. Discard the big chandelier. She "takes" a lot of space. It is preferable to use spotlights located around the perimeter. Designers recommend some of them build in furniture. Additional lighting will visually expand the room.
  5. Avoid using floor lamps. Floor figurines, flowers in pots, vases - also not the best choice. Such decorative elements are more suitable for spacious rooms.
  6. Do not arrange furniture strictly on the perimeter. Prefer wardrobes, narrow and high. Advantageously complements the interior of a coffee table or tabletop made of glass.
  7. When zoning a room, use not only different shades, but also suitable furniture (bar, wardrobe, small shelving).

design of a small one-room apartment

The design of a small one-room apartment does not always allow to accommodate all the necessary zones. Therefore, you can use the balcony, if it is sufficiently insulated.In this area, you can equip a working area, to equip a small gym. The balcony can be a good continuation of the kitchen or a dining place.

The layout of the living room-bedroom

Thinking through the design of a small apartment under the above zone, it is necessary to allocate the largest area. Furniture is recommended to choose a functional and compact, preferably small sizes. Bed can be replaced by a sofa. He can easily transform into a bed. To further increase the free space, you can consider the option of a vertical folding bed. Prefer furniture-transformers. Consider the various options.

Near the window you can organize a workplace. A fine table will serve as a wide window sill.

For curtains, use flowing, lightweight fabrics. Blinds are relevant enough. A great choice - roller blinds. Such elements will visually increase the space and give the interior lightness.

design of small apartments photo

Practical kitchen

The design of a small apartment provides for the allocation of a small space for this area. Despite the maximum compactness, the kitchen should be comfortable.Therefore, preference is given to embedded technology. This will relieve the feeling of congestion.

For more work surface microwave is advisable to hang on the brackets. Be sure not to forget about a good exhaust. Without it, an excellent design of a small apartment is simply impossible.

design of small apartments Khrushchev

Choose finishing materials such that require basic care. Without competition - ceramic tiles.

The most compact should be a dining table. The ideal option is folding. If the window sill is made of the same material with the table top, the hostess will have another working surface for the kitchen.


Try to use more mirrors for decoration. This is a winning option for a small room. For example, a wardrobe with a mirror facade will visually increase a small area. In your design, give preference to glass, light metal structures. Your task - to achieve maximum practicality, while fully retaining the feeling of space in the room, will be achieved. Good luck with your repair!

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