Depilation Cream for the bikini area: review, selection, instructions

Women struggle with unwanted hair in a variety of ways. Modern technology offers many methods, and among them the most popular is depilatory cream. For the bikini zone, this tool is ideal because it irritates the delicate skin less than shaving machines and epilators. Today we decided to consider the most popular and effective creams to remove excess hair in the bikini area. We will also tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of these funds and what you should pay attention to when buying.

Evolution of Depilatory Creams

Depilation and shugaring have been used by women since ancient times. Initially, a depilatory cream for the bikini area, face, underarms and abdomen was made on the basis of very unpleasant and hazardous components. That only it was not added! There was tar and arsenic sulphide,and quicklime, and even cat excrement! The procedure, of course, was effective, but many women, for obvious reasons, preferred to give it up and use the shaving machine.

Nowadays, a depilatory cream is also not the safest remedy, it can cause allergies, irritation, and if used improperly, burns the skin. Today, hair removal creams contain alkaline substances in their composition that can completely dissolve the hair follicle and remove it from the skin without serious consequences.

depilatory cream for bikini area

How to choose a cream for depilation?

Many women absolutely do not pay attention to the labels before buying the funds, and then write on the Internet angry reviews about him, his manufacturer, seller and other people guilty of all troubles. To choose an effective depilatory cream in the bikini area, pay attention to the following points:

  1. On the package with the tool should be an inscription that it is intended to remove hair from the bikini area. Many women grab any cream they find, and then they are perplexed that he did not cope with his work.
  2. So that the delicate skin after depilation is not irritated, choose a cream with additional protective ingredients in the composition. It can be aloe vera, various oils and extracts.
  3. Do not buy too cheap a tool. It can be written on it that it is used to remove hair in the bikini area, but this is not always true. Substandard creams are not able to cope with hard hair and only remove thin, small fluff.
  4. It is not necessary to purchase and too expensive means. There are many high-quality depilation creams in the middle price category.
  5. Do not use regular depilatory cream to remove hair in the bikini area. The most innocent thing that can happen is that he simply cannot cope. Gentle skin needs a special tool for this area.

best depilatory cream in the bikini area

Depilatory creams

If you choose the right tool and use it according to the instructions, you can note the following advantages:

  • in contrast to sugar paste and wax, creams painlessly remove hairs, so they are most often used in the bikini area;
  • the razor can wound the skin, the cream is absolutely safe in this regard;
  • provided that the right remedy is selected and there is no allergy to it (it is recommended to test for sensitivity before use) creams do not leave such effects as itching, irritation and redness;
  • Depilation does not take much time, depending on the manufacturer, the whole procedure takes from ten to twenty minutes;
  • wax and sugar paste are often prepared first, and the cream is ready for use, so it is very easy to use;
  • completely relieve hair creams, even if not for such a long time as a salon procedure, but not so expensive, subsequent hair will still grow thin and soft, it will be easier to get rid of them when you re-depilate.

effective depilatory cream in the bikini area

Cons of the way

As with any procedure, there are drawbacks to using a cream for depilating a bikini area:

  • the chemical composition of the cream can not only be absorbed into the hair and destroy its structure, but also penetrate the skin, causing harm to health, especially people who lead a healthy lifestyle do not like this moment;
  • the likelihood of allergies;
  • temporary result;
  • ingrown hairs are an integral consequence of any kind of depilation; to prevent ingrowth, it is necessary to scrub the skin every three days after the procedure.

depilatory cream in the deep bikini area

Proper use of depilation cream in the bikini area

To test for the possible occurrence of allergies, you need a small amount of cream to get rid of hair applied to a small area of ​​skin. After the time specified by the manufacturer, rinse with water. If, a day after its use, no irritation, redness and itching appear, you can immediately proceed to the procedure itself.

First you need to clean the skin of the treated area well, completely dry it.

Depilation cream for the bikini area is applied with a thin layer, it is well distributed throughout the treated area.

After the allotted time, the hair is cleaned with a special sponge or spatula, which must be present in the package with the cream.

To completely remove the hair, it is recommended to take a shower.

Depilatory cream in the deep bikini zone can not be used! Even if there are a hundred different emollients in the composition, the alkaline composition may still injure the mucous.

As it was written above, after three days from the day of the procedure, use a scrub.It will help partially or completely prevent ingrown hair.

cream Vit for depilation

Veet cream

We continue our article rated best by consumer opinion. The most popular was the cream "Vit" for depilation.

These tools are presented in a wide range. The manufacturer took care of the ease of use and created a depilation cream for the bikini zone, which is used in the shower. Water does not affect its effect, so many women choose it to remove unwanted hair.

The method of its application is painted step by step on the package: apply the cream on the treated area in the shower 3-6 minutes before washing. After the time has elapsed, remove the hair in a circular motion using a sponge and rinse the treated area well under running water.

Cream "Vit" for depilation is applied to the bikini area, axillary cavities and other parts of the body. It is impossible to overdo the product on the skin, since its composition is more aggressive, therefore it is kept on the skin for no more than six minutes.

Use of depilation cream in the bikini area

Velvet Intim

According to many women, the best cream for depilation in the bikini zone is Velvet Sex. It gently removes unwanted hair, it contains a minimum of aggressive ingredients, added chamomile and verbena extract, so the likelihood of itching, redness and irritation is extremely small.

Apply this tool for a time of 15-20 minutes on dry and clean skin. In the package with the cream is a special plastic spatula, with which the hair is removed after the due time.

which cream is better for depilating the bikini area

"Baptiste" cucumber for the bikini area

Some women like this depilation cream for the bikini area, although it is not enough to keep five minutes stated by the manufacturer.

The advantages of this tool is that it brightens dark spots formed in the areas of hair growth from the use of razors. Also, this cream is able to significantly slow down hair growth, and after each time it is used, there is more and more time until the need for the next procedure. It is possible to extend the aging time to fifteen minutes in order to get a good result.

In the "Batista" has aloe vera and cucumber extract. But after using it, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing or oily cream on the skin.

What cream is better for depilating the bikini area, any woman decides for herself. The result of using creams depends on the structure of the follicle and skin type.

I would like to remind you of the harmful composition of depilatory creams. Therefore, use them no more than once a week.

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