Daria Kasatkina: the hope of Russian tennis

In women's tennis in Russia now there is a change of generations. Gradually complete the active career of many stars of the two thousandth years. Daria Kasatkina is one of those young talents who should replace their elder friends. Despite her tender age, she successfully performed in many tournaments, vividly manifested itself in junior competitions.

Game style

Daria Kasatkina does not stand out among tennis players with some outstanding physical data. As a child, she was half a head lower than her counterparts from Moscow, and she didn’t even have a great future.Kasatkina Daria tennisHowever, she is able to hide a lack of power with a smart and competent game and take her own by tactics. Favorite blow - forehand, tennis player prefers to play on the back line. The idol of Darya is the “king of the ground” Rafaeli Nadal, hence the similar style of play, and even a similar rotation of the ball on impact. The athlete prefers ground cover.

Junior years

Kasatkina Daria started playing tennis at the age of six. In childhood, she did not particularly stand out among peers and did not achieve great victories in competitions. She did not have the physical data, a powerful feed. However, perseverance and hard work have done their job. Her first coach Damir Nurgaliyev made a huge contribution to the development of the athlete, he believed in the girl and devoted a lot of time to her, distinguishing her from the rest of the pupils.

At fourteen, the first serious success followed when Kasatkina Daria, tennis for whom became the main occupation, won the local open tournament in Samara, where she was able to beat strong peers from Moscow. Daria began to be attracted to the games for the Russian team at the junior stages of the Federation Cup.

Kasatkina Daria

The first year she successfully performed at small competitions, having learned to win them, and won the right to participate in Grand Slam tournaments. The peak of her junior career was 2014, when she won the French Open, successfully performed at the Junior Olympics in Nanjing. Daria Kasatkina stood out among her peers and reached the third place in the junior WTA rankings.


The first experiments at the adult level began in 2013, when the tennis player tested her strength in several tournaments in Moscow and Antalya. A year later, having finished with the junior tour, Daria Kasatkina seriously focused on the competition and began to progress. She was able to win a few 10-thousandths, she was selected for more serious tournaments.

In 2015, the tennis player began to win regularly in 25,000 tournaments, and successfully participated in WTA tournaments, one of which in Baghdastein managed to reach the quarterfinal. These successes allowed her to participate in qualifying for the US Open tournament. Daria Kasatkina was able to reach the final of qualifying competitions, where she lost only to Elizaveta Kulichkova. However, due to the refusal of one of the athletes, she got a chance to participate in major competitions and showed herself well there, reaching the third round.

Daria Kasatkina

Daria Kasatkina also performed in doubles, and quite successfully. At the Kremlin Cup, along with Elena Vesnina, she was able to win the decisive match and take her first WTA title in doubles. The athlete did not stop her development in 2016. She regularly participated in Grand Slam tournaments, reached the 3rd round in Australia, France, Wimbledon.Today Daria Kasatkina has moved from her native Tolyatti, she lives and trains in Slovak Trnava, where there is an excellent and compact infrastructure for doing your favorite work.

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