Daniel Baldwin: creativity and personal life

The American acting dynasty Baldwin is well known to fans of cinema. Daniel is the second of the four star brothers who won the hearts of the audience with courageous images created in the frame. On account of the actor more than a dozen roles, but widespread popularity came to him with the role of detective Felton in the famous television series "Murder: Life on the Street." Daniel Baldwin is also known for his active public work in the fight against drug addiction.Daniel Baldwin


Born in New York on October 5, 1960, Daniel is the third of six children in the family of Carol Newcomb and Alexander Ray Baldwin. In addition to the three famous brothers, the actor has two sisters, Beth and Jane. The father of the family was a teacher and a football coach, so it is not surprising that his sons were fond of this sport. Daniel, while studying at Alfred Werner High School, pleased his parents not only with good learning results, but also with an excellent game as part of his school’s football team.

After graduating from school in 1979, Daniel Baldwin enrolled at Ball State University with the intention of studying psychology. Learning he was bored almost immediately - the first year. The young man, like his older brother Alec, dreamed of a film career. For a start, he decided to try his hand at the comedy genre, acting as a guest comedian in bars and clubs. This experience to Daniel later came in handy more than once.Daniel Baldwin: Filmography

Daniel Baldwin: Filmography

After numerous trials and castings in 1988, Daniel received his first small role in the television movie “Too Good to Be True”. Then came the episodic role in the war drama "Born on the Fourth of July." In 1990, comedy talent came in handy to Daniel, he was offered a leading role in the Sydney television series. His hero Valerie Bertinelli fell in love with the viewer, and Daniel Baldwin got a lot of fans.

After successful work in the television project, the textured appearance and talent of Daniel attracted the attention of director Simon Wieser, and in 1991 the actor took part in the action movie “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man”. In Karl Schenkel’s 1992 Knight's Move, Daniel first appears as a detective.In the same year, Daniel Baldwin played the title role in Peter Werner’s Western “Lonely Justice”.Daniel Baldwin: Movies

Popular movies

In 1993, the creators of the television series “Slaughter Department” (“Murder: Life on the Street”) offered the actor to try on the role of a detective again and were not mistaken. Baldwin’s character, Bo Felton, has become one of the most popular characters. Despite such success and positive reviews from critics, the actor left the project after three seasons. His hero was killed, and Baldwin took part in the TV series "Perverted Passion" and "Family of Policemen."

The role of the FBI agent McCaughty in the thriller Lee Tamahori "The Rock of Mulholland" in 1996 brought the actor another critical acclaim. Noted was the main role in the 1998 John Vampires fiction action movie by John Carpenter. In the same year, Daniel Baldwin was approved for the lead role in the romantic comedy “It must be you, probably.” However, he was not able to play in this film. The actor was arrested for consuming and possessing cocaine.Daniel Baldwin: Photos

Falls and Ups

After his release and subsequent treatment at the rehabilitation center, Daniel returned to work, but not for long.His film career was regularly interrupted for treatment for drug addiction. He has about 120 film and television roles, but could have been more significant if drugs had not interfered. In a 2007 interview for People magazine, Daniel admitted that he had been fighting cocaine addiction for many years and had been in a rehabilitation center nine times.

At the moment, the actor leads a healthy lifestyle. Daniel Baldwin, whose photo clearly confirms this, is an active participant in the social movement against drugs. Daniel continues to be shot, as the director and producer is busy creating many TV projects and reality shows.Daniel Baldwin: Personal Life

Personal life

The personal life of an actor is no less tumultuous than creative. He was officially married three times. Not once was in a civil marriage. Daniel is a father with many children, he has a daughter from the first two marriages and two daughters from the last, as well as a son born in a civil marriage. With his latest wife, the British model Joann Smith, Daniel has been married since 2006. Repeatedly spouses broke off their relationship and in 2012 they separated completely. Two years later, the actor again decided to tie the knot and offered his hand and heart to his girlfriend Robin Sue Herz Hempel.

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