Cupola Rolls

Continuing the theme of stuffed chicken rolls and still being impressed by the Tuscan recipe, Bruneleschi Dome tested a chicken breast recipe, also shaped as a cupola.
The recipe is much simpler to prepare than the Dome of Bruneleski, is a slightly broken off halves of chicken breast, between which the stuffing is laid, which can be enriched with various additional ingredients.
Halves are tied with twine, forming a roll. The roll is coated with butter and baked in the oven.
The finished roll in the form of a cupola is cut into portions and served with a sauce, vegetables for which can be baked simultaneously with the roll.
The problem is only in one: she never came up with the name of this cupola. The Italian name of the recipe is as bland as the kurogrud itself, but in a beautiful design and with a bright taste of minced meat, the dish is worthy of a decent name.
I propose to come up with a name together.
It only comes to my mind: "Golden domes on the chest are pricked ... but they are chicken and not a drop of gold ...", but I’m sorry for the admirers of the bard Michael Krug.
Petto di pollo farcito stuffed chicken breast cupola con salsa di funghi e cipolla
Ingredients: whole chicken breast weighing about 850 g, onion 180 g, ricotta 150 g, broccoli 150 g, dry bulat mushrooms 20 g, a little butter, salt, pepper
Chicken breast divided into two halves, cutting out the bones. On each half of the inner side of the thick end of the cut part of the meat so that the half was a uniform thickness. Beat off the halves slightly, giving as more or less a circle as possible, cutting off the extra pieces.
Cut the meat in a blender together with boiled broccoli, and then mix with ricotta, salt and pepper.
On a board, spread out 4 splines of culinary twine with a spider, in the place of their intersection put one half of the breast with the smooth side down, salt it and pepper.
Slice cooked minced meat on half breasts. Top put the other half breasts smooth side up.
To form a cupola with wet hands, then tie the twine threads on the top of the cupola into a knot.
Threads cut, but not short.
Thinly chopped onion and pre-soaked mushrooms should be laid out in a shape suitable for baking. Top set the cupola. Salt and pepper.
Cover with aluminum foil and put in the oven, preheated to 200C for 40-45 minutes.
Ready cupola take out their form (for this useful left a pinch of thread!), Wrap in aluminum foil and keep warm.
Add a ladle of hot water to the vegetables, bring to a boil and boil a little liquid to make the sauce.
Ready sauce can be whipped with a blender, but it should be noted that it will turn out not very beautiful color, although the taste is excellent.
Therefore, I did not take pictures of him.
My comments
It is a good and working recipe. Easy to prepare, beautifully served and does not disappoint on the plate.
Attention should be paid to the taste of stuffing, so that in the dish it can contrast with the meat of the breast.
If you do not use mushrooms, and make a sauce based on tomatoes, then instead of broccoli, you can use a spoonful of ready-made Pesto sauce.
The dish is prepared for FM "Poultry Dishes".

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