Crochet shirt as an exclusive wardrobe item.

It is not a secret for anyone that with the help of clothes you can create a unique image, stand out and emphasize your individuality. It is absolutely not necessary to have jewelry, if your outfit is chosen stylishly and tastefully. It is quite pleasant to create something with your own hands, because it is exactly such a thing that will fully correspond to your preferences. In the wardrobe of every modern fashionista there is a place for the top. And if you want to have a handmade blouse, then a crocheted knitted t-shirt is the perfect way to show individuality. Knitted top is perfect for both everyday wear and elegant evening dress.

What can I wear a knitted shirt with?

Tops are considered universal clothing. In summer, they will be perfectly combined with trousers and skirts. Depending on the style of the top, it can be worn either for an evening walk in a relaxed atmosphere or for work. Combination with casual wear, such as jeans or overalls, is possible.In the cold season, this shirt will look great with a woolen jacket or a knitted jacket. Crocheted tops and tops can have a different density, pattern color and style. It is necessary to make a start from these signs, selecting a set of suitable elements of clothing. For example, you should not wear a skirt made of thick fabric with a light airy top, and vice versa.

crocheted tops and tops

Crochet openwork top

If you want to look elegant and stylish, then a vest with an openwork pattern is exactly what you need. This model is suitable for hot weather, it can be put on in any situation, because a bright and unusual ornament will make the thing luxurious and unique. Of course, handicraft should aesthetically combine a variety of patterns.

Various knitting patterns

Experienced craftswomen, for whom knitting has become an integral part of life, will be able to bring the openwork masterpiece to life. In order to emphasize the expressiveness of the finish, it is recommended to use filigree ornaments, ornate patterns, as well as a sirloin mating method. But even if you choose the most uncomplicated option, anyway, the handmade topic will look exclusive.

crochet shirt

Variants of patterns for knitted tops

The most popular are flower paintings. Crochet knit T-shirt with summer pattern will look very feminine and will emphasize the tenderness of its owner. In addition, a floral print does not come out of fashion for several seasons in a row, so with such a thing you will always be in trend. Floral pattern looks feminine and elegant, no matter what style of topic you choose. Recently, marine motifs are gaining popularity. Do not make an exception and knitted things. In order to create a piece of clothing in a nautical style, it is not at all necessary to use intricate designs. The topic, connected in white and blue stripes, is uniquely associated with the sea waves.

Summer tunic with a large pattern

The clothes that you wear in the summer should be beautiful and comfortable, and also allow the body to breathe. The ideal option for evening walks will be a tunic knitted with a large pattern. Thanks to a massive ornament, such a blouse will not soar and cause discomfort on a hot summer evening. It is knitted on the same principle as the T-shirt crocheted, but with the addition of sleeves.crochet tunic

However, in order to make the thing comfortable and practical, you should use 100% cotton yarn.Natural tissues are not known to cause irritation and maintain the optimal temperature balance of the body. Choosing a style for a top with a large pattern, stop your choice on a model with a small sleeve and a scattering silhouette.

What color should be the thread?

Naturally, the choice of color solution depends primarily on individual preferences and taste. However, it should be borne in mind that a crocheted knitted T-shirt is the subject of a summer wardrobe, and therefore the shade should correspond to the season. As a rule, to create light things, threads of bright and light tones are used, which well reflect the sun's rays in hot weather.

Fashion trends

If you rely on fashion trends, then pastel colors remain the most popular for several years. Among them are mint, all shades of pink and peach. Choosing threads, take into account the features of your appearance. For example, bright colors perfectly emphasize the dark skin, fit brunettes. Brown women are better to opt for green, yellow or purple. And blondes can use in the wardrobe blue, beige, pink colors.

black thread top

Knit children's tops

It's no secret that every mother takes care of her child and tries to provide him with only the best things. Children's clothing is quite expensive, and it is not always possible to find a good quality product and style. In this situation, the best option would be to do needlework and independently create some items of clothing for your baby. Despite the fact that mothers of girls are mostly fond of knitting, sons also have something to please. If you crochet, a boy's T-shirt made with your own hands will be an excellent manifestation of child care. As you know, tomboy more active childhood, therefore, clothing must comply with this. You will be able to ideally choose the right style, color, as well as natural threads that will not harm the health of the child.

crochet shirt for boy

Options for knitted tops for boys

As a rule, boys' tops are knitted by the style of boxer shirts. These are free open sporty things. Naturally, such a T-shirt does not imply the presence of complex patterns or bright colors. Basically, to create it using a simple binding mesh.

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